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Yesterday 00:19SolomonPeachySolomonPeachy
Wednesday 23:37TWikiAdminGroupBaseUserMapping_333
Wednesday 23:35AdminGroupBaseUserMapping_333
Wednesday 21:43SonyNWDestToolAmauryPouly
21st May 13:22TargetStatusSolomonPeachy
19th May 17:14MajorChangesSolomonPeachy
15th May 12:31Windows10CrossCompilerSebastianLeonhardt
13th May 09:56IrcGuidelinesFrankGevaerts
1st May 18:39IrcNicksSolomonPeachy
30th Apr 23:02UiSimulatorSebastianLeonhardt


Yesterday 03:39 fba4df5d6d: nwztools/scsitool: add command to write NVP
utils/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
Sunday 21:43 3bdb96aa02: Radio: Say current frequency or preset when pausing
apps/radio/radio.c [diff]
Igor B. Poretsky
Sunday 20:02 ff4eb4ed7f: Ukrainian language update

Ukrainian language update
apps/lang/ukrainian.lang [diff]
Sunday 18:31 1224919f3a: Comment details, typos
apps/main.c [diff]
apps/misc.c [diff]
firmware/powermgmt.c [diff]
Sylvain Saubier
Sunday 17:45 0769b34a23: fix configure script failing on gcc version numbers

There were two problems on my system:
* MinGW-gcc returns version "7.3-win32" => the "-win32"-part must be stripped off
* gcc -dumpversion returns only the major version number => use both -dumpfullversion and -dumpversion (in this order) as described here:
tools/configure [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
Sunday 17:43 2eb15354b7: fix plugin test_boost not properly unboosting
apps/plugins/test_boost.c [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
Sunday 17:37 ea9ed2f9e8: cowond2: Disable internal NAND storage; use only the SD card.

This allows the player to be usable.

Slightly adapted from:,10164.msg245357.html#msg245357
firmware/export/config/cowond2.h [diff]
manual/intro/main.tex [diff]
Solomon Peachy
24th May 02:52 b935475c58: Manual fix multiboot section
manual/advanced_topics/main.tex [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 13:23 326b7a5c0c: Updated 8x8 tango icons

committed on behalf of Aurélien Coudurier
docs/CREDITS [diff]
icons/tango_icons.8x8.bmp [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 20:12 2244305335: Sansa Clip+ Clip V1, V2 updated simulator images

Submitted on behalf of user CH23
uisimulator/bitmaps/UI-sansaclip.bmp [diff]
uisimulator/bitmaps/UI-sansaclipplus.bmp [diff]
uisimulator/bitmaps/UI-sansaclipv2.bmp [diff]
uisimulator/buttonmap/sansa-clip.c [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 20:00 a8ae936f8c: Sansa AMS add Minimum Clocks for I2c IDE SDSLOT SSP

This patch doesn't implement them just defines them
firmware/target/arm/as3525/clock-target.h [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 19:44 4f49d21992: Sansa AMS set I2C properly
firmware/target/arm/as3525/ascodec-as3525.c [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 19:03 6ed38c89ae: Sansa Clip+ set lcd SSP properly
firmware/target/arm/as3525/sansa-clipplus/lcd-clip-plus.c [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 18:44 084aa9c1fd: Sansa ClipZip set lcd SSP properly
firmware/target/arm/as3525/sansa-clipzip/lcd-clipzip.c [diff]
William Wilgus
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