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Subject: Re: RDS support in Rockbox

Re: RDS support in Rockbox

From: Bertrik Sikken <>
Date: Sat, 05 Nov 2011 20:30:01 +0100

On 5-11-2011 12:53, Michael Sevakis wrote:
> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Bertrik Sikken" <>
>> The Si4703 can be configured to capture one RDS packet, then
>> raise an pin voltage for 5 ms. My plan is to attach an interrupt
>> to this event that wakes up a high-prio thread to read the RDS
>> packet. It then feeds the raw RDS packet into a generic RDS processor
>> that collects packets until a full RDS message has been assembled.
> I doubt all that is necessary especially with a tuner GPIO interrupt
> available in at least some cases and possibly the introduction of an
> async I2C driver (not too hard really). I'd suggest not imposing a
> particular interface on all hardware but have the hardware implement
> those details as a middle layer.

I don't know how to do an async i2c driver. IMO, the simplest is to
do not too much in the interrupt itself. Hence the interrupt in my
proposal just wakes up a thread that does the actual work.

On the AMS targets, i2c to the fm tuner is done by "bit-banging"
(GPIO toggling) using udelays to do the timing. Can you do async
with that?

>> I'm thinking of the following interface:
>> - int rds_process(uint16_t data[4])
> What's that now? RDS is always 4 16-bit words?

Yes, basically.

In RDS lingo, data is packetized in a 104-bit group, which consist
of 4 blocks of 26 bits each. Each block consists of 16 bit actual
data and 10 bits sync/error correction bits. So effectively the
payload of one packet/group is 4 words of 16 bits each.

See also the IEC 62106 document.

>> which returns a number indicating what kind of data has been
>> received. When something is received, the fm tuner driver can call
>> a function to get a copy of the RDS data, something like:
>> - bool rds_get_stationname(char *buf, int bufsize)
>> - bool rds_get_radiotext(char *buf, int bufsize)
> Could probably just fill-out a structure provided by the caller with a
> flag member indicating which are valid (few single-use calls).
>> When the FM frequency is changed, the RDS data is invalidated with
>> - void rds_reset(void)
> Why not just reread it? The UI can clear its fields. The tuner can
> indicate a frequency change internally and clear its own data.

The idea is that the fm tuner driver knows when a channel is switched,
tuner is powered off or on, etc. You can't just re-read it, because we
want fresh data from the current station.

Received on 2011-11-05

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