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Yesterday 20:49 0bfdb73b4d: ATJ213x: Convert register description to v2 format utils/regtools/desc/regs-atj213x-v1.xml [new]
utils/regtools/desc/regs-atj213x.xml [diff]
Marcin Bukat
Yesterday 20:49 609db995d5: hwstub: Remove code duplication in ATJ213x exception handling utils/hwstub/stub/atj213x/crt0.S [diff]
Marcin Bukat
Yesterday 20:49 bf81914217: hwstub: Force alignment of the context buffer

Exception handling code assumes at least word alignment of the context buffer. So far we were lucky that compiler placed it correctly but after compiler upgrade I was hit by the bug caused by missalignment of the context buffer.

Credit goes to pamaury
utils/hwstub/stub/asm/mips/system.S [diff]
Marcin Bukat
Tuesday 19:03 4c533475d8: codec.h fix ifdef for older compilers

elifdef appears to be finally supported in C23 elif defined() works everywhere
lib/rbcodec/codecs/codecs.h [diff]
William Wilgus
Tuesday 12:38 ec2c507e60: Support per file logging with LOGF_ENABLE in codecs

Codecs mostly use custom LOGF define for logging (i.e. see aac.c). Now such logging can be enabled in single file with #define LOGF_ENABLE
lib/rbcodec/codecs/codecs.h [diff]
lib/rbcodec/codecs/libfaad/common.h [diff]
Saturday 15:19 62db16c82c: [BugFix] bookmark.c root_dir bookmark

in some calls to generate_bookmark_file_name()

len gets specified in order to not NULL terminate the buffer string unfortunately, I missed the root_dir case in g#4839
apps/bookmark.c [diff]
William Wilgus
Saturday 04:52 fcc82dfdca: [BugFix] REPEAT_ONE manual track skip

Still having problems with determining the type of track change

lets try just watching the audio_next/prev functions
apps/playback.c [diff]
apps/playlist.c [diff]
William Wilgus
22nd Sep 14:37 a45204f5df: Codecs: mp4: Fix seek in files with single element in lookup_table

lookup_table offset shouldn't be zero terminated. And fix possible out of bound access.
lib/rbcodec/codecs/libm4a/demux.c [diff]
lib/rbcodec/codecs/libm4a/m4a.c [diff]
22nd Sep 14:32 57a47ef67a: calculator: Fix compile issue in mingw32
apps/plugins/calculator.c [diff]
Solomon Peachy
22nd Sep 14:31 74ded2bdd7: settings: Fix up the remaining stragglers from 8cc3266b
apps/menus/display_menu.c [diff]
apps/menus/recording_menu.c [diff]
Solomon Peachy
22nd Sep 14:00 8cc3266b2a: Settings: Rename INT/BOOL setting type enum to RB_INT/RB_BOOL

....Because INT and BOOL are already defined in mingw32.
apps/debug_menu.c [diff]
apps/enc_config.c [diff]
apps/menus/recording_menu.c [diff]
apps/menus/time_menu.c [diff]
apps/plugins/announce_status.c [diff]
apps/plugins/brickmania.c [diff]
apps/plugins/calendar.c [diff]
apps/plugins/chopper.c [diff]
apps/plugins/clock/clock_menu.c [diff]
apps/plugins/dice.c [diff]
apps/plugins/doom/rockdoom.c [diff]
apps/plugins/fireworks.c [diff]
apps/plugins/imageviewer/imageviewer.c [diff]
apps/plugins/jewels.c [diff]
apps/plugins/lastfm_scrobbler_viewer.c [diff]
apps/plugins/lrcplayer.c [diff]
apps/plugins/mikmod/mikmod.c [diff]
apps/plugins/mpegplayer/mpeg_settings.c [diff]
apps/plugins/pacbox/pacbox.c [diff]
apps/plugins/pictureflow/pictureflow.c [diff]
apps/plugins/pitch_detector.c [diff]
apps/plugins/reversi/reversi-gui.c [diff]
apps/plugins/rockboy/menu.c [diff]
apps/plugins/rockpaint.c [diff]
apps/plugins/snake2.c [diff]
apps/plugins/solitaire.c [diff]
apps/plugins/sudoku/sudoku.c [diff]
apps/plugins/superdom.c [diff]
apps/plugins/test_codec.c [diff]
apps/plugins/test_sampr.c [diff]
...and 8 more files.
Solomon Peachy
21st Sep 03:57 cb3a6877fc: RFC: Turn Playing Time function into plugin

Since this function already requires hitting the disk, it may make sense to turn it into a plugin.

A minor advantage (apart from cleaning up onplay.c and saving RAM) is that you can now access the menu not just from the WPS context menu, but also from the Shortcuts Menu or using the WPS plugin shortcut.

On the other hand, TSR plugins would have to be terminated when Playing Time is launched, as is already the case for other plugins such as PictureFlow.
apps/onplay.c [diff]
apps/plugin.c [diff]
apps/plugin.h [diff]
apps/plugins/CATEGORIES [diff]
apps/plugins/SOURCES [diff]
apps/plugins/playing_time.c [new]
Christian Soffke
21st Sep 03:09 6ac55adc88: Fix suggested file name when saving dirplay playlist

The suggested name was identical to the complete path of the played folder, with a slash at the end, which, if accepted, resulted in a file called only ".m3u8" being saved there.

In case the path contained one or more dots, the string was also stripped of the last dot and all chars following it.

Use Playlist Catalogue as the destination folder instead, and pick last path component as the file name.
apps/menus/playlist_menu.c [diff]
Christian Soffke
21st Sep 02:55 8f3cb75df0: Delete bookmarks when replacing unrelated playlist

After saving a playlist to an existing file with a different name, any saved bookmarks for the old playlist were still displayed for the new one.
apps/playlist_catalog.c [diff]
Christian Soffke
21st Sep 02:48 e43c703480: fiiom3k: Recording keymap adjustment

Long button presses to create a new file were in conflict with button presses to play/pause.

Pressing SELECT is now used to create a new file
(and start recording, if stopped), pressing PLAY/PAUSE will start or pause recording.
apps/keymaps/keymap-fiiom3k.c [diff]
manual/platform/keymap-fiiom3k.tex [diff]
Christian Soffke
All commits since last release, last four weeks.


Monday 12:38SansaAMSFirmwareBaseUserMapping_333
Monday 12:36RockboxUsbHandlingBaseUserMapping_333
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Monday 12:17BjornStenbergBaseUserMapping_333
Monday 12:14BuildServerRemakeSolomonPeachy
Monday 12:07AlbumArtSolomonPeachy
Monday 12:04UsefulToolsSolomonPeachy
20th Sep 15:11MajorChangesWilliamWilgus
13th Sep 13:58ChangeLog25SolomonPeachy
13th Sep 13:53WhoDoesWhatSolomonPeachy
13th Sep 11:45RockboxOrgEmailSolomonPeachy
13th Sep 11:26DonatedMoneySolomonPeachy
13th Sep 11:23DocsIndexSolomonPeachy
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12th Sep 02:48ScreenShots16bppSolomonPeachy
11th Sep 01:40WebLeftBarExampleBaseUserMapping_333


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