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Subject: Re: report on accessibility problems of rockbox utility

Re: report on accessibility problems of rockbox utility

From: alex wallis <>
Date: Wed, 13 May 2009 14:43:04 +0100

> alex wallis schrieb:
>> Firstly none of the boxes with number values that change when you press
>> up or down arrows are announced when you make changes, you have to tab
>> out of and back into them, so the same problem from 1.2.1 is still
>> present.
> Ofcourse, we didnt change anything for that. But i am investigating the
> Problem.
>> However as requested I pressed spacebar on the combo boxes and once they
>> had expanded jaws is able to read items as they change. I actually didn't
>> know that spacebar expanded combo boxes.
>> However I think that the issue where combo box values are not read unless
>> space is pressed on the box first should be fixed because I think a lot
>> of people will just assume they can go up and down in the box without
>> pressing space on it first.
>> Also, once you have pressed space on a box and its items are being read
>> by jaws, once you have found the item you are looking for you then can't
>> do anything. As pressing tab will not move you out of the box, and if you
>> press escape your selection is cancelled and you are back at square one
> Yes, surely the voicing of the comboboxes should be fixed. I was just
> asking you to try this, so i get a better chance to find the problem.
> Also if you expand a combobox with "space", use "enter" to select the
> value :-)
I will give that a try and let you know if it works.
>> Also, spacebar on the combo boxes to expand them and get them read does
>> not work on that one who's value is not read when it is changed even when
>> you tab out of and back into it. The box I am talking about is the one
>> next to the language selection box if you press tab once you are on it.
>> Pressing spacebar on it doesn't seem to expand it and its values are not
>> read if you change them. In fact you are given no indication of any
>> changes when you press up or down arrow.
> I think, that you are in the Sapi Configuration dialog and the box which
> doesnt speak, is the Voice selection. And this Box is empty, because of
> the bug bluebrother mentioned earlier. And if its Empty, it is ofcourse
> correct to not speak anything.
> But are the Titles for this Boxes correctly spoken ?
Do you mean the titles for the combo boxes? if so, no none of the titles for
combo boxes are spoken.
>> Under encoder settings as well as the boxes with number values not being
>> read when they are changed, there is also a check box who's title is not
>> announced, to find it move to the box who's default value is set at ten
>> and press tab once, you are then on the box who's title isn't being
>> announced.
> But the titles of the other boxes are readout ?
Yes that's right, they appear to be read out correctly. Both the title on
the check box for use sapi four and narrow band check box are read out.
> Also keep in mind, that the configuration dialog for TTS and Encoders
> change depending on which TTS/Encoder you selected.
I see, I did not realise this.
> To you other mails:
> - The main menu contains both the manual and the info tab. But they are
> probably not very interesting for blind users. (Its the last two tabs,
> after the Uninstallation tab)
When you say menu do you actually mean the menu bar with options such as
accessibility and extras etc. In my mind I think of the menu bar as being
separate from the tabs, but allowing you to do the same as you can normally
on them.

> - Yes the voice generation in rbutil surely can be improved, as there are
> still missing features if you compare against the buildsystem. (POOL
> support for reusing clips, and voicestring correction for example)
> But as always we dont have enough time todo all we want :-)
Lol yes never enough time in the day.
Speaking of the build system and pool support, can you please tell me the
exact syntax I need to use to get it working? as I am sure I am putting in
the right commands, but cygwin doesn't seem to be using them, and is not
placing the voice clips where I tell it.
I would like to store the voice clips in a folder called voice located
inside my build dir.
If you could please tell me the exact command I should put into cygwin to do
this I would appreciate it.
Does cygwin need to have any particular packages or versions of packages
installed for pool support to work? as I guess either I am doing something
wrong or something isn't working properly with cygwin.

I checked the entry on voice in the wiki, but couldn't see any information
about pool support, I will edit the entry to include information on pool
support if you can tell me how to get it working correctly. As I guess a lot
of cygwin users might want to reuse voice clips.
Received on 2009-05-13

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