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Today 03:07 0f23cadbca: lua -- add sort by name, size, date to filebrowse include

I had previously added the fuctionality to luadir but I didn't update the examples

also breaks out the file_browser function to be a bit more accessible
apps/plugins/lua_scripts/file_browser.lua [new]
apps/plugins/lua_scripts/filebrowse.lua [diff]
William Wilgus
20th Sep 20:44 1f9e16e4df: InvalidVoice prompt Fix red for devices w/o physical hold buttons

left in there from debugging
apps/talk.c [diff]
William Wilgus
20th Sep 20:08 2ffe87902d: Add Invalid Voice Announcement to the voice system FS #13216

When a voice file is invalid or fails to load the voice system splash a message 'Invalid Voice'

Now we supply a single voice file (currently only english is used) the support for other languages is in but I haven't set it up to look for anything but

Also adds a one time kill voice thread function ie. it doesn't allow re-init after killing the voice thread & queue
apps/lang/ [new]
apps/lang/SOURCES [diff]
apps/lang/lang.make [diff]
apps/main.c [diff]
apps/talk.c [diff]
apps/talk.h [diff]
apps/voice_thread.c [diff]
apps/voice_thread.h [diff]
tools/ [diff]
William Wilgus
20th Sep 15:25 c528c01312: plugin: Fix pile of warnings.

(Bad Solomon)
apps/plugin.c [diff]
Solomon Peachy
20th Sep 14:52 5d40d97585: voice: rename mp3_play_* functions to voice_play_*

Remove mp3_is_playing() entirely, in favor of pcm_is_playing() Remove mp3_play_pause() entirely, as it's a dummy/no-op call Remoce some archos-specific comments
apps/plugin.c [diff]
apps/plugin.h [diff]
apps/plugins/imageviewer/imageviewer.c [diff]
apps/talk.c [diff]
apps/voice_thread.c [diff]
apps/voice_thread.h [diff]
docs/PLUGIN_API [diff]
Solomon Peachy
18th Sep 21:48 e404026308: jz4760: Implement USB DMA RX

Can be disabled at runtime by setting hold switch.

Boosts sysbench sequential write performance by 34-58%
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/usb-jz4760.c [diff]
Solomon Peachy
18th Sep 00:22 2df3a5b04c: Headphone / lineout pause/resume #FS13237

Allow Lineout to behave like headphone port in regards to plug/unplug pause/resume
apps/audio_path.c [diff]
apps/misc.c [diff]
apps/root_menu.c [diff]
apps/settings.h [diff]
firmware/drivers/button.c [diff]
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/xduoo_x3/sadc-xduoo_x3.c [diff]
William Wilgus
17th Sep 16:20 4fa945d810: disktest_sysbench script

a script to help make disk benchmarks across USB
tools/ [new]
William Wilgus
17th Sep 15:26 ec413f7692: jz4760: Heavily rework USB driver to add working DMA support

* DMA Bulk IN (ie our TX) results in sequential transfers 33-68% faster.
* DMA Bulk OUT (ie RX) is mostly stripped out due to complete brokenness.
* Interrupt and control endpoints remain PIO-driven.

Other improvements:

1) Use consistent endpoint references (no magic numbers) 2) Greatly enhanced logging 3) DMA support can be compiled out completely 4) Setting lockswitch will disable all DMA operations at runtime 5) Much more robust error checking and recovery
firmware/export/jz4760b.h [diff]
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/system-target.h [diff]
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/usb-jz4760.c [diff]
utils/hwstub/stub/jz4760b/jz4760b.h [diff]
Solomon Peachy
17th Sep 15:22 a66b908801: Xduoo X3 add headphone and lineout status to IO Ports debug menu
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/debug-jz4760.c [diff]
William Wilgus
13th Sep 17:29 3c2b6809d9: Xduoo X3 no ADC after ROLO

Speachy suggested we don't shut down the adc on ROLO this fixes the random adc drop out on ROLO
firmware/rolo.c [diff]
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/xduoo_x3/sadc-xduoo_x3.c [diff]
William Wilgus
13th Sep 16:23 c62493e98a: Xduoo X3 Add tree scrolling FS #13240, Emulate Multibutton presses

Fixes deficiencies with the button system on the X3

The x3 has an interesting button layout. Multiple key presses are NOT supported unless
[BUTTON_POWER] is one of the combined keys

As you can imagine this causes problems as the power button takes precedence in the button system and initiates a shutdown if the key is held too long instead of BUTTON_POWER use BUTTON_PWRALT in combination with other keys IF using as a prerequsite button then BUTTON_POWER should be used

Multiple buttons are emulated by button_read_device but there are a few caveats to be aware of:

Button Order Matters! different keys have different priorities, higher priority keys 'overide' the lower priority keys VOLUP[7] VOLDN[6] PREV[5] NEXT[4] PLAY[3] OPTION[2] HOME[1]

There will be no true release or repeat events, the user can let off the button pressed initially and it will still continue to appear to be pressed as long as the second key is held

Tree scrolling is PLAY+NEXT or PLAY+PREV
apps/keymaps/keymap-xduoox3.c [diff]
apps/plugins/doom/i_video.c [diff]
apps/plugins/fft/fft.c [diff]
apps/plugins/goban/goban.h [diff]
apps/plugins/imageviewer/imageviewer_button.h [diff]
apps/plugins/pegbox.c [diff]
apps/plugins/rockpaint.c [diff]
apps/plugins/sliding_puzzle.c [diff]
apps/plugins/sokoban.c [diff]
apps/plugins/sudoku/sudoku.h [diff]
apps/plugins/text_viewer/tv_button.h [diff]
apps/plugins/wormlet.c [diff]
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/xduoo_x3/button-target.h [diff]
firmware/target/mips/ingenic_jz47xx/xduoo_x3/sadc-xduoo_x3.c [diff]
William Wilgus
12th Sep 02:07 6b674a6a0a: get rid of a tab in a translated string
apps/lang/english-us.lang [diff]
Solomon Peachy
10th Sep 02:57 14c2f55ab3: FS #13239: Fix typo in the xduoo x3 manual
manual/rockbox_interface/main.tex [diff]
Solomon Peachy
8th Sep 19:09 6f13fe73c5: xduoox3: more screenshots and keymaps for the manual
manual/plugins/images/ss-2048-128x64x1-xduoox3.png [new]
manual/plugins/images/ss-oscilloscope-128x64x1-xduoox3.png [new]
manual/plugins/images/ss-snake-128x64x1-xduoox3.png [new]
manual/plugins/images/ss-snake2-128x64x1-xduoox3.png [new]
manual/plugins/images/ss-solitaire-128x64x1-xduoox3.png [new]
manual/plugins/images/ss-vumeter-128x64x1-xduoox3.png [new]
manual/plugins/main.tex [diff]
manual/plugins/oscilloscope.tex [diff]
manual/plugins/snake.tex [diff]
manual/plugins/snake2.tex [diff]
manual/plugins/solitaire.tex [diff]
manual/plugins/vumeter.tex [diff]
Solomon Peachy
All commits since last release, last four weeks.


21st Sep 01:10MajorChangesSolomonPeachy
12th Sep 00:17DavidOmanDavidOman
8th Sep 16:48XDuooX3SolomonPeachy
8th Sep 10:50LastFMLogAlekseyKurnosov
4th Sep 20:07WikiUsersGroupSolomonPeachy
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4th Sep 20:05UnprocessedRegistrationsSolomonPeachy


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