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Subject: Radio skin support related changes - in for the release or not?

Radio skin support related changes - in for the release or not?

From: Marianne Arnold <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 20:55:23 +0200

Hi list,

since we are in a feature freeze I'm not sure if the two changes I
want to suggest and have prepared are worth being in the release or

Both affect things changed with the addition of the radio skin support
recently committed - one part is the now default and fallback radio
screen and the other is a language change for the radio screen theme
settings as the current wording seems to cause confusion.

First about the language change: currently the "FM Radio" string that
is also used in the main menu is reused in the theme settings menu,
IMO that's not very descriptive. The worst part is that for targets
with an lcd remote this string became a "Remote FM Radio" which
sounds a bit like it is a radio you can plug into your player just
like a remote. Since these strings only mean the radio screen (its
theme) I suggest using "Radio Screen" and respectively "Remote Radio
Screen" just like "While Playing Screen" in the theme settings
(surely keeping "FM Radio" in the main menu). To me this is a fix and
should go into the release, the problem I see here that it needs
another update for the translations.

Second about the default/fallback compiled in radio screen. With the
skin support the look of the default changed, info got lost (e.g.
"force mono" if it is set) and in my eyes the placement on the screen
became worse (e.g. cramming "Preset" mode into the same line as the
preset name makes the line longer and it's more likely that it won't
fit - plus: the line won't scroll currently). My suggestion is to go
back to the layout as it was before with the addition of the
"progress" bar. This is possible even on small screens because those
had an additional blank line to use. I'd also make the line with the
preset name scrollable which has only one small disadvantage if you
can hear on screen updates on your target when reception is bad. But
I think this was the case before but am not sure. It'll also show the
"force mono" setting as before, suppress the preset number if you are
not on a preset and add the "MHz" again.

Attached are two screenshots (current hard-coded radio skin on a
160x128 greyscale display and proposed new hardcoded skin on an
Archos screen (with the restored function of showing prerecording
time and peakmeters depending on setting - softwarecodec targets will
not have the peakmeters as they don't show anything useful anyway).
You'll also find the patch
there for those who want to have a look at the code.

Any comments, especially about the language part, are welcome.

Best regards, Marianne.


(image/png attachment: current_radioscreen.png)

(image/png attachment: proposed_radioscreen.png)

Received on 2010-05-24

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