FS#6562 - Scroll wheel for Bubbles on the Sansa E200

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Opened by Benjamin Brown (foolsh) - Monday, 22 January 2007, 23:07 GMT
Last edited by Daniel Stenberg (bagder) - Thursday, 07 June 2007, 09:25 GMT
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Operating System Sansa e200
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I don't like using the left and right buttons to aim with, it did not seem "natural". So here is bubbles.c with changes that allow using the scroll wheel on the Sansa E200.
   bubbles.c (95.6 KiB)
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Closed by  Daniel Stenberg (bagder)
Thursday, 07 June 2007, 09:25 GMT
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Comment by Zakk Roberts (midkay) - Saturday, 27 January 2007, 06:06 GMT
I was looking into committing this, but 2 things held me back:

1) You seem to change the mapping for all targets rather than just fixing the Sansa's control scheme (now it seems left/right = 'up'/'down' on all targets). Also, you should provide a patch (diff) file, instead of the full .c, so that it's easier to tell your changes from the original.

2) You haven't provided your full name, which is necessary for any of your work to be committed.

If you hadn't intended for this to be committed, no problem - otherwise, if you can fix the above 2 things, it's fine for SVN. Thanks.
Comment by Benjamin Brown (foolsh) - Saturday, 27 January 2007, 13:55 GMT
No, getting it committed was the farthest thing from my mind. I just thought anyone who had an e200 might prefer to use the wheel instead.

1) The controls did change for all targets because bubbles.c uses the generic keymaps from /apps/plugins/lib/pluginlib_actions.h instead of ifdef'ing them for all targets, i.e rockboy, blackjack, etc. Which I kinda like, but has it drawbacks. I haven't learned how to create a diff file yet. I only started learning C two weeks ago, I couldn't even write a helloworld.c without looking up what to #include.

2) Last name included now!

Comment by Marianne Arnold (pixelma) - Saturday, 24 February 2007, 01:00 GMT
I had a version with a changed keymap-file and let it test by a Sansa owner. He said it was harder to play with it than with the arrow keys at the moment because the scroll wheel makes too small "steps" as it is (might change in the future).

And also when changing the generic button actions in the Sansa's plugin-keymap file it also has an influence on the controls of metronome. So if one wants to avoid that, then this needs some more work - either code exceptions in bubbles.c or invent more actions and try to implement these correctly in the two plugins.
Comment by Benjamin Brown (foolsh) - Monday, 26 February 2007, 01:20 GMT
I also increased the step size for the wheel too yes it seemed to be "alot" of scrolling without it. I guess you could have told that if would have learned to write a diff file :)

I had an idea to add a section to the keymap file something like left-right_scrolling_for_games it could reflect the other scrolling section just left/right and not up/down. I'll revise this and add these changes when life slows down enough so my head can stop spinning.
Comment by Benjamin Brown (foolsh) - Monday, 26 March 2007, 16:16 GMT
I've been looking at pluginlib_actions.h and trying to create a new section reflecting the need for left/right scrolling ,but it is quite frankly confusing without knowing how the ipods button interface acts. are the sansa and ipod the only players with a scroll wheel?
I'll see if i can get my hands on an ipod to play with/test out. When/if I get done with this I think it would be useful on spacerocks as well.