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Subject: Re: Replaygain without a setting, and other menu cleaning.

Re: Replaygain without a setting, and other menu cleaning.

From: Paul Louden <>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 08:25:25 -0500

Rob Purchase wrote:
> Sorry Paul, but that takes the biscuit. Your "wear them down til they
> can't be bothered replying" style of argument is beginning to grate
> somewhat. Suggesting he should be grateful to you is ridiculous -
> surely you must realise that, unless you actually do believe the sun
> shines out of your own ass?

I'm suggesting that if he wants to call people arrogant, he should
consider what an arrogant person actually would have done in this
situation - not ask for opinions.

> I agree with everything Jeff wrote, and unfortunately the attitude he
> speaks of is not just driving users away, but developers such as
> myself. Why would I want to be associated with a project whose public
> face can be so arrogant, unhelpful and frankly rude?

Ah yes, "rude" because I type in a literal manner and people read
intonation into it that's not there. Unhelpful because I only answer
questions that aren't answered in the manual, but spend hours or days
trying to work through the difficult problems with users that actually
need help, rather than spending my time answering hundreds of trivial
questions when I can spend mere seconds saying "This is covered in the
manual" so that my time can be spent more helpful elsewhere. Arrogant
because I seek user opinion on things rather than trying to implement
them one-sided why people are asleep because I'm absolutely user my
opinion is right.

Feel free to call me other names too. Personally though, I consider
calling people names rude. I understand that you must not, or you'd be
acting in a way that you've condemned, but you may want to take into
consideration that it's a commonly held belief, just to avoid future

> "Seriously guy, you need to lighten up and understand that ideas get
> discussed and debated"
> Indeed. Discussion and debate means listening to other peoples'
> opinions, not just your own.
Ah yes, because I disagree with them, they're not listening to me. Do I
get to claim that because they disagree with me, they're not listening
to me either? I *asked questions*. This is to get MORE information from

If I want more information, should I avoid asking question for fear of
"wearing them down?" How then is my own opinion every to be fully formed
if it's to be based solely on my singular view of the situation?

You seem to be giving me conflicting instructions - take other peoples'
views into account, but don't ask them further questions about their
view because it "wears them down."
Received on 2009-06-20

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