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Subject: Rockbox Digest -- July 25 2003
From: Daniel Stenberg -- Editor of Rockbox Digest (
Date: 2003-07-25

Hi again

It has been a few weeks since I mailed the previous digest email, but I've
been away on vacation. Things have kept moving in Rockbox land and here
follows a somewhat thin digest for the last two weeks.

The two main things that happened during the last month or so got to be:

 1. flashable Rockbox
 2. the new plugin system

Date: 21-jul-2003
 * Starting today, Daniel Stenberg has modified the daily build[1]
   scripts to create a full zip archive for each day's daily build,
   including everything (all fonts, all languages, all plugins, some
   docs, and the sokoban levels).

[1] =

Date: 18-jul-2003
 * Linus Nielsen Feltzing fixed yet another FAT bug that could cause
   problems when writing data. (It would make a false "disk full"
   message appear.)

Date: 17-jul-2003
 * The eternal but boring discussion Forum vs. Mailinglist[1] was again
   brought up and discussed at length. None of the core developers are
   in favour of letting any forum replace or take over the main
   development mailing list. You're all free to start or use whatever
   forums you want.

[1] =

Date: 16-jul-2003
 * Svante T proposed somone makes a Rockbox Desktop Tool[1]. I think the
   consensus from the following discussion was that it would be cool...
   Now, does anyone want to write it too?

[1] =

Date: 9-jul-2003
 * Jörg Hohensohn released his first Rockbox in flash[1]. Full docs and
   instructions followed. These instructions are now also available on
   the rockbox web site[2]. This posting caused havoc and lots of
   activity on the list.

[1] =
[2] =

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