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13318BugsUSB operationVery LowNo USB Mode in Settings2021-11-11daveprince372021-11-11iPod Classic Task Description

New here.

Woke up this morning and tried to put some new music on ROCKBOX’d iPod Classic 6 V3.15

Unable to connect to Laptop - when I looked for USB mode nothing there in General Settings/System as per manual.

13317BugsUSB operationVery LowUSB Mode - Ask is buggy2021-11-10amachronic2021-11-10All players Task Description

The way that USB Mode - Ask is currently implemented is buggy and especially so on native ports.

There are three separate issues:

  • Doing the yes/no dialog from the USB thread makes button input misbehave because get_action() is not designed to be re-entrant and the main thread is very likely blocked in get_action() at the time of the call.
  • The yes/no is run as soon as a cable is inserted and blocks the USB thread - on native ports this prevents transfer completion events from being delivered which prevents USB from working at all.
  • Native ports will probably have to behave similar to Android and come up in a charging only mode by default. After getting user input, the player needs to soft disconnect from the host so it can change its USB descriptors; support for this will have to be added to each USB driver.

Designing around the 3rd case might be a good idea, eg. have USB come up in one mode by default and then have a usb_mode_switch() call which the UI thread can invoke to enable or disable different drivers. On hosted ports this would translate to setting a new USB gadget configuration via sysfs. On native ports it would trigger a reconnect to get the OS to re-read the descriptors.

13316BugsUSB operationVery LowCopying files is extremely slow2021-11-09GCRaistlin182021-11-175iPod 5G Task Description

Copying speed is less than 1 Mb/s in 2021-11-08 dev build. In 3.15, it was up to 5 Mb/s and higher.

13315BugsApplicationsVery LowUnrecognized USB device2021-11-08GCRaistlin152021-11-09iPod 5G Task Description

I have a modded iPod 5.5G: the HDD has been replaced with the combo: Micro SD card + Micro SD to SD converter + SD to CF converter + CF to 1.8 CE ZIF converter.
With the latest (20211108) dev build, most times I connect the iPod to the PC I get USB device not recognized error. In Far manager HotPlug devices list iPod is displayed as “Unknown USB Device (Configuration Descriptor Request Failed)”.
If Settings - General Settings - System - USB Mode is set to Ask it is almost guaranteed that I get this error on connection (in fact, I never get succeed with that option set at all). Sometimes I also get “*PANIC* null ctrl req DC:0007bf30 sp:000f34d0 A:00066e68 bt end” when I press Select to enter Mass Storage mode.
And even if the connection succeeds the behaviour is different from the normal one: first iPod is displayed as “Rockbox media player Eject Removable Disk (D:)” in Safety Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon list and only in a few secs it changes to “Rockbox media player Eject <ipodname> (D:)”.

The issue is surely bound with the mod as the same iPod with HDD has no such issue at all.

13314BugsUSB operationVery LowFiles get corrupted on copy via USB2021-11-08GCRaistlin22021-11-08iPod 5G Task Description

I have a few modded iPods 5.5G: an HDD has been replaced with a combo: Micro SD card + Micro SD to SD converter + SD to CF converter + CF to 1.8 CE ZIF converter. The mod is working fine except one thing: files copied via USB when Rockbox is active get corrupted. It happens not on every file but it’s enough to copy an MP3 album to be sure that at least one copied file is corrupted.
Also, copying files sometimes stop: copy indicator get freezed, it is unable to enter iPod (the corresponding logical drive); reconnecting iPod doesn’t help, the only way to return things to a normal state is to reboot the PC.
Also, sometimes the file system on iPod gets corrupted - even if we just connect it to PC (to get it charged) in Rockbox mode.

The issue isn’t reproducible on the following circumstances:

  1. iPod isn’t modded;
  1. iPod is modded but is in Disk Mode;
  1. iPod is modded but original firmware (Apple OS) is running.

So the only affected configuration is modded iPod with Rockbox running.

The temporary workaround is to disable switching to Mass Storage mode on USB connect. But it is currently only available in dev build, and Windows reports an unrecognized USB device with that.

13313BugsFM TunerVery LowStrange bugs with iPod 5.5G and iPod Radio Remote Acces...2021-11-07JoMcMichael2021-11-07iPod 5G Task Description

First, thank you to all the developers for all their continued hardwork on the amazing Rockbox!!

I am having an issue with the FM Radio function on the iPod 5.5g. I installed the latest dev build (11/6/2021).

I have to pause/play a station for it to “reset” in order to actually hear any station. For example, I can be tuned to 102.7 FM (a real station), and it will just give static, unless I press pause and play again. It will then tune correctly and I can listen to the station. This seems to be a bug.

Second, recording from FM radio doesn’t work correctly. As soon as I hit record… it records a second of FM and then goes to silence (I changed the source beforehand to FM) and this can be seen in the sound spectrum analyzer dropping as well. No idea why, which sucks as this was one of the main reasons why I bought the iPod FM dongle.

Is there any way to look into these bugs and perhaps fix them in a future build?

13312Feature RequestsBootloaderVery LowGraphical bootloader for dualboot capable (Rockbox/OF) ...2021-11-03unilock2021-11-03All players Task Description

It would be nice to have a graphical bootloader, a la GRUB on desktop computers, for devices that support dualbooting Rockbox with the original firmware (OF).

