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Subject: Rockbox Digest -- May 23 2003
From: Daniel Stenberg -- Editor of Rockbox Digest (
Date: 2003-05-23

Hi friends.

With the upcoming one-year anniversary of Rockbox 1.0 only days away, here's
a summary of the recent action in the project...

Date: 22-may-2003
 * Roland announced[1] his updated minimalistic rockbox sdk for
   win32[2]. Roland boasts >500 downloads of the previous version. Get
   it and post your comments!

[1] =
[2] =

Date: 21-may-2003
 * Kjell Ericson is looking for comments on his new jump scroll feature
   for players[1]. Experimental binary available for download.
 * Frank Incensed asked the list if others also have experienced
   problems with Archos on Windows XP[2], and several guys joined in and
   explained that they too experience crashes or other weird behaviors.
 * Garrett Derner announced his text viewer with word wrap and
   scrollbar[3] and he is welcoming all feedback you can give him on his
   effort. You also find his patch in the patch tracker[4].

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =
[4] =

Date: 20-may-2003
 * Björn Stenberg committed code that now finally makes the remote
   control functional even while the keylock is activated in Rockbox.
 * Is it possible to "protect" ideas and intellectual properties
   produced for Rockbox, or will companies be able to steal/borrow our
   ideas? ds2list brought up the subject[1].

[1] =

Date: 19-may-2003
 * Jörn Hohensohn announced his Survey for Rockbox in Flash[1] based on
   his changes previously mentioned here. Do check them out and post
   your findings!
 * Stevie Oh's provided patch that improves VBRfix on files bigger than
   16MB was committed.

[1] =

Date: 18-may-2003
 * As a follow-up to Mark Spooner's mail about the original FM sounding
   better than Rockbox, Linus Nielsen Feltzing brought a new test
   image[1] for people to try and to say if it sounds
   different/better/worse. The first reports have not clearly identified
   a winner.

[1] =

Date: 17-may-2003
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing fixed the bug that made a bad voltage level
   show at startup
 * Jörn Hohensohn added flash manufacturer ID to the View HW Info screen
   in the debug view.
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing added a "Save ROM Contents" menu option to the
   debug menu. If selected, it'll dump the contents of the ROM in two
   files in the Archos' root directory named "internal_rom_*.bin" (where
   * is replaced with the address sequence of the dump)

Date: 15-may-2003
 * Mark Spooner thinks his music sounds better with the original Archos

[1] =

Date: 13-may-2003
 * Jörg C. Pochmann says he want his scrolling files names to start
   scrolling from end of filename[1], and a few other ideas followed...

[1] =

Date: 12-may-2003
 * Jean Boullier wrote up a help text[1] for people to be put on the
   Archos and read using Rockbox.
 * Gonz brought up the subject wondering if Rockbox could be made to
   sort the files to show playlists first[2].

[1] =
[2] =

Date: 11-may-2003
 * Daniel Stenberg made another fix on the daily-build scripts in an
   attempt to make them work better even when the sourceforge CVS is
   this unreliable.

Date: 9-may-2003
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing announced the removal of the 400 entries
   limit[1] in directories. The 10000 entries for playlists were also
   made customizable. The 400-limit was the last entry in the Feature
   Comparison Chart[2] Rockbox didn't beat Archos at.
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing also made the code enable ATA STANDBY when
   going into USB mode, which seems to make the disk spin down when
   idle, when used on some operating systems...

[1] =
[2] =

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