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8th Oct 19:37Creative MP3 players Antony Stone via rockbox
7th Oct 21:55clip sport? Antony Stone via rockbox
21st Sep 19:16Broken codecs in DEBUG build and compile flags fun Amaury Pouly via rockbox-dev
9th Sep 09:42HELP TO FIND MP3 staurianthi Evert via rockbox
7th Sep 06:28Suggestions for Sansa Clip+ 4GB replacement update leonard morris via rockbox
7th Sep 06:22Suggestions for Sansa Clip+ 4GB replacement leonard morris via rockbox
30th Aug 08:15Olympus recorder Frank Gevaerts via rockbox
22nd Aug 12:49Clarifiy AUDIOHW_SETTINGS and fix some targets, update manual Amaury Pouly via rockbox-dev
3rd Aug 03:53Clip Zip Firmware Version Sheldon via rockbox
21st Jul 16:06[OT] Sansa Clip Zip battery type ? mcc via rockbox
19th Jun 00:18Reverse rockboy patch for 64px-tall displays William Shipley via rockbox-dev
5th Jun 18:20Question about Rockboxed players without "Bass Cutoff" selection Mike via rockbox
3rd Jun 08:56TTS problem solved Csapó Endre via rockbox-dev
2nd Jun 15:10Voice file generation and TTS engines Csapó Endre via rockbox-dev
2nd Jun 11:59☯ must have Watch Sale via rockbox-dev
31th May 08:17Rockbox and iTunes Marc Lenoir via rockbox
30th May 00:35About fm tuner and voiced menus mk360 via rockbox
27th May 20:20voice file for voiced menus Steph yahoo via rockbox
24th May 15:50Shuffle and default settings Steph yahoo via rockbox
22nd May 22:20Request for firmware of a new device Steph yahoo via rockbox


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Yesterday 19:10JadwalLigaChampionJadwalLigaChampion
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Saturday 13:55 fed083c: hwstub: fix compile and linking ordering
utils/hwstub/tools/Makefile [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/hwstub_shell.cpp [diff]
Amaury Pouly
19th Oct 16:19 0b01ca6: nwztools/plattools: add adc test
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_adc.h [new]
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_fb.h [new]
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_keys.h [diff]
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_lib.c [diff]
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_lib.h [diff]
utils/nwztools/plattools/test_adc.c [new]
Amaury Pouly
19th Oct 15:58 8d24b62: nwztools/plattools: add backlight test
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_lib.c [diff]
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_lib.h [diff]
utils/nwztools/plattools/test_bl.c [new]
Amaury Pouly
19th Oct 15:03 ba91ff1: nwztools: add a new plattools directory with code to run on the device

This is code is intended to development into a library of code for the NWZ that will be useful to write the "bootloader" on those device. At the same time, it comes with test programs that are easy to run in firmware upgrade mode and also provide a great test bench for the library. At the moment, two test programs are available:
- test_display: simply prints two messages using /usr/bin/lcdmsg
- test_keys: displays input key event
utils/nwztools/plattools/Makefile [new]
utils/nwztools/plattools/README [new]
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_keys.h [new]
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_lib.c [new]
utils/nwztools/plattools/nwz_lib.h [new]
utils/nwztools/plattools/test_display.c [new]
utils/nwztools/plattools/test_keys.c [new]
Amaury Pouly
19th Oct 15:02 13d892e: nwztools: update makefile and add script

The new script allows the upgrade to execute a file found on the user partition.
utils/nwztools/scripts/Makefile [diff]
utils/nwztools/scripts/ [diff]
utils/nwztools/scripts/ [new]
Amaury Pouly
19th Oct 15:01 eaa1cb3: fix typo
utils/hwstub/lib/hwstub_net.cpp [diff]
Amaury Pouly
26th Sep 22:09 21fb5af: nwztools: rework upg scripts

The exec_file allows to embed a script/executable and run it on target. It takes of unpacking, remounting contents rw and redirect output to exec.txt at the root of the drive. More generally, rework how the makefile works.
utils/nwztools/scripts/Makefile [diff]
utils/nwztools/scripts/README [diff]
utils/nwztools/scripts/ [new]
Amaury Pouly
12th Oct 14:52 2a2800b: pdbox: fix bug shown by new gcc warning
apps/plugins/pdbox/PDa/src/g_template.c [diff]
Frank Gevaerts
25th Jun 14:30 e6687c1: Rockboy: revert FS #11745 patch

William Shipley sent this patch via mailing list. Original Message:
"There was a patch to rockboy in 2010 that fixed a problem where the bottom tile row would be rendered at the top.

Here's the relevant issue from that time:

Note that Stummi openly admits it was a hack, not a true fix.

Sometime in the 6 years since, the root cause was fixed. Currently, rockboy on the Clip+ and other 64px models shows the top of the gb screen along the bottom of the display.

I confirmed that reversing this patch fixes the issue on my own Clip+"

I don't have any of the mentioned targets, so someone else has to test.
apps/plugins/rockboy/sys_rockbox.c [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
2nd Oct 21:42 68d192e: SA9200: Remove duplicated and misleading define.
firmware/export/config/gogearsa9200.h [diff]
Szymon Dziok
2nd Oct 21:30 a0b79ce: HDD16X0/HDD63X0: Enable power status of charging from USB.
firmware/target/arm/philips/power-hdd.c [diff]
Szymon Dziok
25th Sep 21:11 e3deec9: HDD6330: Implement ATA power on/off.

This should fix some errors, panics in some individual cases.
firmware/target/arm/philips/power-hdd.c [diff]
Szymon Dziok
23rd Sep 19:51 50c1de7: Fix makefile not rebuilding rbversion.h in some cases

For example when running make VERSION="bla"
firmware/firmware.make [diff]
tools/ [diff]
Amaury Pouly
22nd Sep 20:28 92450a9: Mark Philips GoGear players as stable.
tools/ [diff]
Szymon Dziok
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