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Subject: Re: Center on loaded theme FS#10391 (+ set_file bugfix FS#10392)

Re: Center on loaded theme FS#10391 (+ set_file bugfix FS#10392)

From: Paul Louden <>
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 16:52:13 -0500

Thomas Martitz wrote:
> Then we should add that feature consistently to other browse *
> settings too. I really see no harm, except being very useful.
What's the actual "use" for this feature?

As far as I can see, the only use is "not have to remember which theme
is currently loaded." What are the regular use cases where this is needed?

Do we have a list of bug reports or feature requests where this has been
a problem for users previously?

As I've said, this seems like a solution searching for the problem.
We're making things more confusing "because we want to" without any
specific problem we're trying to solve. It's a case of developers saying
"Well, I understand how it works, and it's not a problem."

If you browse to /files/configs manually and load "Car.cfg" which
changes the language to German, sets the volume to 0db, and changes the
theme, if you go into the "Volume" menu you'll see the volume is 0db,
not the value you set before. If you go into the Languages menu, you
*should* see "German" rather than what it was before. That's because
these are treated like actual settings, and if you change them elsewhere
they still change the setting. Meanwhile, with the way this feature is
proposed, the "Theme" selected in the list would remain the same -
whatever was last loaded.

So while every other setting reflects what value is actually in use
right now, these lists would instead reflect a value possibly entirely
unrelated to what is in use.

We should either have a consistent way to show they're "dirty" (if any
value covered by that type of .cfg is changed, show a <Custom> or
<Modified> entry in the list) or always start at the top of the list, so
the user knows that the starting position is not meaningful, exactly how
we do when browsing menus or files rather than setting lists.

Seriously, it's not a problem that's impossible to solve - if you want
to have a last selected come up with a way for users to know when it's
not actually what's in use.

What's the harm in actually making the information about what's going on
available to users?
Received on 2009-06-28

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