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Subject: Re: Soft lock and screen/lcd activation

Re: Soft lock and screen/lcd activation

From: Lorenzo Miori <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2013 19:51:40 +0100


I completely agree on this. Furthermore me and lebellium were really
wondering about such a feature for a long time. Let's take another good
example: Samsung YP-R1 (being ported by me). Touchscreen. Nice Android-like
power button. Result: not really cool for the moment. To be honest, also R0
has a "dedicated" (but still normal) keylock button: would be cool also
here to have it also because otherwise it's a useless button.
In R1 I decided to simply turn off touchscreen device when backlight goes
off but these two behaviours *should* stay unrelated in my opinion,
otherwise rockbox code becomes a mess, editing a part, breaks another. And
surely we don't want that to happen.

Surely at least two considerations have to be taken into account:

1) New behaviour of the key during plugin execution. In my opinion keylock
feature here shall be completely disabled, it's up to the plugin to decide
in case.

2) Eventual problems in current keymappings (no need to say it's a mess in
some cases)

3) Signalling keylock / unlock to current view. May it be useful? Maybe
yes, maybe not. I don't know :)

To recap, I agree in coding a (fully customizable) Android-like behaviour.
To exaggerate also aiming in the future to a screen lock? :D A way useles
but cool lol

What do you think guys? Is it too aggressive? I think not. Rockbox has to
evolve to new technologies and new ways to interact :)
Unfortunately many users look more at details than actual great music
engine, so it's kinda a feature more than an optional.


2013/3/11 Amaury Pouly <>

> Hi all,
> As you know, many of our targets features a "soft-lock" in the WPS which
> locks all the keys except the unlock key, to prevent accidental changes.
> This is a very useful feature but recent targets like the Fuze+ have shown
> that it is too limited in two ways:
> 1) Only in WPS
> This feature only exists in the WPS screen, which kind of make sense if
> you listen to music but this is not the only screen where it would be
> useful. One of the most asked one is the radio screen where you currently
> cannot lock the keys.
> 2) Doesn't prevent screen activation
> Another problem which is more specific to the Fuze+ is that it features a
> touchpad which you can easily touch, and thus will constantly activate the
> screen/lcd. This is bad for the battery life and this is also very
> annoying. That's precisely why most phones on the market just won't respond
> to touch events when locked and you'll need to touch a physical buttons to
> activate it again. I think it would be very sensible to have such a feature
> in Rockbox too.
> To sum up, what many *users* would like to see is:
> * lock in radio screen (at least)
> * lock which disables the screen until a physical button is hit (with a
> setting)
> Maybe it is time to discuss about these issues and try to fix them. I
> would be willing to help but I must say this is mostly related to part of
> the code I don't know about so help would be greatly appreciated.
> Please share you opinion,
> Amaury Pouly
Received on 2013-03-11

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