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Subject: Re: [RaaA] Weekly status report

Re: [RaaA] Weekly status report

From: Maurus Cuelenaere <>
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 16:14:04 +0200

"Thomas Martitz" <> wrote:

>Am 26.05.2010 01:00, schrieb Maurus Cuelenaere:
>> Op 25-05-10 23:12, Peter D'Hoye schreef:
>>>> 1) I don't really see why you would want to limit the file browser to
>>>> just a few dirs, rockbox has traditionally been about user freedom so
>>>> i would suggest letting them browse the entire fs.
>>> On an mp3 player, your music probably sits in a /music/ location, but
>>> on a PC or advanced mobile, it probably is a few levels deep before
>>> your data begins. So having a way to set a 'virtual' root or folder
>>> sounds good to me...
>>> For example, on my n900 it's /home/user/MyDocs/Data/Music (OK, the
>>> /Data/ is an extra that could be dropped, but you get the point). And
>>> nobody is interested in playing files located in /bin /boot /dev /etc ...
>> How about multiple "virtual" drives?
>> Say, one which maps to $HOME (or some other, configurable, path) and one
>> which maps to / for advanced users.
>> This could be done by placing symlinks in `pwd` to $HOME and / without
>> altering the current RB filesystem filtering behaviour (if on a
>> UNIX-derivative/POSIX-compliant/..., WinNT-based with NTFS should
>> support hardlinks).
>I think symlinks will always work no matter of what we do. The question
>is what to show by default.
>Have you tried hardlinks or windows links? I haven't to be honest so I
>don't know if they work.

I once tried hardlinks on Windows (not in a RB context), but I can't remember whether that was on a dir or on a file (POSIX only supports hardlinks on files IIRC). Anyway, I don't think Windows CE supports hardlinks and even if, most devices have their data files on a FAT partition I believe.

>We could also do without links by "mounting" directly, e.g. basically a
><microSD1> "drive" for $HOME (with another name of course).

Of course, but that would introduce extra code in RB (I was mentioning an "easy" solution).

Now thinking about it a bit more, Android also has its user data on a FAT partition so symlinks wouldn't work either. So you're pretty much forced to emulate the behaviour in the RB filesystem code.

Maurus Cuelenaere
Received on 2010-05-26

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