FS#9381 - Gigabeat S Play/Pause/Menu Keymap Change

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Opened by Marc Guay (Marc_Guay) - Monday, 08 September 2008, 20:27 GMT
Last edited by Marc Guay (Marc_Guay) - Monday, 08 September 2008, 20:55 GMT
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Category User Interface
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Operating System Gigabeat F/X
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This patch modifies the Gigabeat S keymap so that it can be used almost solely using the buttons on the face of the player.

Currently, there is an unused button in the WPS screen (the BACK button, up-left from the cross) which in my mind makes more sense as the "back to the menu" button, while the MENU button (up-right from the cross) is the logical Play/Pause button (at least to a right-handed individual). It's unfortunate that the button with the Windows logo has been called the MENU button in the code, thus making this rather confusing to read, but if enough people agree with the feel of this change, that could be modified as well.

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Comment by Nicolas Pennequin (nicolas_p) - Tuesday, 09 September 2008, 08:14 GMT
IIRC in the OF the "windows" button is also used to reach the main menu. I personally don't really see why this button should be used for PLAY/PAUSE.
Comment by Alex Parker (BigBambi) - Tuesday, 09 September 2008, 08:49 GMT
Personally, I would like to keep it as it is - the key with the play/pause symbol on it should act as play/pause (as it does currently), and likewise the windows symbol suggests to me (even as a linux user!) that it will activate the menu (again, as it currently does).
Comment by Marc Guay (Marc_Guay) - Tuesday, 09 September 2008, 11:37 GMT
NicoP - It allows you to control the unit using the buttons only on the face of the player. If you hold it with two hands in that fashion, it provides increased functionality. I suppose that the BACK button could also perform this feature but it's even less intuitive as the play button both by labelling and location.

BigB - The Play/Pause button on the side of the player still plays and pauses, but given the number of buttons on this player there are tons of duplicates, and it makes sense to me that an integral function like play/pause should be available from both methods of holding it.
Comment by Alex Parker (BigBambi) - Wednesday, 10 September 2008, 09:05 GMT
OK, but the Windows label really does suggest menu to me (and I haven't used the OF so I don't think I'm just used to that), and the arrow pointing right to left suggests cancel. It just seems very counter intuitive to me to have the 'menu' key used as play/pause and the 'cancel' key used as menu.
Comment by Marc Guay (Marc_Guay) - Wednesday, 10 September 2008, 12:57 GMT
I must admit to having thrown a rubber skin that covers the buttons on the thing as soon as I got it, so the labels aren't influencing me much. :) I stand by my feeling that the user should be able to perform key functions with only the buttons on the face, whether or not it's implemented in this particular way.
Comment by Jonathan Gordon (jdgordon) - Saturday, 11 October 2008, 13:28 GMT
I agree that being able to fully use it with only the front buttons would be good.. but yeah the win key for play is a bit odd... hmm although thinking about it (im half 3/4 asleep state) I could see how the win key could work as play and <- as menu....