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Opened by gongozolo - 2007-10-31
Last edited by bluebrother - 2011-06-05

FS#8056 - Save playlist defaults should be adjusted to match standards, should use /playlist directory...

Playlist - default save settings issue:

It’s hard to say whether this is a bug fix request or a feature request, so apologies to those who think it’s a new feature request…

THe playlist save defaults should be changed to default to the /playlist directory, and default to the name of the current playlist, if it has a name. Rockbox should only default to the name, “dynamic”, if the playlist does not yet have a name.

For awhile in there, when you choose “save playlist” Rockbox used to default to the /playlist directory, and used to default to the name of the current playlist, unless it had no name; then the would default to “dynamic”. This was the logical behaviour.

However, now the playlist default seems to have reverted to the old format of default root directory with the default name “dynamic”, when you save a playlist. (At least on the ipod & iriver, can’t say about the others - as of Oct 30/07).

This behaviour is counter-intuitive, non-standard, and annoying. I was trying to show a new user how to use the playlist feature (which I had been bragging about), and when we got to saving your playlist I had to give up - it was too much hassle. Moreover, sometimes I make a few changes to a playlist while listening to it, and would like to save it again, it is awkward to have to re-enter the directory and name.

When saving Eq presets and fm radio presets, they automatically default to their respective directory. The playlist behaviour should be fixed so it does the equivalent. It would also help with building a playlist catalogue.

If someone could please fix this behaviour, I could again start bragging that rockbox’s playlist system is much better than apple’s.

- Dan

Closed by  bluebrother
2011-06-05 11:18
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I cannot reproduce this. Please describe exactly how, as when I go to save a playlist, I get the name of the currently loaded playlist, including its full path.

On a related note, FM Presets and EQ Presets belong in specific folders because in general they’re only browsed through the menu option. Playlists are often browsed through the filetree, and it is arbitrary to suggest limiting them to one folder when they aren’t currently.

It doesn’t seem arbitrary to me for the player to assume as a default that you would like to save the playlist in the playlist directory. Or more intelligently, to save the playlist into the directory it is currently in, and if it is new then to default to the playlist directory. After all, the playlist catalogue assumes that your playlists will be in the /playlist folder, it makes sense to put them there as the default.

- Dan

Okay, I figured it out. If a playlist is .m3u, it will load it, but it will not display it’s defaults when you choose “save playlist”. If a playlist is .m3u8, then it displays its defaults correctly.

a) I guess either rockbox should refuse to load .m3u files, or it should recognize their location & name for the default save. The current mix of behaviour is confusing.

b) I also suggests that the default playlist save for a new playlist be made /playlists/dynamic.m3u8

- Dan


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