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Subject: Sansa AMS/Fuze v2 unbrick

Sansa AMS/Fuze v2 unbrick

From: CS Tech <>
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 06:38:39 -0400

Hello all... I was reading the following page at RockBox and wanted to
share some information about it:


It's possible to brick an AMS Sansa by running faulty code.
e200v2's can be put in a recovery mode by shorting a couple of pins on
the PCB, see the SansaE200v2 page for details, or see
Other AMS Sansas can also get into this mode, but can not be unbricked
this way

>>> (they present an USB disk of size 0 that cannot be written).

I have a Sansa Fuze (v2) which fell into water. I opened the case &
dried the circuit board. The battery is good (3.75v) but the flash
memory is corrupted and will not boot. When power-on the display is
100% black. When connected to a Mac, the Fuze presents as a USB disk
with name:

"4.2 MB UNDEF storage media"

MacOS says: "The disk you inserted was not readable by this
computer" (Initialize / Ignore / Eject)

The flash drive does not mount; it is not partitioned / formated.
The USB device name is now: M200 Plus (not "Sandisk Sansa Fuze")

Mac OS reports these USB parameters:


   Capacity: 4.2 MB (4,231,680 bytes)
   Removable Media: Yes
   Detachable Drive: Yes
   BSD Name: disk3
   Product ID: 0x6200
   Vendor ID: 0x0781 (SanDisk Corporation)
   Version: 4.02
   Serial Number: i 0744703000
   Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec
   Manufacturer: SanDisk
   Location ID: 0x24741000
   Current Available (mA): 500
   Current Required (mA): 500
   Partition Map Type: Unknown
   S.M.A.R.T. status: Not Supported

DMESG says: USBMSC Identifier (non-unique): i 0744703000 0x781
0x6200 0x402

Disk Utility says:

Disk Description : UNDEF storage Media
Total Capacity : 4.2 MB (4,231,680 Bytes)
Connection Bus : USB
Write Status : Read/Write
Connection Type : External
S.M.A.R.T. Status : Not Supported
USB Serial Number : i 0744703000
Partition Map Scheme : Unformatted

I think the device is in PRE-BOOT mode.

Maybe there is a secret way to unbrick an AMS Sansa without JTAG by
shorting pins--and these pins shorted by accident in the water,
erasing the Flash chip. This caused the device to enter PRE-BOOT
mode… ?

Since the status is Read/Write, can I now use e200tool on the Fuze?

I also have some questions about this:

   "You should never, EVER EVER need an i2c.bin unless your player no
longer boots to anything except a pure black screen"

" should be the same
for all the e200 series, as they all use the same I2C "

So now I wonder:

Does the Fuze v2 use same I2C as the e200?
And where can I find an I2C dump for the Fuze v2?

I hope this information is useful to others and would appreciate any
Received on 2010-04-17

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