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Opened by Michael Stummvoll (Stummi) - Saturday, 18 September 2010, 21:31 GMT
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Hello again RB-Community :)

In last days I worked a lot with rockboy (assuming, playing pokemon blue edition is "working" *g*), and meanwhile I found some things that I like see to change/fixed there. This day a had some time so I decided to change rockboy a little.

- I added a playback-control at the menu. Primary to change the ingame volume at rockboy. In some cases it should also be possible to play music while running rockboy, but on my player (sansa fuze v2), rockboy crashes then because there is not enought memory. Maybe somebody finds a way to catch this and makes something, that only shows the playback-menu on players, where both - gnuboy and music playing - is possible on the same time and where not only a volume control without playback control.
- 5 slots to storage savegames are a little bit few for me, because, I am somebody, who likes use multiple gamefiles while playing. I changed the count of storage places to 20. I also "fixed" the coding style a little bit on this place, so that the number of slots is defined in a variable first and not calculated with the array later. (While writing this, I got a better idea: Why not show n+1 storage places, where n is the number of savegames, which already exist? Maybe I will try to implement this sometime)
- On overriding an existing savegame, there is the name of the old savegame presetted now. "Typing" the name every times saving was a little bit anoying for me
- When the name input for the savegame is canceled by user, the game won't get saved now. Afore an existing savegame gots overrided, even if I canceled the input

Patch based on the current svn-trunk-directory (r28107) is attached.

Have fun.

Michael Stummvoll
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Closed by  Teruaki Kawashima (teru)
Thursday, 11 November 2010, 12:10 GMT
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Additional comments about closing:  Committed as r28554 and r28557. thanks.
Comment by Michael Stummvoll (Stummi) - Thursday, 04 November 2010, 13:34 GMT
Ok, after some time of abstinence I made some changes. I replaced the playback-control with a single volume-control, which appears in the options-menu now. I also changed the the save- and loading-menu so, that only so much entrys are showed as necessary.

Michael Stummvoll
Comment by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Friday, 05 November 2010, 11:57 GMT
I don't think it is good to show "so much as necessary" for saving menu.
- the limit of number of the slots is unclear (there is one due to limited stack size.)
The device will crash if you try to create too many (50-100) save data.
- it forces to use slots sequentially.
I sometimes use the last slot(s) for some reason.
Comment by Michael Stummvoll (Stummi) - Friday, 05 November 2010, 13:26 GMT
Good point. I tested with 100 files and rockboy freezes when trying to load or save something.
With 50 files it works on my fuze v2, so I set a limit to max 50 gameslots now.

Comment by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Saturday, 06 November 2010, 15:10 GMT

@Stummi: 50 files seems to work for me on gigabeat x too.
how do you think about this in my previous comment?
> - it forces to use slots sequentially.
> I sometimes use the last slot(s) for some reason.
Comment by Michael Stummvoll (Stummi) - Saturday, 06 November 2010, 19:55 GMT
hm, i would not say, that it "forces" to use the slots sequentially.
On some PC-Games with such an gameslot-handling. I use this to save sequentially too, but i would say its a thing of habituation.
I would say, it also depends a litte bit of where the initial focus on the saving-menu is. If the focus is on the "<new>" slot at first somebody would more prefer using this than when it is on the first (or the last used) slot.

Comment by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Sunday, 07 November 2010, 03:35 GMT
sorry, maybe i used wrong word.
assuming max slots is 10, i sometime use slot 10 to save kind of snapshot or something other than normal progress while reserving 1-9 for usual use, use slot 9 for another extra...
but if i want to save somthing to slot 10, i need to use slot 1 to 9 first (usually slot 1-3 is used though). so i thought it forces to use slot sequentially.
Comment by Michael Stummvoll (Stummi) - Sunday, 07 November 2010, 10:50 GMT
Ah, now i got what you mean :)

Ok, this is an interesting point, but I wouldn't take it so important. How i said, its just a matter of getting used to.
If you have another idea, how to handle this, i am frank for this :)
Comment by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 11:35 GMT
I think it is better to show all slots.
Comment by Michael Stummvoll (Stummi) - Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 12:43 GMT
Ok, then lets do so

Comment by Michael Stummvoll (Stummi) - Thursday, 11 November 2010, 10:40 GMT
I made some more changes in rockboy:

In rockboy.c I changed the coding-style on the button-assigment (consistent indentations), then I added an backlight_force_on(), because it does not make some sense, when the backlight ist going off after a few seconds of pressing no button while playing.

Michael Stummvoll
Comment by Michael Stummvoll (Stummi) - Thursday, 11 November 2010, 10:42 GMT
Oh, the changes on sys_rockbox.c are from #11745, it wasn't my intention to include them also here and just forgot to exclude the file from diff :)
Comment by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Thursday, 11 November 2010, 11:05 GMT
i committed change for menu.c. i didn't notice your last post before commiting.
i'm looking at it now.