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Subject: Re: Archos is dead; Long live Archos

Re: Archos is dead; Long live Archos

From: John DeArmond via rockbox-dev <>
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2020 10:10:31 -0400

On 7/24/20 8:47 AM, David Hooper via rockbox-dev wrote:
> Long Live RockBox.
> I joined the project around 2004 I think, I never owned an Archos (in fact
> I helped bring RockBox to the iRiver H120, the first non-Archos device that
> RockBox could run on).
> I support the idea of a "forward looking" celebration of the past; a
> version bump and the idea of a legacy branch (for folks to
> contribute/backport to if they so wish) both make sense to me.
> And a virtual something might be a nice touch - feels like an age since we
> last had a DevConPub.

With tears in my eyes, I agree that there should be some sort of formal
retirement ceremony.  I've purchased just about everything RockBox has
been ported to.  The Jukebox is still the best.  In fact, that's what's
playing right now in the background.

I bought the first Jukebox 20 that came to our local Best Buy.  I wasn't
familiar with Rockbox but Jukebox had more features and more storage
than anything else on the shelf.

Here are the mods I made to mine:

* 120 gig SSD
* 8k RAM
* flashed the ROM (now boots in about 3 seconds).
* Eneloop XX (now called Eneloop Pro) batteries.
* upped the charge rate to something appropriate for the Eneloops. My
humble gratitude goes to whomever reverse-engineered the schematic.
* Flowed some thin superglue under the power jack.  From the factory the
jack is only held in place by the solder joints.  Ditto the headphone jack.
* epoxied the joints where the battery boards attach to the main board. 
This is an extremely fragile 90 deg joint, almost guaranteed to break
when changing batteries.
* replaced one of the click pads under the down arrow key.  It went soft
and wouldn't click.  It made contact but no click.  I had purchased a
"parts only" jukebox from sleazebay so I had the replacement part was at

When I got the Jukebox, it had a 20 gig ATA drive in it.  Massive power
hog.  With the cheap 1200 mah NiMH batteries that came with it, 4 hours'
play-time was stretching it.  With all the above mods, I now get about 2
days of battery life.

BTW, I have  a factory-new, complete with seal, Jukebox that I've
decided to sell.  When I buy something I really like, I go right back
and buy a 2nd one just in case.  The Jukebox with my mods is so rugged
that I never needed it.  So now someone else can enjoy the Joys of the
Jukebox :-)  Asking $70.

Received on 2020-07-24

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