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Subject: Re: FS#11689 - User settings in skins, and user translation in skins

Re: FS#11689 - User settings in skins, and user translation in skins

From: Thomas Martitz <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2010 00:03:51 +0200

On 19.10.2010 15:37, Jonathan Gordon wrote:
> This is an idea I've had for ages which I never got around to coding.
> Each time I've brought it up in IRC its had a different response so
> time for some actual official discussion.
> The idea behind this patch is giving themers a way to make their
> themes more customisable to users without having to resort to actually
> modifying the skin file. (e.g some themes have "configuration" which
> is merely enabling viewports to suit the user).
> The way it works is there is a skinsettings.txt file (in .rockbox/wps)
> which is read which contains the users' settings (same format as .cfg
> files). If a theme has any of the settings in the txt file the users
> choice will be used. If it doesnt the file is simply ignored.
> The changes to skins to make this work is no more difficult than
> adding a bitmap strip.
> To configure a setting a line like %Sl(foo, something, one, two, etc,
> something, ...) is added. That says "A setting named "foo" with
> default value "something" accepts the values "one", "two", "etc",
> "something", .... (up to 32 values). ("something" is there twice
> because it the first one is saying it is the default, the second is
> where in the list it belongs.)
> Then to actually get the users choice you would add %Sv(foo) which
> would show the text of the value (or used in a conditional to get the
> number).
> Thats basically the gist of it. Details can be fiddled with of course.
> Now, separate but really the same idea is a way to allow skins to be
> completely translated without needing to add more strings to the lang
> files. Users would create a "skintranslation.txt" file which would be
> checked at parse time and any string found in the skin would be
> checked against the file. If it is there then the users string would
> be used instead. i.e a lazy themer might have put "Next track:" but
> the user wants it in chinese, or to just say "Next:". This would
> simply allow that to happen.
> I've put both ideas in one email because I really think they are the
> same thing and would be very surprised to hear any opposition to one
> but not the other.
> So, thoughts? comments?
> Jonathan

I'm honestly not seeing this used in any situation, since it requires
that themes of independent themers have something in common, a set of de
facto standard skin settings. I highly doubt this is gonna happen.
Without this standard skin settings every user will still need to edit
at least one text file so nothing changed.

Therefore I don't think it's useful. And I feel it makes the
theming/skinning only more complicated.

Best regards.
Received on 2010-10-26

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