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10th Jun 13:44ShanlingM2sPortMatthiasM
4th Jun 13:21MatthiasMMatthiasM
4th Jun 13:20IrcNicksMatthiasM
1st Jun 10:47SonyNWDestToolAmauryPouly
30th May 13:15WebHomeMatthiasM
30th May 13:06WikiUsersGroupFrankGevaerts
27th May 19:45ReleaseNotes314MichaelGiacomelli
25th May 16:04IpodRuntimeWilfriedWinkler
25th May 16:00IAudioRuntimeWilfriedWinkler


14th Jun 09:29 20bdfa8: Agptek Rocker: Add to
tools/ [diff]
Marcin Bukat
14th Jun 09:02 203e4ad: Agptek Rocker: Slightly tweak build procedure

In bootloader build create stripped binary bootloader.rocker
firmware/target/hosted/agptek/rocker.make [diff]
tools/agptek_rocker/ [diff]
Marcin Bukat
14th Jun 08:03 5c015ad: Agptek Rocker: Implement lcd_enable()

In theory this should slightly improve battery life.
firmware/SOURCES [diff]
firmware/export/config/agptekrocker.h [diff]
firmware/target/hosted/agptek/lcd-agptek.c [diff]
firmware/target/hosted/agptek/lcd-target.h [diff]
Marcin Bukat
14th Jun 07:09 755b824: Agptek Rocker: Fix mpegplayer keymap
apps/plugins/mpegplayer/mpeg_settings.c [diff]
Marcin Bukat
13th Jun 11:28 419219e: Agptek Rocker: Update tools to alter .upt update images

Change all references to official rockbox repository
tools/agptek_rocker/Dockerfile [diff]
tools/agptek_rocker/README [diff]
tools/agptek_rocker/ [diff]
Marcin Bukat
12th Jun 10:11 f727b07: puzzles: minor nitpicks to fbb6a2f

Just some whitespace changes to maintain stylistic consistency.
apps/plugins/puzzles/rockbox.c [diff]
Franklin Wei
12th Jun 10:09 c2d5ac1: puzzles: fix typo introduced by fbb6a2f

When zoomed in, the original commit made a mono bitmap (a.k.a. text) always have the red component set to 255. This would cause drawn text to always be red. Fixed.
apps/plugins/puzzles/rockbox.c [diff]
Franklin Wei
12th Jun 11:25 f2075a5: Add XRGB8888 native format

This got lost somehow during Agptek port merge
firmware/export/lcd.h [diff]
Marcin Bukat
12th Jun 11:09 0e48cb7: Silence warnings
firmware/target/hosted/rtc.c [diff]
Marcin Bukat
12th Jun 11:02 32e8028: Cleanup comment
firmware/drivers/lcd-24bit.c [diff]
Marcin Bukat
12th Jun 10:55 f439079: bmp2rb: Add XRGB 32bit native format
tools/bmp2rb.c [diff]
Marcin Bukat
12th Jun 10:50 307ea83: Fix merge errors which broke sony linux targets
firmware/SOURCES [diff]
Marcin Bukat
12th Jun 10:41 71dc1a7: Fix MIPS threading code to compile with older compiler

Official rockbox mips gcc is old and doesn't support symbolic register names in inline assembly
firmware/asm/mips/thread-mips32.c [diff]
Marcin Bukat
12th Jun 09:44 9be14c0: Fix merge error
firmware/target/hosted/alsa-controls.h [diff]
Marcin Bukat
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