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Subject: Re: the UI viewport logic.. someone please help my understanding?

Re: the UI viewport logic.. someone please help my understanding?

From: Thomas Martitz <>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 20:26:58 +0100

Jonathan Gordon schrieb:
> 2009/10/28 Thomas Martitz <>:
>> Because the %Vi is a property of a sbs, and the UI vp is something totally
>> unrelated.
> it *does* nothing to the sbs though, so how can it be a property of
> it? other than thats where it is specified? it controls nothing in
> that screen

Exactly that's why it's a property. It's a characteristic that describes
a certain part of it, without doing something to it.
>> I want those separate because there's a need for separation. A number of
>> screens ignore the UI vp and want everything (but still want statusbar). For
>> example the USB screen, or (hopefully soon) dozens of plugins, and of course
>> for the default viewport of the WPS (which is simply not supposed to be
>> bound within the UI vp!).
> and they would be negatively affected how if the place they get their
> defaults from changes?

Your proposal doesn't just change the place they get it from. You

>> You simply want to remove flexibility and freedom to allow other parts to be
>> independent of the lists viewport. And of course mix create
>> interdependencies between skins and themes.
> I dont change anything of the sort.. what I do get rid of is
> inconsistancies in the current code.... quick without thinking or
> checking anything what viewport can screen X expect if a sbs is
> loaded? your answer is "well it depends *what* screen X is... it
> shouldnt!

That consistency in the code isn't existent. Neither
viewport_set_defaults() nor _fullscreen() check in which screen one
currently is. There's no thinking or checking. There's no such check at
all in any of the related areas. It just depends on what of the both
functions you call, which existed before sbs.
The former gets you the current UI viewport (no matter whether there's
an sbs or not), the latter gets you the the maximized viewport minus
statusbar area (no matter whether there's an sbs or not).

And of course you create what I mentioned. You remove the ability to
separate non-sb area from draw-lists-in-this area which is quite. You
also make the behavior of a unrelated user setting dependent of on the
existence of sbs.
Received on 2009-10-28

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