Re: Supported vs. unsupported builds

From: Maurus Cuelenaere <>
Date: Fri, 04 Sep 2009 14:52:08 +0200

Op 03-09-09 03:04, Thomas Martitz schreef:
> The AMS sansas are definitely in the unstable group, as the samsung
> YH* (at least the 925, maybe 920 (now with sound) and 820 too) and
> Gigabeat S. Depending on what the main port developers say I'd even
> count cowon d2 and ondas into it (although I've only have a third
> person view on those and can't tell anything about the stability, I'm
> just hearing good stuff about them :) ).
RE the Onda's being in the unstable group: I agree.

If this will get through, I don't see anything that is blocking it for
being "unstable".
Missing stuff for being fully supported is the manual, more touchscreen
integration and unimplemented features like FM and mic.

Having said that, I agree with Frank: "We can fix wording later, so
let's not wait with actually doing things." :)

Maurus Cuelenaere
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