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Subject: Sansa-Clip+ Theme - upload probs.

Sansa-Clip+ Theme - upload probs.

From: Edgar Toernig <>
Date: Sun, 6 Jun 2010 23:26:23 +0200


I tried to upload a new theme for the Sans Clip+ on and had trouble with the "theme
verifier" - it won't accept my theme. Reasons:

1) Wrong screenshot size (is 128x66, wants 128x64).
   While it is correct that the Clip+ only has a
   128x64 display, it has a gap of two lines between
   lines 15 and 16. The screenshot feature of the
   uisimulator saves an image with these additional
   two lines and IMHO that's correct as otherwise
   the screenshot would look different than a real
   device would look like.
   Btw, all screenshots in the docs are 128x66 too.

2) My theme has 3 WPS variants: theme is Ticker.cfg,
   uses Ticker-C.wps as a default but there are also
   Ticker-A.wps and Ticker-B.wps that the user can
   The verifier gets totally confused by that.

3) Theme selects the classic statusbar. Verifier
   complains about "" is missing.
   Afaict, it's part of he regular rockbox install.

4) One of the WPSs uses 10-Nimbus.fnt. Verifier
   complains that it's part of the regular font set.
   It's not.

Well, I could trim the screenshots (as some people
already did) and explain in the description that it's
only due to the verifier and in reality the graphic
is not cut off; I could make make three themes out
of it (which would only clutter the website); I could
provide a (afaic, it's an empty
file, the name is hardcoded in the firmware); and
finally I could rename the font to something unused
(leaving it out is IMHO not an option as then the
theme would not load on a vanilly rockbox install).

But IMHO, all of that is ugly. So if someone knows
how to trick the verifier, here are the submit-details:

Theme name: Ticker
Target device: Sansa Clip+
Real name: see from
Email address: see from
Description: Standard status bar, peak meter, multiple
                 fonts, scrolling ticker at the bottom
                 (codec info, next track, ratings, etc),
                 3 WPS variants.
Main zip:
WPS screenshot: ticker-c.png
Menu screenshot: menu.png
Add. screenshot: ticker-a.png
Add. screenshot: ticker-b.png
License: cc-by-sa (or public domain, choose)

The ZIP and the PNGs are attached.

Ciao, ET.

(image/png attachment: ticker-c.png)

(image/png attachment: menu.png)

(image/png attachment: ticker-a.png)

(image/png attachment: ticker-b.png)

Received on 2010-06-06

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