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Subject: RSB vote time

RSB vote time

From: Frank Gevaerts <>
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2010 22:09:06 +0200

Hi all,

It's been (slightly) more than a year now since the current RSB was
chosen, so it's time to get the new one in. More information about the
RSB can be found at

The rules are the same as last year (only this year it's me who handles
it), i.e.:

Each committer has the opportunity to vote for 5 people they want on the
board, each name is one vote.

All committers are eligible. You can find the full list in
docs/COMMITTERS (I'm appending today's version to this email).

The five people with most votes will form the new RSB. Should one or
more of them decide to step down, the next person(s) down will replace

To vote, send me ( an email with your 5 names, or
less if you prefer... please add the word RSB in the subject to make
it a bit easier for me. I'll reply to each one as they come in so you
know your vote was counted. If you don't get a reply, ping me on irc.

Voting will close Sunday Sep 19 at 19:00 UTC, which gives slightly more
than two weeks.

If for whatever reason you are a committer and you don't want to be on
the RSB then kindly let us know early so people don't throw votes away.

As a side note, if you are a committer, you should already have received
a mail similar to this one. If you have not, contact me off-list.


Adam Boot
Adam Gashlin
Alan Korr
Alessio Lenzi
Alex Parker
Alexander Levin
Amaury Pouly
Andreas Stemmer
Andree Buschmann
Andrew Mahone
Antoine Cellerier
Anton Oleynikov
Anton Romanov
Antonius Hellmann
Arnaud de Bonald
Austin Appel
Barry Wardell
Ben Basha
Bertrik Sikken
Björn Stenberg
Bob Cousins
Boris Gjenero
Brandon Low
Bryan Childs
Catalin Patulea
Christi Scarborough
Christian Flaz
Christian Gmeiner
Dan Everton
Daniel Ankers
Daniel Stenberg
Dave Bryant
Dave Chapman
Dave Hooper
Delyan Kratunov
Dominik Riebeling
Dominik Wenger
Eric Linenberg
Felix Arends
Frank Dischner
Frank Gevaerts
Fred Bauer
Greg White
Hardeep Sidhu
Heikki Hannikainen
Henrik Backe
Hristo Kovachev
Jack Halpin
James Espinoza
Jean-Philippe Bernardy
Jeffrey Goode
Jens Arnold
Jerome Kuptz
Johannes Schwarz
Jonas Häggqvist
Jonathan Gordon
Jose Maria Garcia-Valdecasas Bernal
Justin Heiner
Jörg Hohensohn
Karl Kurbjun
Kevin Ferrare
Kjell Ericson
Laurent Gautier
Linus Nielsen Feltzing
Magnus Holmgren
Marc Guay
Marcin Bukat
Marcoen Hirschberg
Marianne Arnold
Mark Arigo
Markus Braun
Martin Arver
Martin Scarratt
Mats Lidell
Maurus Cuelenaere
Michael Chicoine
Michael DiFebbo
Michael Giacomelli
Michael Sparmann
Michiel Van Der Kolk
Miika Pekkarinen
Mike Sevakis
Mohamed Tarek
Mustapha Senhaji
Nicolas Pennequin
Niels Laukens
Nils Wallménius
Paul Louden
Pedro Vasconcelos
Peter D'Hoye
Rafaël Carré
Rani Hod
Rob Purchase
Robert Bieber
Robert Hak
Robert Keevil
Robert Kukla
Robert Menes
Ryan Jackson
Shachar Liberman
Stefan Meyer
Stepan Moskovchenko
Steve Bavin
Steve Gotthardt
Stuart Martin
Stéphane Doyon
Szymon Dziok
TP Diffenbach
Teruaki Kawashima
Thom Johansen
Thomas Martitz
Tobias Diedrich
Tom Ross
Tomas Salfischberger
Tomasz Malesinski
Tomer Shalev
Torne Wuff
Uwe Freese
Vitja Makarov
Will Robertson
Wincent Balin
Yoshihisa Uchida
Zakk Roberts
Received on 2010-09-03

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