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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by Mike Schmitt - 2007-06-27
Last edited by Thomas Martitz - 2009-10-16

FS#7363 - Inconsistent operation of insert / insert-next, queue / queue-next

As far as I understand it, I should be able to do a “queue next” on a folder or playlist, and it will be queued … well, next. Then, I should be able to do a normal “queue” on a subsequent folder or playlist, and it should enqueue at the end of the previously-queued group. However, upon trying (on my H140, and just now reproduced on my H10), the second playlist to be “queued” ends up queueing directly after the first track of the first one to have been queued. If that’s the expected behavior, it doesn’t seem very useful.

To compare, I next tried this with “insert” and “insert next”; I skipped several tracks into the now-enqueued album and did an “insert next” on a different playlist. The ‘insertion’ point, theoretically, should now be set to the end of the album i just “insert-next”ed, so finally I fish through and “insert” one more thing. You’d expect it to now appear at the end of the one I just insert-nexted (or am i wrong?), but it instead appears at the tail-end of the first one to have been enqueued in the first place. A little less annoying than the ‘queue’ error, but still, doesn’t seem to be the expected behavior.

Closed by  Thomas Martitz
2009-10-16 22:13
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
Additional comments about closing:  

Should be fixed

Marcoen Hirschberg commented on 2007-06-27 06:55

I don’t know why this was closed. To me it looks like this behavior is not the same as it should be and the various QUEUE options to should work the same as the various INSERT options (except for not keeping the files in the playlist after playing of course)

Joaquim Dias commented on 2007-06-30 17:38

I honestly think that the playlist “menu’s” should be simplified, I would suggest having just

Insert Next
Insert last
Queue Next
Queue Last
Party Mode

The outcome of the above menus are predictable and doesn’t require one to rack ones brains trying to remember what sequence the music is going to be played back in, really, after a month of non rockbox use I dont want to do a refresher course on the playlist menus to be able to add music to a playlist, this should be simple and intuitive.

Mike Schmitt commented on 2007-07-01 05:05

what about “insert shuffled” and “queue shuffled”? those are intuitive also…

anyway, already it’s pretty simplistic, and if the plain “insert” and “queue” ones would behave as expected, consistently, then there would be no problem as to intuitiveness either… and with only “insert next” and “insert last”, there would be no reasonable way to insert a whole list of things, in successive order, into the middle of an already-big playlist… as “insert” by itself is supposed to let you do.

Joaquim Dias commented on 2007-07-01 13:43

yes insert and queue shuffle should be there,

and for your info “Insert” doesn’t place new additions in the middle of the playlist that wasn’t it’s designed intention, there was a Forum post a while ago describing how Insert places new files in the playlist, it has a very convoluted logic behind file placement, its definitely not as simplistic as, “put it in the middle”.

my idea of a neat and intuitive playlist menu would be

Inesrt Next
Insert Last
Insert Shuffled
Queue Next
Queue Last
Queue Shuffled
Play Next

Nice and simple and no wondering where “Insert” is placing the new entries in a large or small playlist, I doubt, in real practice, anyone remembers exactly how insert works, besides a very few developers….

Nils Wallménius commented on 2007-07-01 19:31

Insert and queue are really quite simple and provide a nice functionality to rockbox’ playlist management.
For example: you want to insert 3 tracks after the one you are listening to, do “Insert Next” on the first one and just “Insert” on the other two in the order you want them.
To do this without “Insert” you would have to use “Insert Next” in reverse order, not very convenient.

Edit: Also discussion about removing features is seriously OT in this task and if you would like to discuss it further please post in the forum instead.

Joaquim Dias commented on 2007-07-04 13:52

nls wrote:
>For example: you want to insert 3 tracks after the one you are listening to, do “Insert Next” on the first one and just “Insert” >on the other two in the order you want them.
>To do this without “Insert” you would have to use “Insert Next” in reverse order, not very convenient.

My apologies for the OT’ness.

I had forgotten about the Insert sequence after “Insert Next”, and no doubt I will have forgotten in a months time when I use my DAP again…. must be my age…..and no smart comments from the peanut gallery please :-)

I do see the dilemma with the sequence induced with “Insert next”, shame really that the menus cant be simplified.

Thanks for your correspondence.

Costas Calamvokis commented on 2007-10-20 09:45

I just stubled over this - I think this my patch fixes this bug:

Vertainly the behaviour described in the first paragraph is exactly what I see (and the
patch fixes).

The second paragraph (the difference with insert) I am not sure about, the
example is a bit complex so I’m not sure what the difference is - certainly from the way
the code works it would be very surprising if there was a difference.


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