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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Ben Basha - 2006-06-12
Closed by  Dave Chapman
2007-02-16 01:24
Reason for closing:  Accepted
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Benoît Balmaekers commented on 2006-06-14 15:08

This game lends itself perfectly for porting to a DAP, and
is fun to play as well, good idea!

Ioannis Koutoulakis commented on 2006-06-15 13:04

I had some problems when tried to play the game during playback. When I was in the game menu the music stopped. Also when I try to exit the game by pressing the stop button (H300) the player freezes. That's all, keep up the good work

Alistair Marshall commented on 2006-06-16 16:23

I think this should fix the playback and allow you to quit using the stop button

mat holton commented on 2006-07-19 21:27

There seems to be a problem with your patch. The function plugin_start is missing a return ret; and the closing curly brace.
But the game seems pretty good. Good idea!

Ben Basha commented on 2006-07-23 02:10

I'm at vication in USA…

please, fix it and commit it :)



Antoine Cellerier commented on 2006-08-22 09:58

This is quite an adicting game :)

Some comments:
* Some #defines aren't used anywhere in the plugin. These should be removed. (I guess that they were copied from Brickmania :) )
* The source code allows setting the level mode to steep (LEVEL_MODE_STEEP) but that can't be changed anywhere in the interface.
* amiconn wants to ban all custom menus from plugins. Could you try using the rockbox menu api ?
* Would it be possible to add an option to use a more realistic acceleration/deceleration scheme ? Some thing like when you press the Action button you get a 1px/s² upwards acceleration and when you don't you get a -2px/s² downwards acceleration. (and add some max/min speed limits if needed) (the 1 and -2 values are kind of random and would need to be adjusted to something fun)

Antoine Cellerier commented on 2006-08-24 21:30

Two more comments:
* when restarting the game really fast (less than a second i guess), it uses the same level again. Must be due to some call to srand( clock time in seconds ) i guess.
* it'd be nice to have at least the first full screen without any bars so that you can't loose directly upon game start.

Nicolas Pennequin commented on 2006-08-29 01:19

Here is a fixed version of the patch.

Bobby Graese commented on 2006-10-19 12:16

Updated the patch to add keymappings for the H10.

Barry Wardell commented on 2006-10-19 15:20

Here's an updated patch which uses the rockbox menu api. It seems to freeze occasionally when entering/exiting the menu. I haven't figured out why just yet.

Max Weninger commented on 2006-12-13 01:14

it crashes in line 648
… rb→set_option("Level", iLevelMode, INT, levels, 2, NULL);
IMHO you must use &iLevelMode

Adam commented on 2007-01-16 06:57

Any chance of an update for latest SVN?
I get

debian:~/rockbox# patch -p0 < chopper.patch
patching file apps/plugins/SOURCES
Hunk #1 FAILED at 84.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED – saving rejects to file apps/plugins/SOURCES.rej
patching file apps/plugins/chopper.c

Paul van der Heu commented on 2007-01-16 12:29

Just fix it yourself for now… takes 10 seconds

Bobby Graese commented on 2007-02-04 02:42

Here are two files that should work with latest SVN. chopper.patch is the game without using the menu API, and chopper_with_menu_api.diff is the game USING the menu API. Choose whatever one you like. I also tried to fix the occasional freeze when exiting/entering menu that barry reported by using maxwen's fix.


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