Should the workaround for needing to reset iPods to turn them on be committed?

From: Boris Gjenero <>
Date: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 13:45:12 -0400

When I had to sometimes reset my iPod (via menu + select) to turn it on,
I found that annoying. I developed a workaround which shuts off PP502x
iPods using the OF. The task is and the current patch is
PP502x_iPod_shutdown_by_of-alarm_fix.patch at . This
workaround has worked for me for many months, and it has also worked for
other people.

To me, rebooting and shutting off via the OF seems like a kludge. I
feel that the proper solution would be entirely within Rockbox.
However, in practical terms it seems good enough, and it's much better
than having to press menu + select to turn on.

So, should PP502x_iPod_shutdown_by_of-alarm_fix.patch be committed?


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