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Subject: Re: report on accessibility problems of rockbox utility

Re: report on accessibility problems of rockbox utility

From: Dominik Wenger <>
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 20:07:19 +0200

alex wallis schrieb:

> Firstly none of the boxes with number values that change when you press
> up or down arrows are announced when you make changes, you have to tab
> out of and back into them, so the same problem from 1.2.1 is still present.

Ofcourse, we didnt change anything for that. But i am investigating the

> However as requested I pressed spacebar on the combo boxes and once they
> had expanded jaws is able to read items as they change. I actually
> didn't know that spacebar expanded combo boxes.
> However I think that the issue where combo box values are not read
> unless space is pressed on the box first should be fixed because I think
> a lot of people will just assume they can go up and down in the box
> without pressing space on it first.
> Also, once you have pressed space on a box and its items are being read
> by jaws, once you have found the item you are looking for you then can't
> do anything. As pressing tab will not move you out of the box, and if
> you press escape your selection is cancelled and you are back at square
> one
Yes, surely the voicing of the comboboxes should be fixed. I was just
asking you to try this, so i get a better chance to find the problem.
Also if you expand a combobox with "space", use "enter" to select the
value :-)

> Also, spacebar on the combo boxes to expand them and get them read does
> not work on that one who's value is not read when it is changed even
> when you tab out of and back into it. The box I am talking about is the
> one next to the language selection box if you press tab once you are on
> it. Pressing spacebar on it doesn't seem to expand it and its values are
> not read if you change them. In fact you are given no indication of any
> changes when you press up or down arrow.

I think, that you are in the Sapi Configuration dialog and the box which
doesnt speak, is the Voice selection. And this Box is empty, because of
the bug bluebrother mentioned earlier. And if its Empty, it is ofcourse
correct to not speak anything.

But are the Titles for this Boxes correctly spoken ?

> Under encoder settings as well as the boxes with number values not being
> read when they are changed, there is also a check box who's title is not
> announced, to find it move to the box who's default value is set at ten
> and press tab once, you are then on the box who's title isn't being
> announced.

But the titles of the other boxes are readout ?
Also keep in mind, that the configuration dialog for TTS and Encoders
change depending on which TTS/Encoder you selected.

> I have also looked at the about dialogue, and little seems to have
> changed in it, however now when I go into the about box, when I tab
> around the controls I am seeing an edit field with a list of names, but
> the title of this field is not read out, and of course just seeing that
> random list of names I have no idea what it means.

I think this is again the same problem we have with tabs elsewhere. (The
Tab contains the "credits" and "Licence" titles, no seperate title

To you other mails:
- yes rbutil can install (no uninstallation) the bootloader for h120. It
will ask you to provide a original firmware, patches it, and places it
on you player. You then have todo the normal upgrade procedure in the
original firmware. (might be difficult todo without sighted help).

- The main menu contains both the manual and the info tab. But they are
probably not very interesting for blind users. (Its the last two tabs,
after the Uninstallation tab)

- Yes the voice generation in rbutil surely can be improved, as there
are still missing features if you compare against the buildsystem. (POOL
support for reusing clips, and voicestring correction for example)
But as always we dont have enough time todo all we want :-)

About those rbutil accessibility issues:
We should really make a Bugtracker entry of all the Info collected here.
Or else some parts surely will get forgotten.
Received on 2009-05-12

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