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3rd Nov 19:29about porting rockbox to android devices Laz via rockbox-dev
9th Oct 13:33Multiboot Bootloaders john via rockbox-dev
23rd Sep 17:09Generating Voice Files For v3.14: Not Working For Me Either Laz via rockbox
12th Sep 14:03mixing microphone and music Roman Hochleitner via rockbox
24th Aug 23:49Proposed Function Additions to Plugins Chris Jordan via rockbox-dev
21st Aug 12:54Yet another OtherRockbox page entry asettico via rockbox
7th Aug 23:44iPod classic Leonard Morris via rockbox
6th Aug 18:56Start speech Arno Schuh via rockbox
5th Jul 12:04Thank you for Rockbox 3.14: Three Sansa players updated Steph MM
3rd Jul 06:00Seeking information Steph yahoo via rockbox
2nd Jul 20:54Thank you Ross A. Doerr via rockbox
28th Jun 16:39Further issues with creating voice files Laz via rockbox
11th Jun 09:49question? Antony Stone via rockbox
1st Jun 22:19Moving services Amaury Pouly via rockbox-dev
7th May 12:54Has someone found a way to create the voice clips with the new rockbox v14 automatic update issue Laz via rockbox
2017-05-05Problem with creating voice files Laz via rockbox
2017-05-05Rockbox 3.14 released! automatic update issue Franklin via rockbox
2017-05-03Rockbox 3.14 stuck on boot screen on ipod mini 2 Bernhard M.
2017-05-03need information Rohbaan Ahmad via rockbox
2017-05-02Rockbox 3.14 Fuze+ availability Hadrien Lacour via rockbox


Today 12:04IngenicJz4760BAmauryPouly
Today 01:04MajorChangesFranklinWei
Yesterday 22:46FiioX1AmauryPouly
Friday 14:30SepticTankSepticTank
17th Nov 14:25WikiUsersBaseUserMapping_333
17th Nov 12:45TroyOlssonTroyOlsson
17th Nov 12:45FabijanPohjamoFabijanPohjamo
17th Nov 11:37KellyTShererKellyTSherer
17th Nov 10:33GloriaLawrenceGloriaLawrence
17th Nov 10:10MattiaLazarMattiaLazar
17th Nov 10:08VideDahlVideDahl
17th Nov 09:29BroardStarcBroardStarc
17th Nov 09:26BroardStarBaseUserMapping_222
17th Nov 07:33LauraHamiltonLauraHamilton
17th Nov 07:29LaylaZMitfordLaylaZMitford
17th Nov 06:50BiniamPetrosBiniamPetros
17th Nov 05:53JackMontoyaJackMontoya
17th Nov 05:39ConnorDaleConnorDale
17th Nov 05:35BrendaHowardBrendaHoward
17th Nov 05:35GildaFarrellyGildaFarrelly


Yesterday 18:54 75d2e1f: puzzles: add missing file
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/puzzles_cursor.11x16x24.bmp [new]
Franklin Wei
Yesterday 18:29 c1dc957: puzzles: clean junk files

These are really not needed.
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/Makefile [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/ [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/Makefile.cyg [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/Makefile.emcc [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/Makefile.gnustep [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/Makefile.gtk [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/ [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/Makefile.nestedvm [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/Makefile.osx [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/ [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/Makefile.wce [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/aclocal.m4 [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/blackbox.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/bridges.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/common.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/compile [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/config.log [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/configure [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/cube.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/depcomp [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/docindex.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/dominosa.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/fifteen.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/filling.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/flip.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/flood.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/galaxies.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/gamedesc.txt [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/guess.html [deleted]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/index.html [deleted]
...and 37 more files.
Franklin Wei
Yesterday 18:28 e8e85c5: puzzles: resync with upstream; add Loopy and Palisade, mouse mode

This brings a various small changes to the drawing and input code, as well as a brand new "mouse mode", where input goes to a virtual mouse cursor. Only Loopy has this mouse mode enabled by default, while other games have it hidden away under the debug menu. Some changes by me to Palisade were required to make it playable; those are included here as well. Right now, sgt-net is pushing the c200v2's upper limit on size and may have to be dropped in a future commit.
apps/plugins/bitmaps/native/SOURCES [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/ [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/rbmalloc.c [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/rockbox.c [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/LICENCE [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/filling.c [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/grid.c [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/grid.h [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/loopy.c [diff]
apps/plugins/puzzles/src/palisade.c [diff]
Franklin Wei
2017-01-26 f4c4221: Convert i.MX31 and AMS target to use RTC interrupt

Instead of checking ticks, set a sticky dirty flag that indicates that the RTC needs to be read. This gives a timely update and more accurate readout without actually reading the RTC until it changes. The implementation should atomically read the flag and clear it. Setting the flag would typically happen in an RTC tick ISR.
firmware/common/timefuncs.c [diff]
firmware/drivers/rtc/rtc_mc13783.c [diff]
firmware/export/config.h [diff]
firmware/target/arm/as3525/ascodec-as3525.c [diff]
firmware/target/arm/as3525/rtc-target.h [new]
firmware/target/arm/imx31/gigabeat-s/mc13783-target.h [diff]
firmware/target/arm/imx31/rtc-target.h [new]
Michael Sevakis
Yesterday 05:07 12bc24a: aced667 forgot about those pesky __PCTOOL__ things.

