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Wednesday 03:49 c3e75a1ce7: Reset settings on button hold fix lang for non supported ipods
apps/lang/english.lang [diff]
William Wilgus
Wednesday 02:43 8283752223: Reset settings on button hold

extend this properly to the gigabeast and iriver updated manual entries
apps/features.txt [diff]
apps/lang/english.lang [diff]
apps/main.c [diff]
apps/menus/settings_menu.c [diff]
apps/settings.h [diff]
apps/settings_list.c [diff]
manual/configure_rockbox/startup_shutdown_options.tex [diff]
William Wilgus
Wednesday 02:22 e75e07e1b6: plugin sliding puzzle fix unneeded check
apps/plugins/sliding_puzzle.c [diff]
William Wilgus
Wednesday 02:05 e1c5a3e296: fix uninitialized warning in libopus

likely this is truly a bug but I imagine much worse things happen before this point in that case
lib/rbcodec/codecs/libopus/silk/NLSF2A.c [diff]
William Wilgus
Wednesday 00:56 75f618ea62: Rb Manual Fix missing bracket

Fix missing bracket from 7e0492444c38f2ed350016be15b6a4d8ba489bcd g#4568
manual/configure_rockbox/system_options.tex [diff]
William Wilgus
Tuesday 22:11 7e0492444c: usb: remove "Ask" USB Mode (FS #13317)

USB ask mode is basically a footgun: it can't work on native targets and doesn't work reliably on hosted ones, and it continually produces a slow trickle of problems. FS #13317 gives a rundown of the issues. Removing the setting seems like the best solution for now, since a fix would be pretty involved.

This partially reverts 60f581e8f5. The USB Mode setting is left in place so the option can be added back later in a non-buggy way.
apps/settings_list.c [diff]
firmware/export/usb.h [diff]
firmware/usb.c [diff]
manual/configure_rockbox/system_options.tex [diff]
manual/rockbox_interface/main.tex [diff]
Aidan MacDonald
Tuesday 00:16 6cdd142d5c: Setting reset fix red
apps/main.c [diff]
William Wilgus
Monday 22:57 ed37c2e894: FS #13193 - Add option to disable settings reset on startup

Updated version of the patch originally by user cockroach

UNTESTED Ipods?, Iriver H10, I do not own these players so YMMV
apps/features.txt [diff]
apps/lang/english.lang [diff]
apps/main.c [diff]
apps/menus/settings_menu.c [diff]
apps/settings.h [diff]
apps/settings_list.c [diff]
manual/appendix/config_file_options.tex [diff]
manual/configure_rockbox/startup_shutdown_options.tex [diff]
William Wilgus
13th Jun 13:16 58bf7c7e6f: Update english-us "translation"
apps/lang/english-us.lang [diff]
Solomon Peachy
12th Jun 21:12 7d5aeeecf1: FS13343: Updated Serbian translation (Ivan Pesic)
apps/lang/srpski.lang [diff]
Solomon Peachy
12th Jun 21:12 6a707cd913: FS13346: Updated Slovak translation (Matej Golian)
apps/lang/slovak.lang [diff]
Solomon Peachy
12th Jun 21:10 595a34640b: FS13345: Updated Polish Translation (Adam Rak)
apps/lang/polski.lang [diff]
Solomon Peachy
12th Jun 21:09 7296f30490: jz4760: Reformat USB driver a little. Prep work for later changes.
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/usb-jz4760.c [diff]
Solomon Peachy
12th Jun 14:01 b9e7075837: Rockbox Utility: updated Czech translation

translated missing strings and revised existing
utils/rbutilqt/lang/rbutil_cs.ts [diff]
Pavel Rzehák
30th May 13:08 4d01168b9b: x1000: add flash probe tool to bootloader

The flash probe mimics the boot ROM's flash read routines and dumps the manufacturer & device IDs and 16-byte parameter data to a file on the SD card.
bootloader/x1000/recovery.c [diff]
bootloader/x1000/utils.c [diff]
bootloader/x1000/x1000bootloader.h [diff]
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_x1000/nand-x1000.h [diff]
Aidan MacDonald
All commits since last release, last four weeks.


18th May 17:56JztoolInstallAidanMacDonald
2nd May 16:52CrossCompilerAidanMacDonald
20th Apr 22:42MultibootBootloaderWilliamWilgus


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