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Subject: RE: ffmpeg coordination effort!

RE: ffmpeg coordination effort!

From: Mike Giacomelli <>
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2010 19:22:56 -0700

> I don't consider that any less reason to talk to ffmpeg, but just a reason to
> also involve the Tremor people as well. Don't you?
> To me, as a person not very closely involved in the codecs area, a way forward
> could work like:
> - we setup a separate mailing list for fixed-point codec inter-project
> code sharing discussions
> - we invite Rockbox, ffmpeg and Tremor hackers (anyone else?)
> - we all speak up what we have and what we'd like from the others.
> Then we work on making it all happen.
> Opinions? Good? Bad?

I've been thinking about this for a couple days, and heres what I came up with:
1)  Working with ffmpeg is a win/win solution for us since it'll get us more attention from the kinds of people who we would like to remember we exist.  We might even get someone interested in working on fixed point codecs we can use.  Given that at the moment all rockbox codecs are basically maintained and optimized by about 4 people total, getting anyone else interested would be really nice.
2)  With regards to ffmpeg, I don't think merging back our fixed point changes is a good idea.  Its a lot of work, and I've never seen a codec that can compile as fixed or floating point that wasn't ugly to work with.  Adding back my WMA changes would make wmadec.c in ffmepg a real mess.  Right now its a great example of how to write an efficient and readily understandable decoder.  I don't think that should change.
Perhaps a better solution would be to try and get the rockbox codecs to compile outside of rockbox, and ideally have an interface as close to compatible as possible with ffmpeg's.  funman already hacked our wmadeci to work in VLC without too much trouble as have several other groups.  The APIs aren't that different.  This way projects using ffmpeg on integer systems could also link against us without too much trouble.  I believe ffmpeg allows external library support officially in their project.  Maybe this is the way to go for us?
That said, I still don't really know what the ffmpeg people wanted for us.  If they really are serious about fixed point support, maybe this isn't what they'll want to do.

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Received on 2010-02-14

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