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Subject: Re: report on accessibility problems of rockbox utility

Re: report on accessibility problems of rockbox utility

From: alex wallis <>
Date: Mon, 11 May 2009 19:35:50 +0100

> Hello,
> first, thank you for your detailed report. I think this will help us to
> improve the situation.
> Let me summarize your findings with a few comments:
> 1. Titles of Tabs in (mainscreen and configuration dialog) are not read
> out.
> - At least for the mainscreen there is a workaround for this: The Action
> menu gives you access to all options in the mainscreen tabs. And for most
> things in the configuration dialog there are shortcuts. (For example the
> "Change" Button in the create voice dialog)
I think that its good there is a work around, however I think tabs should
still be fixed, as at the moment it means people are only restricted to one
> 2. Create Voice Dialog. Language selection (combobox) and the wavtrim
> option (spinbox) are not spoken correctly. (No title and no voice on
> changes)
> 3. TTS/Encoder Configuration. The TTS selection is not spoken correctly
> (no voice on changes).
> - But the title is read out correctly ???
No the titles on none of the boxes are read out correctly for things such as
wavtrim etc.
> 4. Individual TTS/Encoder configuration dialogs are voiced badly.
> - The configuration dialogs for the individual tts/encoders have been
> completly reworked in SVN, so the same problem wont be there, but maybe
> new ones ?
OK, the version of the utility I am running is v 1.2.1 is this not compiled
with the latest svn code?
I just redownloaded it again a few minutes ago. I am not seeing any
improvements in the various tts selection boxes in terms of changes and
titles being read.
> 5. About Dialogs are not readout correctly.
> - The about Qt dialog contains only a Label with Text and Qt has problems
> voiceing labels without any selectable element. Maybe this could be
> improved with a textbox instead of the label.
That is quite possible, jaws does work ok with text boxes.
> - The about Rockbox Utility Dialog also contains much of its text in a
> Label. Then there is the url (selectable by tab) and below
> there are two Tabs with the Credits and the Licence. The tabs probably
> have the same problem as all other tabs. The credits and the licence are
> in a textbox, but this textbox is not selectable (tab wont get you there).
> This is easy to fix.
I had a look at the about box, and I can find the field with the license,
however I can't navigate the license with the up and down arrow keys meaning
that it isn't easy to read it or go to parts that interest you.
> Question:
> - How do you use the comboboxes ? Just use "up"/"down" on the combobox, or
> first press "space" to expand the combobox, then "up"/"down" and then
> "enter" to accept the change.
I just press down arrow to change the selection in the combo box, and then I
would press tab to go to another control or button after I had set the
> And it would be nice, if you could explore and describe more areas of
> rbutil in the same style, and we will be hopefully able to improve it.
The thing is I already have rockbox set up on my player how I like it, and I
also don't want to muck around with reinstalling the bootloader.
Did you have any particular areas in mind for explanation?
Also, just wondering what is the install utility on player option for?
Received on 2009-05-11

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