It was so close to aced666.
apps/misc.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
18th Sep 04:00 aced667: Undo hacks to meant to get around string formatting limitations

The new vuprintf makes unnecessary workarounds due to formatting limitations. I checked grep output for whatever appeared to fit but it's possible I missed some instances because they weren't so obvious.

Also, this means sound settings can dynamically work with any number of decimals rather than the current assumption of one or two. Add an ipow() function to help and take advantage of dynamic field width and precision. Consolidate string formatting of sound settings.
apps/debug_menu.c [diff]
apps/gui/option_select.c [diff]
apps/gui/skin_engine/skin_tokens.c [diff]
apps/misc.c [diff]
apps/misc.h [diff]
apps/plugins/doom/hu_stuff.c [diff]
apps/plugins/doom/wi_stuff.c [diff]
apps/plugins/otp.c [diff]
apps/recorder/recording.c [diff]
firmware/general.c [diff]
lib/fixedpoint/fixedpoint.c [diff]
lib/fixedpoint/fixedpoint.h [diff]
lib/fixedpoint/fixedpoint.make [diff]
Michael Sevakis
8th Sep 17:28 5c96889: Implement a much more capable vuprintf()

New support as well as some buggy support fixed.

Still no floating point support if ever that would be desired.

Support (*):
* Flags: '-', '+', ' ', '#', '0'

* Width and precision: 'n', '.n', '*' and '.*'

* Length modifiers: 'hh', 'h', 'j', 'l', 'll', 't', 'z'

* Radix: 'c', 'd', 'i', 'n', 'o', 'p/P', 's', 'u', 'x/X'

(*) Provision exists to switch lesser-used stuff on or off or when certain functionality isn't desired (bootloader?). The compulsory radixes are everything but 'o', 'n', 'p/P' and 'x/X' with length modifiers being optional. The default setup is 'l', 'z', 'c', 'd',
'p/P', 's', 'u', 'x/X'.

* Move fdprintf() to its own file. It was in a strange place.

* Make callers compatible and fix a couple snprintf() bugs while at it.

Could smush it down in size but I'm gonna get over the binsize neurosis and just the let optimizer do its thing.
firmware/SOURCES [diff]
firmware/common/fdprintf.c [new]
firmware/common/format.c [deleted]
firmware/common/vuprintf.c [new]
firmware/include/format.h [deleted]
firmware/include/vuprintf.h [new]
firmware/libc/sprintf.c [diff]
firmware/logf.c [diff]
firmware/target/arm/s3c2440/uart-s3c2440.c [diff]
Michael Sevakis
Saturday 16:06 52af55e: Action Rewrite - Fix red
apps/action.c [diff]
William Wilgus
26th Sep 14:32 b10c0e5: Action.c FIX / Rework / Clean-up Action System

FIX - softlock not allowing power button to shutdown device when active FIX - autolock not working unless Selective backlight enabled

Rework - get_action_worker split into more managable chunks

Rework - moved all static variables to a single struct action_last to be passed through all internal functions

Rework - current action state moved to struct action_current to be initialized at each get_action /get_action_custom call

Rework - action lookup in button maps changed slightly to prefer fully formed actions rather than blindly returning action with BUTTON_NONE as pre_button this should allow actions defined in keymaps positional independence

Rework / Clean-up - moved conditionals on internal functions to inside the functions
-Allows much cleaner code & empty functions should be optimized out by compiler

Rework / Clean-up - softlock and backlight exemptions code

Clean-up - remove a lot of (now) unused defines

Clean-up - organize / move all exported functions to their own section in the file

Comments added to all internal functions to better explain their purpose
apps/action.c [diff]
apps/action.h [diff]
William Wilgus
14th Nov 15:47 ff08c52: nwz: improve keymap

- enable various features in radio screen (like mode switch)
- improve keyboard (short play to select, long play to finish, power to abort)
- enable volume keys in radio screen if available
apps/keymaps/keymap-nwz.c [diff]
apps/radio/radio.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
13th Nov 23:25 5da0cbe: nwz: enable plugins on all targets except NWZ-A860

Keymap might be suboptimal.
tools/configure [diff]
Amaury Pouly
13th Nov 23:24 bd8dd62: nwz: fix tuner on older players (also fixes audio because Sony)
firmware/target/hosted/sonynwz/nwz_tuner.h [diff]
firmware/target/hosted/sonynwz/radio-nwz.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
20th Oct 15:12 7272f82: Imx233 Disable Autoslow only at maximum cpu frequency

At normal loads:
- disabling auto slow boosts performance at the cost of runtime (~ -5%)
- disabling at max cpu does not noticibly decrease runtime
firmware/target/arm/imx233/system-imx233.c [diff]
William Wilgus
12th Nov 13:14 ec4fa03: hwstub: add code to dump STMP rom
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/stmp.lua [diff]
utils/hwstub/tools/lua/stmp/rom.lua [new]
Amaury Pouly
All commits since last release, last four weeks.
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