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Subject: Re: RockBox on Samsung Galaxy S

Re: RockBox on Samsung Galaxy S

From: Thomas Martitz <>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 15:52:27 +0200

  Taking this to the -dev mailing list.

On 12.09.2010 14:54, Nagy István wrote:
> Hi!
> On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 11:59 AM, Thomas Martitz
> <
> <>> wrote:
> On 12.09.2010 10:21, Nagy István wrote:
> Hello,
> I hope that i'm writting this mail to the correct person, from
> the wiki page i thought that you are the maintainer of the
> Android port of RockBox.
> That's me, yes.
> I've found this project a week ago, and i'm very excited about
> it, because i've tried earlier to write an audio player from
> it's ARM optimized codecs on Android, but because lack of
> freetime i haven't done anything useful yet, just some quick
> tests. I've installed the prebuilt apk on my Galaxy S to check
> if it's working for me. Because it halted by the splash
> screen, i've looked into the logcat, and i saw that the
> AudioTrack class was created with an invalid audio buffer
> size. I've checked out the source code from the SVN and did a
> little fix in the RockboxPCM class.
> I've added the following:
> This way it starts and works on the Galaxy S, and it should
> work on other devices as well, because it adapts to the audio
> capabilities of the device.
> Thanks. I thought minBufferSize could be too small for smooth
> playback, but if it's the one that works reliably on all devices
> we go for it. Rockbox has an internal pcm buffer anyway.
> Well, i don't know if this is correct in every situations, but i think
> the Galaxy S uses a bigger minimal value than what was in your source
> code, and that was the problem. I was sitting on train in the past
> hour listening to it, and it wasn't lag even if i browse on the web,
> or install from the Market (the later one can cause lag with the built
> in player). So at least for Galaxy S it looks fine. My friends have
> somehow less powerful devices (G1, Pulse, Milestone, Legend), i will
> ask them to try it out.

I feel that it has gotten a little more unstable on my Legend ("more
unstable" because it's not very stable anyway due to a bug in the HTC

What's the minimum on the galaxy s? I'm thinking doing something like
MIN(old_buffer, getMinBuffer()) is maybe better than just getMinBuffer().

> I modified the RockboxActivity definition as well to use the
> android:launchMode="singleTask" attribute as well, because
> every time i've launched the Rockbox application before this
> modification, a new RockboxActivity was created and placed in
> the task stack which ate up resources unnecessarily and made
> the back button working in-properly on the device.
> Oh great, thanks for having a fix for this strange problem. I
> never knew what this is caused by nor how to fix it. The strange
> this was that it worked fine once you left the activity with the
> back button once (i.e. it only occurred if you left using the home
> button)
> I'm glad i could help you :) It would be nice to "wire up" at least
> the menu button to take the player back to the main RockBox menu.

Yea, some people have suggested that. I also think it would be nice.
There's some code for the hardware buttons (IIRC the menu button should
already do what you want) but it doesn't work correctly for some reason.

> I have a question also: is there a way to shutdown RockBox at
> the moment? Because it doesn't shows up on the list of any
> task manager, so if it freezes (or i lose control over it,
> because e.g. a sub-menu don't react to the non-grid
> touchscreen mode), i can kill it down only with an uninstall.
> I'm thinking about adding a menu to the activity with a Quit
> option, but it would be nicer as an item in the main screen to
> make the UI consistent.
> No, but it shows up for me in both various 3rd party task manager
> as well as the built-in "manage applications" list (which has a
> force stop button too).
> I'm using Advanced Task Killer Free, and it doesn't display it. I
> guess i should change it to something else :) I've just noticed that i
> can force stop the application in the Android Settings -> Applications
> menu.
> It's not common for apps to provide an explicit exit button
> (although some do). Generally you should stop music, leave the
> activity and forget about it. Of course that doesn't work when it
> crashes but it doesn't really crash often does it?
> Yes, it's very stable. Most of the times i made it frozen with
> mounting the SD card to my computer, making the audio files
> unreachable to the player.
> I like to close the player, because the program named TaskManager
> tells me that even if i leave it paused in the background it uses
> 10-15% CPU which - if it's correct - is not good to the battery life.

I'm using top via adb/terminal emulator and I get a next to 0% cpu usage
when no music is playing. Considering that the galaxy s is way more
powerful than my legend I can't really believe in this 10-15%. Maybe
your app is averaging over a much longer period?

> I hope that i didn't disturb you with these :)
> Keep up the good work, i'm very curious about the future of
> this project.
> Of course you didn't. But I would have preferred if you sent this
> mail to the rockbox-dev mailing list where it's public and archived.
> Sorry, i didn't know that i can post into the dev list as a
> non-maintainer. Maybe we could forward this to the mail list now and
> continue there, i leave the decision for you.
> Best regards.

Best regards.
Received on 2010-09-12

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