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28th May 03:39 fba4df5d6d: nwztools/scsitool: add command to write NVP
utils/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
24th May 21:43 3bdb96aa02: Radio: Say current frequency or preset when pausing
apps/radio/radio.c [diff]
Igor B. Poretsky
24th May 20:02 ff4eb4ed7f: Ukrainian language update

Ukrainian language update
apps/lang/ukrainian.lang [diff]
24th May 18:31 1224919f3a: Comment details, typos
apps/main.c [diff]
apps/misc.c [diff]
firmware/powermgmt.c [diff]
Sylvain Saubier
24th May 17:45 0769b34a23: fix configure script failing on gcc version numbers

There were two problems on my system:
* MinGW-gcc returns version "7.3-win32" => the "-win32"-part must be stripped off
* gcc -dumpversion returns only the major version number => use both -dumpfullversion and -dumpversion (in this order) as described here:
tools/configure [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
24th May 17:43 2eb15354b7: fix plugin test_boost not properly unboosting
apps/plugins/test_boost.c [diff]
Sebastian Leonhardt
24th May 17:37 ea9ed2f9e8: cowond2: Disable internal NAND storage; use only the SD card.

This allows the player to be usable.

Slightly adapted from:,10164.msg245357.html#msg245357
firmware/export/config/cowond2.h [diff]
manual/intro/main.tex [diff]
Solomon Peachy
24th May 02:52 b935475c58: Manual fix multiboot section
manual/advanced_topics/main.tex [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 13:23 326b7a5c0c: Updated 8x8 tango icons

committed on behalf of Aurélien Coudurier
docs/CREDITS [diff]
icons/tango_icons.8x8.bmp [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 20:12 2244305335: Sansa Clip+ Clip V1, V2 updated simulator images

Submitted on behalf of user CH23
uisimulator/bitmaps/UI-sansaclip.bmp [diff]
uisimulator/bitmaps/UI-sansaclipplus.bmp [diff]
uisimulator/bitmaps/UI-sansaclipv2.bmp [diff]
uisimulator/buttonmap/sansa-clip.c [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 20:00 a8ae936f8c: Sansa AMS add Minimum Clocks for I2c IDE SDSLOT SSP

This patch doesn't implement them just defines them
firmware/target/arm/as3525/clock-target.h [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 19:44 4f49d21992: Sansa AMS set I2C properly
firmware/target/arm/as3525/ascodec-as3525.c [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 19:03 6ed38c89ae: Sansa Clip+ set lcd SSP properly
firmware/target/arm/as3525/sansa-clipplus/lcd-clip-plus.c [diff]
William Wilgus
23rd May 18:44 084aa9c1fd: Sansa ClipZip set lcd SSP properly
firmware/target/arm/as3525/sansa-clipzip/lcd-clipzip.c [diff]
William Wilgus
22nd May 12:41 ce29bec89b: talk.h Add manual entry
manual/configure_rockbox/voice.tex [diff]
William Wilgus
22nd May 11:52 dcf8154c32: talk.h add failed to load splash
apps/debug_menu.c [diff]
apps/talk.c [diff]
William Wilgus
22nd May 10:35 74f358cf8b: talk.h add init status to debug menu

g#2272 adds checks for incompatible version & proper number of clips

Currently incompatible talk files will logf when failure to load occurs

Adds a message to Debug > Talk engine stats
'Talk Status: OK'
'Talk Status: ERR Incompatible voice file'
'Talk Status: ERR (#)' -- OOM, Alloc Error
apps/debug_menu.c [diff]
apps/talk.c [diff]
apps/talk.h [diff]
William Wilgus
21st May 01:29 bbe8c73bb8: builds: Mark the Archos Recorder v1 as officially retired.

The last successful build was 87c6df9-131213, shortly after the 3.13 relase, but even before that, it had been problematic due to severe firmware image size limitations (200KB) of the hardware bootrom.

