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Subject: RE: Target classifications v2 ?

RE: Target classifications v2 ?

From: Mike Giacomelli <>
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 14:28:51 -0700

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> I like Dave's suggestion=2C but maybe we are getting too hung up on the
> implications of the words "usable"=2C "unstable" etc. An idea touted in
> the earlier discussion was to name them something like
> Gold/Silver/Bronze=2C which avoids such implications. (Obviously the name=
> could be changed if you can think of a better set of innocuous words...)

I prefer descriptive names. IMO "Complete"=2C "stable" or "mature" says a l=
ot more then a color.

> My suggestion would be:
> Gold - "top tier" ports=2C as per Dave's email (eg. iArchos=2C iHP=2C X5=
=2C F/X etc)
> Silver - mature ports=2C but with some flaws (eg. iPods=2C maybe Sansa AM=
S=2C etc)
> Bronze - working ports=2C but with significant flaws (eg. Gigabeat S=2C D=
> m:Robe 500=2C Ondas?).

I mentioned in IRC that I dislike having 3=A0tiers. =A0Its complicated and =
I don't think ports should have to pass through so many steps because peopl=
e aren't going to bother keeping them updated. =A0

Just look at the=A0complaints Nico has about the Gigabeat S. =A0Even with a=
 two tier system=2C people can't be bothered to update a wiki page to get t=
he S into the lowest supported tier. =A0Thats about 10 minutes worth of eff=
ort. =A0As you add more tiers that problem is just going to become worse wi=
th more ports languishing in increasingly arbitrary=A0categories=A0due to f=
ailing to meet minor requirements or simply a lack of interest among develo=
pers to update the=A0category.=A0

IMO having "mature" and "not mature but still usable" (but obviously with d=
ifferent names) is descriptive enough. =A0If people need more information t=
hey should be looking at the TargetStatus page rather then depending on a l=
abel that probably won't be up to date for a lot of ports a lot of the time=
. =A0And even if they don't look=2C the install directions are typically po=
sted just below the target status on the individual port pages. =
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Received on 2009-10-12

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