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Subject: Re: Git migration: try out Gerrit!

Re: Git migration: try out Gerrit!

From: Leif Andersen <>
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2011 10:10:25 -0600

There is a little discrepancy between the wiki page and the actual process,
when creating the account. The wiki page says:

You can run your own if you think that's a good idea; Gerrit doesn't care
> where your OpenID?<>comes from.

But when I use my url (, which points to my google account
(I do this so I can point it somewhere else later if needed without much
fuss), the demo says:

Provider is not allowed.

I'm not sure which was intended so I'm mentioning it here.

~Leif Andersen

On Tue, Jun 21, 2011 at 05:26, Torne Wuff <
> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> We're looking at how to host the Rockbox git repository and currently
> Gerrit seems like a good choice for that and also for hosting code
> reviews. However, I want to make sure committers and other
> contributors have a chance to try it out and provide feedback before
> we go ahead and actually set up this infrastructure.
> There is a demo instance of Gerrit running which some of you have
> already had a go with. I have now finished the "demo guide" which you
> can read here:
> I encourage you all to have a go fairly soon (non-committers who
> currently contribute patches via Flyspray may want to try it to: there
> are no special permissions needed to access the demo repository, and
> if we adopt this you will be able to submit patches for review to the
> real Gerrit repository).
> One important note (which may not make sense to people not familiar
> with git, but that's ok): currently I have configured Gerrit to forbid
> pushing merge commits to the master branch. This means that you have
> to rebase your changes before you can submit them. This restriction is
> not an innate feature of Gerrit, it's a configuration choice which can
> be changed; please don't judge the tool because of this. The reason
> I've left it in place for now is that forcing rebases makes the submit
> workflow more svn-like and prevents less experienced git users from
> submitting unnecessarily complicated history. Once we have a real
> deployment we will probably allow people to opt themselves in to being
> able to upload merges, but we'll probably have some kind of policy on
> how you are expected to submit your changes. Please leave discussion
> of merge/branch workflow for now; I want to get agreement on the basic
> tools first :)
> If you have questions or comments you can reply here or come find
> people on IRC: a number of committers have already tried the Gerrit
> demo (and are familiar with Git) so can probably help you with it, and
> I will help if I am around. Please don't email me privately about it,
> though :)
> Thanks folks,
> --
> Torne Wuff
Received on 2011-06-21

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