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Subject: Rockbox Digest -- May 9 2003
From: Daniel Stenberg -- Editor of Rockbox Digest (
Date: 2003-05-09

Hi friends!

While this week may not have been the most busy in the history of Rockbox,
things still move along...

Date: 8-may-2003
 * Boris Maras brought up the good old subject of searching for songs[1]
   in Rockbox, and he's building this on top of the patch provided
   already by Stefan Meyer.
 * Josh asked the list about tools that would auto-sync songs when
   connected[2]. Ipod is said to have such a software and it is said to
   please users there. (My note: but then, ipod users like everything
   Apple says is good for them.)

[1] =
[2] =

Date: 7-may-2003
 * It seems we haven't had the daily builds updated properly the last
   couple of days. The anonymous cvs update used in that process is
   notoriously shaky and fails pretty often, but now it seems to have
   tricked us for several days in a row...
 * Danan introduced his audio thumbnails[1] patch, that makes your
   Archos play a specific mp3 when you enter a directory, and thus
   improves "blind" maneuvering.

[1] =

Date: 6-may-2003
 * Alan C mailed in about his battery voltage problems[1] that truly
   show weird behaviors on his unit. Is it a Rockbox issue[2]?

[1] =
[2] =

Date: 5-may-2003
 * The Haxx guys[1] invites you to join us to a pub evening[2] in the
   Swedish capital Stockholm on June 5. (Inivitation link is in Swedish)
 * Learn how Dave Jones made it possible to make 3+ days recordings[3]
   with his Archos.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =

Date: 3-may-2003
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing committed the first code for FM tuner[1]
   support on the FM Recorder.

[1] =

Date: 2-may-2003
 * Stevie-O presented his new menu design[1] suggestion (with binaries).

[1] =

Date: 1-may-2003
 * Mike Holden brought a very technical report[1] on his findings in the
   search for the Red Led Death.
 * There's now a mailing list setup. By subscribing to it, you'll get
   the latest items off this digest sent out by mail on a weekly or
   biweekly basis. The name of the mailing list is 'rockbox-news' and
   you find all the details on the regular mailing list page[2].
 * I heard a rumour from a person who actually has listened to radio on
   his FM Recorder running Rockbox...
 * Lots of people shared their views in the single play mode[3] thread,
   and it evolved slightly into a "can we really add every imaginable
   feature to Rockbox"-discussion.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =

Date: 30-apr-2003
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing made the disk spin down faster[1] while
 * Roland requested comments on his switch icons on/off in dir-browser
 * Johan Vromans provided his suggested Q73 for the FAQ[3], named Help!
   My recorder crashes when I copy files to it![4].
 * Okay okay, I've already received a whole bunch of mails already,
   expressing support for the weekly-digests-by-mail idea. Thanks.
   Please allow me a few more days and I'll set it up and annouce it

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =

Date: 29-apr-2003
 * Would you like to get the digest mailed out once per week or perhaps
   once every two weeks? If so, mail rockbox-digest at[1] and
   tell me. If I get a few interested people, I'll setup a mailing list
   and mail out plain text versions. If not, then I'll be happy with the
   HTML and RSS versions.

[1] = mailto:rockbox-digest at

Date: 28-apr-2003
 * Björn Stenberg called out for a Brute Force Bug Hunt[1] in an attempt
   to track down the "red led dead" problems that have haunted Rockbox
   the last couple of months. Join in and help!
 * Daniel Stenberg made the RSS feed[2] validate fine, to make people
   happier. I even added one of those bragging buttons to the main
   page[3]. Discussions[4] followed on how to write proper RSS stuff.
 * Mikkel Moe brought translation number 17 to Rockbox: Norwegian.
 * Brent Geery started a discussion[5] on why there aren't more settings
   to control the MAS for recordings.

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =
[5] =

Date: 26-apr-2003
 * Alexandre Belloni re-iterated[1] the issue of supporting the ext2fs
   or other file systems in Rockbox. Your friendly editor likes to point
   out the good old NODO[2] document that explains this.

[1] =
[2] =

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