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Subject: Re: Segfault with Faster MDCT patch and -fPIC

Re: Segfault with Faster MDCT patch and -fPIC

From: Slawomir Testowy <>
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2010 13:30:39 +0200

2010/9/20 RafaŽl Carrť <>:
> On Mon, 20 Sep 2010 11:29:59 +0100
> Dave Hooper <> wrote:
>> I suppose gcc doesn't actually know whether I want to use the value
>> of pic or not, when I explicitly say register("r10"). So I think it's
>> assuming I do want the value of pic and that 'i know what I'm doing'.
>> If I unrolled those macros somewhat so that I don't need to keep
>> registers live across macros it would probably make it easier +
>> cleaner.
> This patch should use r11 instead
> --
> RafaŽl Carrť

Thanks. This makes Tremor segfault somewhere else. Here is gdb output:

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
fft32 (z=0x0) at fft-ffmpeg.c:354
354 DECL_FFT(32,16,8)
(gdb) bt
#0 fft32 (z=0x0) at fft-ffmpeg.c:354
#1 0x0003c0b4 in fft64 (z=0x0) at fft-ffmpeg.c:355
#2 0x0003c0e4 in fft128 (z=0x0) at fft-ffmpeg.c:356
#3 0x0003c114 in fft256 (z=0x0) at fft-ffmpeg.c:357
#4 0x0003b960 in ff_fft_calc_c (nbits=<value optimized out>, z=0x0)
at fft-ffmpeg.c:370
#5 0x0003ad78 in ff_imdct_half (nbits=28199932, output=0x1b100c8,
input=<value optimized out>) at mdct-ffmpeg.c:112
#6 0x0003b178 in ff_imdct_calc (nbits=0, output=0x1afa5c8, input=0x0)
at mdct-ffmpeg.c:348
#7 0x0003a5ac in mapping0_inverse (vb=0xbeed3670, l=0x1b0b538) at
#8 0x00033270 in vorbis_synthesis (vb=0xbeed3670, op=<value optimized
out>, decodep=1) at synthesis.c:75
(gdb) info all-registers
r0 0x0 0
r1 0x0 0
r2 0x0 0
r3 0x5a82799a 1518500250
r4 0x0 0
r5 0x0 0
r6 0x0 0
r7 0x0 0
r8 0x0 0
r9 0x0 0
r10 0x1aeeb30 28240688
r11 0x0 0
r12 0x0 0
sp 0xbeed3480 0xbeed3480
lr 0xc0 192
pc 0x3bf30 0x3bf30 <fft32+372>
f0 0 (raw 0x0003f8cc0000000000000000)
f1 0 (raw 0x0003f8cc0000000000000000)
f2 0 (raw 0x0003f8cc0000000000000000)
f3 0 (raw 0x0003f8cc0000000000000000)
f4 0 (raw 0x0003f8cc0000000000000000)
f5 0 (raw 0x0003f8cc0000000000000000)
f6 0 (raw 0x0003f8cc0000000000000000)
f7 0 (raw 0x0003f8cc0000000000000000)
fps 0x0 0
cpsr 0x60000010 1610612752
(gdb) disass $pc-64,$pc+64
Dump of assembler code from 0x3bef0 to 0x3bf70:
   0x0003bef0 <fft32+308>: add r11, r6, r11
   0x0003bef4 <fft32+312>: sub r4, r9, r4, lsl #1
   0x0003bef8 <fft32+316>: sub r6, r11, r6, lsl #1
   0x0003befc <fft32+320>: stm lr, {r9, r11}
   0x0003bf00 <fft32+324>: add lr, lr, #16
   0x0003bf04 <fft32+328>: ldm lr, {r9, r11}
   0x0003bf08 <fft32+332>: add r9, r7, r9
   0x0003bf0c <fft32+336>: add r11, r0, r11
   0x0003bf10 <fft32+340>: sub r7, r9, r7, lsl #1
   0x0003bf14 <fft32+344>: sub r8, r11, r0, lsl #1
   0x0003bf18 <fft32+348>: stm lr, {r9, r11}
   0x0003bf1c <fft32+352>: add lr, lr, #16
   0x0003bf20 <fft32+356>: stm lr, {r4, r6}
   0x0003bf24 <fft32+360>: add lr, lr, #16
   0x0003bf28 <fft32+364>: stm lr, {r7, r8}
   0x0003bf2c <fft32+368>: add lr, r11, #192 ; 0xc0
=> 0x0003bf30 <fft32+372>: ldm lr, {r1, r2, r3, r4, r5, r6, r7, r8}
   0x0003bf34 <fft32+376>: add r1, r1, r3
   0x0003bf38 <fft32+380>: sub r3, r1, r3, lsl #1
   0x0003bf3c <fft32+384>: sub r7, r7, r5
   0x0003bf40 <fft32+388>: add r5, r7, r5, lsl #1
   0x0003bf44 <fft32+392>: add r1, r1, r5
   0x0003bf48 <fft32+396>: sub r5, r1, r5, lsl #1
   0x0003bf4c <fft32+400>: add r2, r2, r4
   0x0003bf50 <fft32+404>: sub r4, r2, r4, lsl #1
   0x0003bf54 <fft32+408>: add r12, r6, r8
   0x0003bf58 <fft32+412>: sub r6, r6, r8
   0x0003bf5c <fft32+416>: sub r8, r4, r7
   0x0003bf60 <fft32+420>: add r4, r4, r7
   0x0003bf64 <fft32+424>: sub r7, r3, r6
   0x0003bf68 <fft32+428>: add r3, r3, r6
   0x0003bf6c <fft32+432>: sub r6, r2, r12
End of assembler dump.

z=0x0 -- strange. Let's track it.

