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Subject: Re: Archos is dead; Long live Archos

Re: Archos is dead; Long live Archos

From: Solomon Peachy via rockbox-dev <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 08:46:29 -0400

On Fri, Jul 24, 2020 at 01:51:36PM +0200, Sebastian Leonhardt via rockbox-dev wrote:
> This is truely the end of an era; IMO we should acknowledge this by a
> new (major) version number (so, 4.0).

There's merit to this argument, but I'd like a "4.0" to come with some
sort of quasi-significant new feature, rather than just feature

> I wonder if we should take the opportunity and do additional code
> organising changes, like relocating files, reordering functions, etc.

"patches welcome" :D

...In all seriousness, nothing stopped us doing this sort of thing before.

Speaking personally, I'd rather spend my time trying to clean up (and
merge) the truly enormous body of work that's been slowly bitrotting
within gerrit and out-of-tree repositories.

Not only has that been a good way to jumpstart developer momemtum, it
helps identify areas in the codebase that are good candidates for
refactoring, rather than refactoring for its own sake.

> Is it possible to fork off something like a "legacy branch"? So if
> suddenly someone shows up who is interrested in the old archos he can
> easily commit new patches or backport stuff from the master brach.
> No need to keep the infrastructure though IMO.

The nature of git is such that a branch can be created at any time, from
an arbitrary commitid. So, I only intend to create a tag right before
the Archos removal patches land. If someone ever comes along that wants
to revive Archos builds, that's when a branch should be created.

The actual branch creation is trivially easy, but there are implications
for gerrit and especially our build/CI system, and I don't want to put
that effort in unless/until it's actually needed.

> Although I never had an archos device I feel the same. The very least we
> can do is a memorial page with same pictures and stuff on the web.
> The whole rockbox project would probably not exist without them, so I
> will definitely drink a beer or two on them :)

In mid-2003, I bought my first DAP, an Archos Jukebox 5000, specifically
to use with Rockbox. I traded it for a Recorder v1 in August 2003. It
slowly fell apart (in the very literal sense) over the next 2.5 years,
and was finally replaced in early 2006 with with an iHP-120.

(If I hadn't thrown out the parts 14 years ago, I'd take them out back
 behind the woodshed for an Old Yeller finish)

 - Solomon
Solomon Peachy			      pizza at shaftnet dot org (email&xmpp)
                                      _at_pizza:shaftnet dot org   (matrix)
High Springs, FL                      speachy (freenode)

Received on 2020-07-24

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