Re: Supported vs. unsupported builds

From: Rob Purchase <>
Date: Sat, 05 Sep 2009 21:33:42 +0100

On 05/09/2009 19:23, Mike Giacomelli wrote:
> IMO that means that the first batch of unstable players should be the Fuze and e200v2, followed by the others once they have clear and easily understood install directions and bootloaders posted somewhere (site or forums). The D2 also has nice install directions, so that may be a good candidate as well (but I don't have one and cannot speak to the usability of the port).
Regarding the D2, as I said on this thread a couple of days ago:
"recently it's become very usable and stable for music playback, so long
as you are aware of the caveats (basic touchscreen support and the need
for an SD card to save settings)".

I think that's sufficient to be termed "unstable", though it might be
wise to offer a bootloader and mktccboot tool for download first.

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