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Subject: Rockbox Digest -- May 2 2003
From: Daniel Stenberg -- Editor of Rockbox Digest (
Date: 2003-05-02

Hi friends.

This is the first mail to the brand new mailing list for the Rockbox Digest.
It is mailed out manually, and I think the next few ones will be made
manually as well, while I sort out the scripts for the automatic stuff in my


Date: 1-may-2003
 * Mike Holden brought a very technical report[1] on his findings in the
   search for the Red Led Death.
 * There's now a mailing list setup. By subscribing to it, you'll get
   the latest items off this digest sent out by mail on a weekly or
   biweekly basis. The name of the mailing list is 'rockbox-news' and
   you find all the details on the regular mailing list page[2].
 * I heard a rumour from a person who actually has listened to radio on
   his FM Recorder running Rockbox...
 * Lots of people shared their views in the single play mode[3] thread,
   and it evolved slightly into a "can we really add every imaginable
   feature to Rockbox"-discussion.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =

Date: 30-apr-2003
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing made the disk spin down faster[1] while
 * Roland requested comments on his switch icons on/off in dir-browser
 * Johan Vromans provided his suggested Q73 for the FAQ[3], named Help!
   My recorder crashes when I copy files to it![4].
 * Okay okay, I've already received a whole bunch of mails already,
   expressing support for the weekly-digests-by-mail idea. Thanks.
   Please allow me a few more days and I'll set it up and annouce it

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =

Date: 29-apr-2003
 * Would you like to get the digest mailed out once per week or perhaps
   once every two weeks? If so, mail rockbox-digest at[1] and
   tell me. If I get a few interested people, I'll setup a mailing list
   and mail out plain text versions. If not, then I'll be happy with the
   HTML and RSS versions.

[1] = mailto:rockbox-digest at

Date: 28-apr-2003
 * Björn Stenberg called out for a Brute Force Bug Hunt[1] in an attempt
   to track down the "red led dead" problems that have haunted Rockbox
   the last couple of months. Join in and help!
 * Daniel Stenberg made the RSS feed[2] validate fine, to make people
   happier. I even added one of those bragging buttons to the main
   page[3]. Discussions[4] followed on how to write proper RSS stuff.
 * Mikkel Moe brought translation number 17 to Rockbox: Norwegian.
 * Brent Geery started a discussion[5] on why there aren't more settings
   to control the MAS for recordings.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =
[5] =

Date: 26-apr-2003
 * Alexandre Belloni re-iterated[1] the issue of supporting the ext2fs
   or other file systems in Rockbox. Your friendly editor likes to point
   out the good old NODO[2] document that explains this.

[1] =
[2] =

Date: 24-apr-2003
 * Daniel Stenberg attempts to produce an RSS feed[1] for this digest
 * Several standard-builds of Rockbox now excess the maximum image size
   of 200K...
 * The "caption backlight" works on Player models too now.
 * Magnus Öman brought the inverted cursor to the recording screen as
 * The demos are now disabled globally to reduce the image size to start
   working again.
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing fixed a message-display problem that caused
   some playlist loadings to go nuts.
 * John Hudak expressed his confusion with using his Archos on a Mac[2],
   and he later posted this summary[3] at Other
   postings on the thread by Wesley Simon and Michael OQuinn indicated
   that John's problem may very well be due to a faulty Archos.
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing yelled for help[4] about the PANIC problems
   that have been reported on various recordings, as the problem is
   likely to be more filesystem-related rather than recording-related.
 * A long thread[5] adressed a possible flaw in the FAT driver and how
   it deals with short names vs long names, but no consensus has yet
   been reached on this. It seems that Microsoft's own specs differ on
   some details...
 * c s mentioned his work on getting automobile ignition to stop

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =
[5] =
[6] =

Date: 23-apr-2003
 * Björn Stenberg committed his fix that now makes the status bar on
   Recorders only get updated when information actually has changed.
 * Björn Stenberg announced his linux-kernel patch[1] for improved FAT
   performance on Linux, expected to be especially appreciated by USB
   1.1 users. One measurement during testing showed a cutback in time
   for the first copy from 52 seconds to 0.2...
 * Björn Stenberg added the "caption backlight" feature, which switches
   on the backlight just before a song change, and keeps it lit for a
   backlight-timeout period into the new song.
 * Björn Stenberg made the remote control's keys distinguishable from
   the ordinary keys, so that they can now be used even though keylock
   is enabled.
 * Daniel Stenberg announced the presence of this digest on the mailing
   list[2] and on the funmp3players forum[3].
 * Daniel Stenberg posted his suggested new keymapping[4] for Rockbox
   Recorders to the list.
 * Daniel Stenberg committed playlist code that reduces the number of
   times the playlist is opened and closed, and it might make it
   slightly faster to skip forward to next song in a playlist.
 * Daniel Stenberg made keyrepeat in the X11 simulator start working.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =

Date: 22-apr-2003
 * People discussed the chance of adding a feature that sorts files in
   the dir browser according to the ID3 track number tag, and Chris Holt
   explained[1] how it would be a painfully slow process and that
   renaming the files to have them prefixed with the track number is the
   only sane way to accomplish this.
 * TP Diffenbach mentioned his patch[2] that will allow a specific piece
   of the path name to get cut off from the dir browser display.

[1] =
[2] =

Date: 21-apr-2003
 * Jeff Peterson missed the FM tuning functions[1] in Rockbox for the FM
   Recorder, and correct, they are not supported by any Rockbox code
 * Paul van der Heu pointed out the recently annonced Philips HDD100[2]
   portable mp3 player.
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing added an option to record files with the "bit
   reservoir" disabled, thus making recorded files to get edited (using
   external mp3 editing tools) easier and better.

[1] =
[2] =

Date: 20-apr-2003
 * Jörn questioned the current use of F2 and F3[1] and several other
   guys seemed to agree. Daniel Stenberg intend to post a completely
   redesigned keymapping suggestion soon... Jörn made the scroll and
   status bar ON/OFF possible to set using the menu.
 * Brent Geery says no hardware player on the planet supports ID3
   v1.2[2] and suggested Rockbox to be the first. Mixed emotions
   followed, but the general feeling seems to be that it shouldn't be
   hard to add code for, only slightly unnecessary.
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing made mono recordings do a better Xing header.
   Later verified to work[3] by Jörn Pochmann.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =

Date: 19-apr-2003
 * Stefan Meyer submitted his patch[1] that introduces file search in

[1] =

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