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Subject: Rockbox Digest -- June 13 2003
From: Daniel Stenberg -- Editor of Rockbox Digest (
Date: 2003-06-13


On friday the 13th, I bring you news from the front...

Date: 10-jun-2003
 * Björn Stenberg added more intervals to the time split feature for
 * Daniel Stenberg committed Robert Hak's work on making Sokoban load
   the game levels from disk, which saved almost 30K of memory.
 * The demos are now re-enabled in the builds.

Date: 8-jun-2003
 * Owen Sebastian Hofmann offered his virtual file structures[1] patch,
   that allows us to browse lists as if they are directory trees.

[1] =

Date: 6-jun-2003
 * Please friends, to unsubcribe from the Rockbox mailing lists, use the
   instructions[1]. You followed them to subscribe, and the process to
   unsubscribe is very similar!
 * Uwe Freese announced his new ABSync release[2].
 * Steve posted an innocent question[3] which lead to a long and tedious
   discussion on mp3 playback using high bitrates and whether or not
   that causes skips. No 320 kbit mp3 should cause skips on Rockbox.
   Period. If you know any that do, please report!

[1] =
[2] =
[3] =

Date: 5-jun-2003
 * Romanian and Czech translations were added. 19 languages supported
 * After another day with patch cleaning, we applied the code that
   allows hiding of icons and changing boolean config items take effect
   immediately. We're down on 16 open patches now.

Date: 4-jun-2003
 * Björn Stenberg and Daniel Stenberg had a "Patch Tracker Cleaning
   Day". We sat down together and went through the patches one by one,
   starting with the oldest ones. This resulted in 20 closed patches,
   leaving 25 open ones at this moment.
 * Thomas Paul Diffenbach patch for new id3v2 parsing (plus genre and
   composer support) was added.
 * Dave Jones code that enables recordings split based on a set timer
   was applied.
 * Magnus Holmgren and Mats Lidell provided the patch for the status bar
   code cleanup that Björn Stenberg and Daniel Stenberg polished and

Date: 2-jun-2003
 * Kjell Ericson fixed a weird bug in the keyboard code for players.

Date: 1-jun-2003
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing went on a bug-hunt and could close three bug
   reports[1] within 20 minutes.

[1] =

Date: 31-may-2003
 * Kjell Ericson did some more improvements on his jump scroll feature
   and later it was also fixed to get saved properly.

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