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Subject: Re: FS#9873 - Utilise buttons for playlisting

Re: FS#9873 - Utilise buttons for playlisting

From: Karl Kurbjun <>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 09:16:55 -0700

On Wed, Mar 4, 2009 at 6:44 AM, Thomas Martitz
<> wrote:
> Jonathan Gordon schrieb:
>> Well, firstly the patch is a half-assed effort (no offense meant to
>> kugel there). imo (obviously) it adds nothing to rockbox, it changes 1
>> button in 2 screens (ignoring that its unused because plenty of people
>> actually like the fact its unused) on one target (and done in such a
>> way that it adds plenty of dead code to the other 27.)
> I plan to clean it up if/when it's going in, which is not going to happen
> before 3.2 anyway. And I've never heard that people like that it's unused, I
> only heard that going to recording accidentally isn't so easy (because you
> need a long press).
>> I don't really care that rec will go to playlist viewer in the WPS.
>> its not something I use much but concede that some might find that
>> useful, but you have to agree that there will be plenty of people who
>> would prefer it go to the eq menu (bad example of course because you
>> and I know that people who do want this are probably using the eq
>> wrongly), or maybe the bookmark or track info screen, or indeed any of
>> the options in the WPS context menu.
> I only need the playlist viewer. And I don't need a choice for for other
> screens. Not that it matters, but the pitch- and track info screen are
> already accessible with combos as of now on the e200.
>> As for the insert action in the browsers, I WANT this sort of feature,
>> but I fail to see why it HAS to be the "insert" option, why cant it be
>> "insert shuffled" or "insert next"? My favorite option would actually
>> be some sort of "repeat previous insert" which would actually be
>> useful.
> "Repeat previous insert"? What's that? I like/use insert most, so I picked
> that.
>> I'm sure I've said it before, and I doubt I'm alone... there is a
>> difference between customizable buttons (which everyone agrees will be
>> a support nightmare) and allowing the user to choose between a few
>> select options for individual buttons when there is a free button to
>> do it with.
>> Jonathan
> That reminds me of, which is
> rejected.
> But I'd certainly not be against such a (limited) configurability. Just the
> fact, that the aforementioned patch is closed stopped me from doing this
> kind.

I will just throw in my 2c as well: I agree with Jonathan Gordon.
Having limited reconfigurability of a spare button would not bother me
at all. As long as the main buttons work as expected I don't see a
real problem with this and it could make the button much more useful
for a variety of people.

Received on 2009-03-04

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