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Subject: Re: Soft lock and screen/lcd activation

Re: Soft lock and screen/lcd activation

From: Amaury Pouly <>
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 11:13:55 +0200

I went over all keymaps which contain a lock and found no potential
conflicts. However the following devices have a WPS key lock which will
*NOT* apply to the radio screen because of the key mapping. If you want to
have radio screen lock, please improve the keymaps of those:
* YP-R0
* RK27XX
* Ondio
* Recorder
* Clip
* AV300
* Onda VX 777

Amaury Pouly

2013/6/5 Marcin Bukat <>

> The change looks fairly obvious so just commit IMO.
> 2013/6/5 Amaury Pouly <>
>> I have implemented radio lock here:
>> Can someone please review it ? Otherwise I will just commit it soon.
>> Amaury Pouly
>> 2013/3/12 Jonathan Gordon <>
>>> On 12 March 2013 02:42, Amaury Pouly <> wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> As you know, many of our targets features a "soft-lock" in the WPS
>>>> which locks all the keys except the unlock key, to prevent accidental
>>>> changes. This is a very useful feature but recent targets like the Fuze+
>>>> have shown that it is too limited in two ways:
>>>> 1) Only in WPS
>>>> This feature only exists in the WPS screen, which kind of make sense if
>>>> you listen to music but this is not the only screen where it would be
>>>> useful. One of the most asked one is the radio screen where you currently
>>>> cannot lock the keys.
>>>> 2) Doesn't prevent screen activation
>>>> Another problem which is more specific to the Fuze+ is that it features
>>>> a touchpad which you can easily touch, and thus will constantly activate
>>>> the screen/lcd. This is bad for the battery life and this is also very
>>>> annoying. That's precisely why most phones on the market just won't respond
>>>> to touch events when locked and you'll need to touch a physical buttons to
>>>> activate it again. I think it would be very sensible to have such a feature
>>>> in Rockbox too.
>>>> To sum up, what many *users* would like to see is:
>>>> * lock in radio screen (at least)
>>>> * lock which disables the screen until a physical button is hit (with a
>>>> setting)
>>>> Maybe it is time to discuss about these issues and try to fix them. I
>>>> would be willing to help but I must say this is mostly related to part of
>>>> the code I don't know about so help would be greatly appreciated.
>>>> Please share you opinion,
>>>> Amaury Pouly
>>> There is nothing magical about making this work. Just OR ALLOW_SOFTLOCK
>>> to the fm screens action context and add a keymapping
>>> for ACTION_STD_KEYLOCK to the relevant keymap table. Now to make the
>>> backlight work how you want you just need to notify the firmware/ code that
>>> the buttons should be "locked", add a softlock_buttons_lock(bool lock) to
>>> firmware/button.c and hook the backlight up to that.
>>> Jonathan
Received on 2013-06-05

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