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Sunday 00:38 b2fb095: rbutil: include nwztools source in release tarball
utils/common/ [diff]
Franklin Wei
Sunday 00:38 a8be52c: rbutil: fix windows release build

This fixes two of them: not finding the lrelease binary and not compiling for C++11 (which is required by some Qt headers now).
rbutil/rbutilqt/ [diff]
Franklin Wei
Saturday 19:52 a5f228e: rbutil: fix windows cross compile (via M cross environment)

This fixes a couple of issues when cross-compiling for windows:
- lib builds (i.e. mks5lboot) were overriding the cross CC/CXX with the native CC, producing incompatible binaries.
- Qt made the accessibility plugin part of the core library, so we no longer need to import it.
rbutil/rbutilqt/Makefile.libs [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/main.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/ [diff]
utils/imxtools/sbtools/crypto.h [diff]
Franklin Wei
4th Nov 15:49 1925d04: Greek language update. Thanks to Constantine Mountantonakis (FS #13179)
apps/lang/greek.lang [diff]
Frank Gevaerts
3rd Nov 20:44 05dd439: solitaire: reword menu to "Quit without Saving" and "Quit"

Patch submitted by Michael Carr.
apps/plugins/solitaire.c [diff]
Franklin Wei
3rd Nov 16:46 85a4377: Pacbox AI Improvements

-Make pacbox AI score agnostic.
-Fix corner case of Game Over/reset with AI on.
-AI can now start on level where pattern starts facing right.
apps/plugins/pacbox/pacbox.c [diff]
Moshe Piekarski
30th Oct 00:18 86a313a: rbutil: update game data URLs to official download server

Do not merge until files are in place.
rbutil/rbutilqt/rbutil.ini [diff]
Franklin Wei
30th Oct 00:17 26b55ba: rbutil: extend game file installation

RbUtil will now install freely distributable data files for Duke Nukem 3D, Quake, SGT-Puzzles (fonts), Wolfenstein 3-D, and Another World. Currently the urls point to my personal server, pending upload to the main download server.
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/systeminfo.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/systeminfo.h [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/gui/selectiveinstallwidget.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/rbutil.ini [diff]
Franklin Wei
30th Oct 22:56 ec8b3d3: Add some scripts to automate target listing and generating build-info

This adds tools/ and tools/ list_targets does exactly what it sounds like - it lists targets by target status. build-info automates the generation of build-info.release for new releases.
tools/ [new]
tools/ [new]
Franklin Wei
29th Oct 23:07 19c154f: wolf3d: change version to shareware

This makes wolf3d work with the shareware files available on the wiki. This will make things work out-of-the-box with Rockbox Utility.
apps/plugins/sdl/progs/wolf3d/version.h [diff]
Franklin Wei
28th Oct 00:14 06a26ab: Bump RockboxUtility version to 1.4.1

Needed to get ipod6g bootloader support in place for upcoming 3.15 release.
rbutil/rbutilqt/Info.plist [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/version.h [diff]
Franklin Wei
28th Oct 16:29 d1fda5e: rbutil: enable ipod6g
rbutil/rbutilqt/rbutil.ini [diff]
Franklin Wei
27th Oct 23:07 f72b908: Promote ipod6g to stable.

Manual is done and rbutil support is merged.
tools/ [diff]
Franklin Wei
27th Oct 23:06 370f9fa: Note that last Recorder build was 3.13

We didn't build for the Recorder when doing 3.14.
tools/ [diff]
Franklin Wei
2016-02-04 e43ef1f: rbutil: add support for iPod Classic 6G bootloader
rbutil/rbutilqt/Makefile.libs [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/bootloaderinstallhelper.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/bootloaderinstalls5l.cpp [new]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/bootloaderinstalls5l.h [new]
rbutil/rbutilqt/changelog.txt [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/progressloggerfrm.ui [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/rbutil.ini [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/rbutilqt.pri [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/ [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
2016-02-04 c353bef: rbutil: add function to suspend/resume processes
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/utils.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/utils.h [diff]
Cástor Muñoz
2017-04-12 9f7968e: iPod Classic: add manual

Content is mostly from Vencislav's page on Freemyipod.
manual/getting_started/installation.tex [diff]
manual/getting_started/ipod_install.tex [diff]
manual/platform/ipod6g.tex [new]
Franklin Wei

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