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21st Jan 14:27 befae2909f: Make delete_file_dir() more threadsafe

This should fix FS #13263
apps/onplay.c [diff]
Moshe Piekarski
21st Jan 13:39 fe10830384: hiby_patcher: Tweak the fix needed to work around v1.31 AGPtek Rockers.
tools/ [diff]
Solomon Peachy
2nd Jan 20:31 707f77c6a7: rbutil: Update german translation.
rbutil/rbutilqt/lang/rbutil_de.ts [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
2nd Jan 20:31 95cfa9a8c4: rbutil: Rework action texts for ipod6g bootloader installation.

The logging entries do word wrapping, so no need to add hard line breaks. Those will become problematic for translations and in some cases on UI scaling. Instead add an empty line after the header to make things clearer.
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/bootloaderinstalls5l.cpp [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
2nd Jan 20:31 e74cde1c6e: rbutil: Remove unused function.
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/progressloggerinterface.h [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/progressloggergui.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/progressloggergui.h [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
2nd Jan 20:31 bf17c347fc: rbutil: Fix some texts.
rbutil/rbutilqt/gui/selectiveinstallwidget.cpp [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
2nd Jan 20:31 f9d23bfd41: rbutil: Modernize connect() to new pointer-to-member syntax.
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/talkfile.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/ttsfestival.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/ttssapi.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/voicefile.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/zipinstaller.cpp [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
2nd Jan 20:31 022bbad762: rbutil: Fix cleaning cache.

As with calculating the size cleaning the cache folder needs to be recursive.
rbutil/rbutilqt/configure.cpp [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
2nd Jan 20:31 ec01c57022: rbutil: Fix cache size calculation.

We're using Qt's caching mechanism since long, which uses subfolders, so we need to recursively traverse that to get the size of the cache folder.
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/utils.cpp [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/utils.h [diff]
rbutil/rbutilqt/configure.cpp [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
2nd Jan 20:31 65d0867a25: rbutil: Add option to langstat to pass git hash.

Don't always operate on the remote head, instead default to the local HEAD, and allow passing a hash to use for calculating statistics.
rbutil/rbutilqt/ [diff]
utils/common/ [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
2nd Jan 20:31 eaf86a22d3: rbutil: Add missing Q_OBJECT macro to PlayerBuildInfo.

Needed to make translated strings actually get translated.
rbutil/rbutilqt/base/playerbuildinfo.h [diff]
Dominik Riebeling
31th Dec 13:11 10e2f53ff5: bspatch: Fix the standalone build

(broken by 1e12990)
rbutil/libtools.make [diff]
Solomon Peachy

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