FS#6236 - talk mp3 clip fallback

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Opened by Stephane Doyon (sdoyon) - Wednesday, 25 October 2006, 04:30 GMT
Last edited by Nils Wallménius (nls) - Monday, 06 August 2007, 16:15 GMT
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When the talk_dir setting is set to talk mp3 clip, but no
file is found for a directory, dirbrowse() falls back to saying the
directory's number. I don't find that particularly useful, and I'd much
rather it spelled it instead.

I'm probably not the only one who thinks this way, because that's
currently what's done for files. (There's a confused comment that says /*
spell the number as fallback */).

This patch (dot_talk-fallback-spell.diff) replaces the talk mp3 clip
option with two options: talk mp3 clip fallback numbers, and fallback
spell. That for each of talk_file and talk_dir.
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Closed by  Nils Wallménius (nls)
Monday, 06 August 2007, 16:15 GMT
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
Additional comments about closing:  Something similar was committed a while ago
Comment by Stephane Doyon (sdoyon) - Wednesday, 25 October 2006, 05:27 GMT
Oops, glitch. Somehow I missed the increase in the settings' storage
size from 2 to 3 bits.
Here's a corrected patch.
Comment by Jens Arnold (amiconn) - Thursday, 26 October 2006, 18:48 GMT
I think it would be better to split the file & directory into 2 separate settings. One for selecting the preferred method if no talk clip is present, and a second one whether talk clips should be used if present.
Comment by Stephane Doyon (sdoyon) - Thursday, 26 October 2006, 23:51 GMT
Hmmm that's an idea. It seems cleaner. OTOH in increases a lot the number
of options to check out under the voice menu...

Still. I'll try it. No time until next week though.

Hmm that way we can add as a seperate option whether or not to say the
file type (currently done only for the number option, which is lame).

I have to wonder whether anyone really uses the numbers option
though. Perhaps in some special circumstance it might be useful, if you
have lots of ordered files with a long common prefix... And does anyone
really choose a different method for files vs directories? Anyway I
prefer to keep existing functionality so I'm not proposing to remove that
distinction, but I'm stil wondering.
Comment by Steve Bavin (pondlife) - Friday, 27 October 2006, 05:35 GMT
I use the numbers option for files and spelling or .talk clips for folders, so don't go removing them, or the ability to select seperately! ;)

I agree with amiconn. We just need a none/spell/numbers selection for file and directory, then a seperate option to use the .talk clips if present.
Comment by Jens Arnold (amiconn) - Friday, 27 October 2006, 06:32 GMT
I also use the numbers option for files and .talk clips for folders.

Spelling is nice, but for my taste it is far too slow for regular use, and having .talk clips for all files is too much clutter imo. The file type is what I am mainly interested in for files.

Back when the voice feature was added in 2004, I also suggested adding an option to say the file type in spelling mode instead of spelling the file extension. The argument against it was that the style mix would be confusing.
Comment by Stephane Doyon (sdoyon) - Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 03:02 GMT
About speaking the file type when spelling: replacing the extension isn't
all that useful IMHO because the extension says it all and is more
specific (as in .ogg instead of just "audio"). But speaking the file type
BEFORE spelling would be a plus IMHO: spelling is slow, and you have to
wait until the end to find out the type, especially annoying if you're
looking for a bookmark file.

About .talk files being a lot of clutter: I find that too, although I
find them useful enough to endure it. Would it help if the .talk clip
files had a dot prepended? Then on UNIX at least they wouldn't show up in
an ls output. Disadvantages though: you can't see easily which file has a
.talk, and they're at the beginning of the listing when they're not
hidden. Alternatively we could perhaps bundle all the .talk files for a
directory into one big blob file somehow. That's a project for another
day though :-).
Comment by Stephane Doyon (sdoyon) - Tuesday, 31 October 2006, 03:09 GMT
OK, here's a new patch with the settings split as requested, and an
additional setting for filetype.

So there's a setting for off / number / spell, and another to use .talk
clips if present. And you have each of these two settings for each of
directories and files.

An additional setting enables speaking the file type when saying numbers
or spelling. When spelling the file type is spoken BEFORE spelling. This
option also causes it to say "folder" after playing a directory's .talk

Is that better?
Comment by Stephane Doyon (sdoyon) - Thursday, 02 November 2006, 23:51 GMT
Another version with a slight correction: I noticed that
LANG_VOICE_DIR_HOVER is not only used in the settings menu, it's also
spoken when announcing .talk files, so I can't deprecate it.
Comment by Stephane Doyon (sdoyon) - Monday, 13 November 2006, 03:11 GMT
Fix a little talk enqueue glitch when no filetype is available for a file.
Make it just a bit prettier too.
Comment by Linus Nielsen Feltzing (linusnielsen) - Monday, 13 November 2006, 09:24 GMT
You can't change the ID name in english.lang without changing all the other languages as well.


Otherwise you will break all other translations.
Comment by Stephane Doyon (sdoyon) - Monday, 13 November 2006, 20:20 GMT
Err indeed. Ouch. Many thanks for reviewing and pointing this
out. Here's a revised version with no renamed id:.