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Subject: Re: Automatic multi-resume feature for podcasts and audiobooks (FS#11748)

Re: Automatic multi-resume feature for podcasts and audiobooks (FS#11748)

From: Paul Louden <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2010 18:01:38 -0600

On 12/21/2010 5:43 PM, Jonathan Gordon wrote:
> And why exactly is that a bad thing? just because a setting might not
> fit one persons use case it will almost certainly fill someone elses
> (who may not even be n the discussion)

Please don't turn this into another "we should support every possible
use case in all possible scenarios" discussion again. If you want to
argue that point, start a new thread on it, but in the past the decision
has been to try to make features flexible without going past the point
where we're adding things for less and less common use cases. This isn't
the thread to attempt to change that trend, but if you think it's worth
discussing it again, start a new thread on it. Even if that's the real
desire though, I still posit that my suggestion covers the same uses
cases with less options or complexity presented to the user (in the
majority of uses, 'just working') so I don't understand your point. I
said it "goes too far to address the use cases." I didn't suggest that
we mustn't address them, only that they can be addressed in simpler
ways, so your objection here is actually irrelevant to the thread.

As it stands though, I take it you haven't read my suggested alternative
since there's for a large part nothing the original offers that the
alternative lacks other than automation and settings in the menu (to
control said automation). And it supports more use cases, which actually
complies with your stated desires above. Perhaps you can explain things
I've missed in the existing use cases so that we could further improve
either his suggestion or mine?

The main difference between the original feature and mine's goals are
this: He prefers automation and protection of "precious" resume points.
I prefer explicit activation/use, and lowered likelihood of accidental
interference with non-resume playback. Our suggestions offer, for the
vast majority, the same functionality but approach it from two angles -
one with the most potential to resume when someone who only uses it
sometimes doesn't want to resume, and one with the most potential to not
resume when someone who only uses it sometimes wanted to resume. That,
and far less options in the menu to reach similar functionality. I've
even suggested additions that would allow my method to be extremely
unlikely to lose resume points (the entire point of the "stop without
saving a resume point" option) in case someone does start a file in the
wrong way.

Basically, it boils down to "if you use resume only some of the time,
should you be asked to perform extra actions when you do wish to use it,
or when you wish to opt out of using it?"

Your opinion is welcome, but please try to talk about the actual features.
Received on 2010-12-22

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