(Current git code genrates an image about 220KB)
tools/ [diff]
Solomon Peachy
20th May 22:41 776ceae119: Playlist Viewer Fix FS #13197

While playing a track the playlist viewer may not have a big enough temporary buffer to load and display
'max_files_in_playlist' entries

This patch attempts to load as many entries as possible

If tracks were already playing (dynamic playlist or otherwise) The original code only gave half the plugin buffer to a playlist loaded from file

On some targets half the plugin buffer is not enough to load all entries…

Now we attempt to get as many entries possible while at least leaving a small buffer (MAX_PATH) for the name buffer
apps/playlist.c [diff]
apps/playlist.h [diff]
apps/playlist_viewer.c [diff]
William Wilgus
19th May 07:45 0c3380f9ef: builds: Archos recorder v1 hasn't seen a release since 3.13 (in 2013)

Fix this, so the download metadata will do the right thing.
tools/ [diff]
Solomon Peachy
19th May 02:51 9e674c712f: FS #13195: rocker: Improved root menu keymap (Howard Richardson)

This patch addresses a keymapping anomaly on the Rocker. Currently the Power button when pressed inside a sub-menu will return you to the root of the menu. However when pressed again it returns you to the sub-menu you were in previously. This is at odds with how other ports work and makes it difficult to return to the WPS without manually selecting it on the root menu.

This patch copies the behaviour of the home button on the Sansa Clip+. Pressing it once will exit a sub-menu and bring you back to the root menu. Pressing it again takes you to the WPS. No functionality is lost or covered up by making this reassignment.
apps/keymaps/keymap-agptekrocker.c [diff]
docs/CREDITS [diff]
Solomon Peachy
18th May 07:56 2da6766f75: bookmark: #pragma diagnostic push/pop requires GCC >= 4.6
apps/bookmark.c [diff]
Solomon Peachy
18th May 07:27 d9454f11d5: bookmark: Disable -Wformat-truncation around create_bookmark()

GCC 7 and up complain about this false positive when -Wformat-truncation or -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE is turned on.

Primarily affects simulator builds on hosts with strict defaults.
apps/bookmark.c [diff]
Solomon Peachy
18th May 05:15 0cee5ba91b: mikmod: Use -Wno-stringop-truncation with GCC >=8

This will silence a false warning/error when -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE is used
apps/plugins/mikmod/mikmod.make [diff]
Solomon Peachy
18th May 04:47 d73bfd1a42: pdbox/doom: Use -Wno-stringop-truncation with GCC >=8

This should shut up a lot of the sim build failures
apps/plugins/doom/doom.make [diff]
apps/plugins/pdbox/pdbox.make [diff]
Solomon Peachy
18th May 00:21 c75dbaae25: nwztool/scsitool: add brute-forced kas
utils/nwztools/upgtools/upg.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
18th May 00:21 47104e9e51: nwztools/scsitool: add preliminary code to decode SCSI requests

This can be useful to quickly device usb traces
utils/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
18th May 00:21 e3532b1667: nwztools/scsitool: fix compile issue with some version of cryptopp
utils/nwztools/upgtools/md5.cpp [diff]
Amaury Pouly
18th May 00:21 ae6a49638b: nwztools/scsitool: add more NVP properties

At least newer devices support more NVP properties in a device-independent numbering. Many are supported but I just added two useful ones
utils/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
18th May 00:21 f86723716c: nwztools/scsitool: add alternative firmware upgrade command

Newer devices seem to require flags 0x00 where older devices wanted 0x80, now try both variants
utils/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
18th May 00:21 1686093e78: nwztools/scsitool: tweak output
utils/nwztools/scsitools/scsitool.c [diff]
Amaury Pouly
17th May 19:46 93fcd569ab: mkinfo: Use correct binary file for "actual size" on hosted targets
tools/ [diff]
Solomon Peachy
17th May 06:08 c05cd163bc: Add James D. Smith to the CREDITS
docs/CREDITS [diff]
Solomon Peachy

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