(gdb) up 7
#7 0x0003a5ac in mapping0_inverse (vb=0xbeed3670, l=0x1b0b538) at
290 ff_imdct_calc(ci->blocksizes_nbits[vb->W], pcm, pcm);
(gdb) l
286 /* transform the PCM data; takes PCM vector, vb; modifies PCM vector */
287 /* only MDCT right now.... */
288 for(i=0;i<vi->channels;i++){
289 ogg_int32_t *pcm=vb->pcm[i];
290 ff_imdct_calc(ci->blocksizes_nbits[vb->W], pcm, pcm);
291 }
293 //for(j=0;j<vi->channels;j++)
294 //_analysis_output("imdct",seq+j,vb->pcm[j],-24,n,0,0);
(gdb) p pcm
$1 = (ogg_int32_t *) 0x0
(gdb) p i
$2 = 1
(gdb) p vb->pcm[i]
$3 = (ogg_int32_t *) 0x1af1b28
(gdb) p *vb
$4 = {pcm = 0x1af1b50, opb = {headbit = 5, headptr = 0x1af2e80
"\016vorbis\"BCV\001", headend = 1, head = 0x1af1180, tail =
    count = 0}, lW = 1, W = 1, nW = 1, pcmend = 1024, mode = 1,
eofflag = 0, granulepos = 0, sequence = -3, vd = 0x1af2134,
  localstore = 0x1b0f8c8, localtop = 4096, localalloc = 4096, totaluse
= 8, reap = 0x1af1b30}

pcm=0x0 but vb->pcm[i]=0x1af1b28 WTF?

(gdb) disass $pc-64,$pc+64
Dump of assembler code from 0x3a56c to 0x3a5ec:
   0x0003a56c <mapping0_inverse+868>: add r5, r5, #1
   0x0003a570 <mapping0_inverse+872>: ldr r3, [r0, #4]
   0x0003a574 <mapping0_inverse+876>: add r4, r4, #4
   0x0003a578 <mapping0_inverse+880>: cmp r3, r5
   0x0003a57c <mapping0_inverse+884>: bgt 0x3a52c <mapping0_inverse+804>
   0x0003a580 <mapping0_inverse+888>: cmp r3, #0
   0x0003a584 <mapping0_inverse+892>: ble 0x3a698 <mapping0_inverse+1168>
   0x0003a588 <mapping0_inverse+896>: mov r4, #0
   0x0003a58c <mapping0_inverse+900>: ldr r3, [r9]
   0x0003a590 <mapping0_inverse+904>: ldr r2, [r9, #32]
   0x0003a594 <mapping0_inverse+908>: ldr r1, [r3, r4, lsl #2]
   0x0003a598 <mapping0_inverse+912>: ldr r3, [r11, #-60] ; 0x3c
   0x0003a59c <mapping0_inverse+916>: add r4, r4, #1
   0x0003a5a0 <mapping0_inverse+920>: ldr r0, [r3, r2, lsl #2]
   0x0003a5a4 <mapping0_inverse+924>: mov r2, r1
   0x0003a5a8 <mapping0_inverse+928>: bl 0x3b148 <ff_imdct_calc>
=> 0x0003a5ac <mapping0_inverse+932>: ldr r5, [r11, #-64] ; 0x40
   0x0003a5b0 <mapping0_inverse+936>: ldr r12, [r5, #4]
   0x0003a5b4 <mapping0_inverse+940>: cmp r12, r4
   0x0003a5b8 <mapping0_inverse+944>: bgt 0x3a58c <mapping0_inverse+900>
   0x0003a5bc <mapping0_inverse+948>: subs r1, r12, #0
   0x0003a5c0 <mapping0_inverse+952>: ble 0x3a628 <mapping0_inverse+1056>
   0x0003a5c4 <mapping0_inverse+956>: mov r6, #0
   0x0003a5c8 <mapping0_inverse+960>: mov r5, r6
   0x0003a5cc <mapping0_inverse+964>: ldr lr, [r11, #-76] ; 0x4c
   0x0003a5d0 <mapping0_inverse+968>: ldr r3, [r9]
   0x0003a5d4 <mapping0_inverse+972>: ldr r2, [r5, lr]
   0x0003a5d8 <mapping0_inverse+976>: ldr r0, [r3, r5]
   0x0003a5dc <mapping0_inverse+980>: cmp r2, #0
   0x0003a5e0 <mapping0_inverse+984>: bne 0x3a668 <mapping0_inverse+1120>
   0x0003a5e4 <mapping0_inverse+988>: ldr r1, [r11, #-52] ; 0x34
   0x0003a5e8 <mapping0_inverse+992>: cmp r1, #0
End of assembler dump.

Please let me know if there is anything more I can do.
Received on 2010-09-20

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