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Subject: Re: post release theme changes - make them more consistent

Re: post release theme changes - make them more consistent

From: Thomas Martitz <>
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 17:55:45 +0100

Am 24.01.2010 04:01, schrieb Jonathan Gordon:
> 2010/1/23 Thomas Martitz<>:>
>> What's the point of a backdrop setting if the sbs can specify one? I don't
>> really see the need for it anymore. Loading a backrop from the filebrowser
>> can easily replace the sbs one's without even reparsing the sbs. And if
>> there's no sbs loaded, then having a backdrop is as simple as settng up a
>> in-RAM sbs with only the %X line (moving the backdrop to the skin buffer
>> while still maintaining the old setting costs a lot of RAM). And once
>> there's no backdrop setting, the UI viewport setting is also rendered
>> useless (especially considering your plans to make it a fall-back thing).
>> Best regards.
> EXACTLY! which is what I was arguing a while back and got yelled down
> pretty violently...
> but anyway..
> My latest patch (FS#10922) does almost exactly that. if no sbs is
> loaded then an in-ram one is created from the backdrop, statusbar and
> ui viewport settings.
> The last issues that need to be sorted out is how to handle backdrops
> so it makes sense with "use settings as fallback". What I'm thinking
> is %X|-| will use the setting (so the same as viewport colours) and
> having no %X means dont use any backdrop. OR %Xd would make sure the
> backdrop is never shown and having no %X means use the setting
> instead. the second is closer to svn's behaviour so is probably more
> acceptable.

I like the first idea more, but yea the 2nd is closer to svn since if
the wps doesn't specify a %X line, it uses the menu backdrop instead IIRC.

> Now, loading a clearing backkdrops from the file browser and menu gets
> interesting. if a sbs specifies a backdrop it will right now (in the
> patch that is) be always overwritten with the new backdrop untill the
> theme is reloaded, same with clearing. I tihnk this is probably
> acceptable because the point of loading the backdrop is to see how it
> would look in the theme, if its actually wanted then you need to
> fiddle with the .sbs.

That's the behavior I would expect actually. Edit the sbs (change the
filename, or remove the %X line) if you want the setting persistent.

> also, I'm not sure if I've mentioned this or not. I really want to fix
> things up so skins dont need to be reparsed unless they actually have
> to be. you got it spot on with the backdrop (and I do that now), but
> default viewport doesnt need a reparse, nor does changing colours,
> they just need some way to say "the value for this thing came from
> setting, not the skin"

I'm sure for the colors a flag in the vp struct would work, but you seem
to be opposed to that?

Best regards.
Received on 2010-01-24

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