Currently, this is “supported” on the iPod 1G - 5.5G, iPod mini series, and the iPod nano 1G (and Sansa e200v1?) by, as well as the iPod Classic 1G - 3G and iPod nano 2G (and 4G?) by Perhaps there are replacement bootloaders for other Rockbox-supported media players as well, but I’m not aware of any.

Currently, dualbooting with the OF is done by holding down a key to boot into one firmware or another while powering on the device. However, I believe it would be much more convenient to have a graphical interface to choose which firmware to boot, rather than having to remember which key boots which firmware.

Whether this is possible on most players, I do not know. Personally, I’m interested in implementing it in the Sansa Connect Rockbox bootloader myself, but my skills are not quite there yet.

13308BugsSettingsVery LowCannot select NO ("Any Other = No")2021-08-30buzkill12021-10-20iPod Classic Task Description

Recreate: Pick an option that gives you the option YES (center button) or NO (any other)- like “Erase dynamic playlist?”- and only the center button seems to be registering.

13307BugsDatabaseVery Low"Load to RAM" setting causes the HDD to continuously ...2021-08-30buzkill2021-08-30iPod Classic Task Description

1. Fresh install with latest build.
2. Let database do it’s thing
3. Turn on “Load to Ram” Database setting
4. Listen and wait for HDD spin down…..and wait..and wait…

13306BugsApplicationsMediumFLAC file crashes on hydrogenaudio test suite2021-08-28saratoga2021-08-281All players Task Description

There is an effort to generate open licensed test files for various FLAC configurations here:

Testing these on a Clip Zip using current git, most files decode perfectly, but the following fail:

File 29 uses the largest allowed blocksize (16384) File is skipped

File 30 uses non-standard blocksize 13456 File is skipped

File 31 uses only 32th order predictors File is skipped

File 34 is upsampled to 192kHz, uses blocksize 16384, 32th order predictors only, maximum LPC precision and maximum partition order File is skipped

File 42 is 6.1-channel Hard crash

I did not test the other higher channel count files, so some of them may be affected by the same bug as #42.

Skipping some of these files may be necessary for memory reasons (have not checked), but crashing on the 6.1 channel is definitely a bug. I’ve attached #42 since it is relatively small and represents an actual crash. The rest can be downloaded from the above link.

13298PatchesDriversVery LowNWZ-A15 bluetooth2021-06-06caizhenbin12021-06-13All players Task Description

What if you want to use Bluetooth?

13296BugsApplicationsVery LowEntering a yes/no screen while locked cannot be escaped2021-06-05dconrad22021-06-05All players Task Description

I think the only yes/no screen you can get to while locked is the USB mode selection screen. If I plug in the usb cable while locked, I can’t unlock or make any yes/no selection.

I’m working on a patch for this

13295BugsPlaylistsVery LowBookmark Resume Sometimes Fails2021-06-02outofthebox2021-06-02Sansa c200 Task Description

I play a file in directory A and bookmark it.
Then I play a file in directory B and bookmark it.
When I go back to resume the file in directory A, sometimes Rockbox starts playing the file from the beginning ignoring the bookmark. If I press select to start playing again then the resume works and playback starts at the bookmarked point.

This was happening on an earlier dev build so I updated to a more recent one but the problem still persists.

Dev build: e910f63bba-210520

13294BugsSettingsVery LowIdle Poweroff does not work2021-06-01Holden12021-06-13iBasso DX50 Task Description

I set my DX50 to power off after five minutes of no use. It does not appear to work. I tried it with a few different batteries I have just in case there was some kind of miscommunication between the player and the big battery that I bought for it, but even with the battery that the player came with it will not shut off after a few minutes of no use.

13293BugsUser InterfaceVery Low(exFAT) Directories ending with "." (dot) are invisible...2021-05-23impig132021-05-28All players Task Description

UPDATE2: My SD card is exFAT formatted

I realized I was missing some music on my X3ii player and figured out that directories with names that END with a “.” (dot) are invisible to the files browser. My SD card is formatted as exFAT.
Example: “Artist - Album X.”

Tested on both File view settings: “all” & “music” (same result).
Renaming them (removing the dot at the end, on computer) solves the problem.

Dots elsewhere in the name are not a problem, just at the end.
Example of OK dir name: “Artist - X. Album”

It would still be nice if these directories would be shown/accessible since you don’t always remember to rename them beforehand.

Tested on:
xDuoo X3ii


13292BugsApplicationsVery HighCan't play any tracks- *PANIC* due to running of of buf...2021-05-21ilo12021-07-29Sansa Clip Zip Task Description

Rockbox doesn’t work. I am getting a *PANIC* every time I try to play any file:

*PANIC* audio_reset_buffer_noalloc() : EOM (575324 > 145296)
pc: 300466e0 sp: 3
A: 00023790
A: 300cd544
bt end

I also saw an OOM panic:
*PANIC* audio_reset_buffer_noalloc() : OOM

and I also got a *PANIC* the first time I long pressed on the Database node.

I tried to reinstall only the base Rockbox firmware using the Rockbox utility
(1.4.1) (AppImage) and I got an error:
ROLO error: file too big

Here is my setup:
Hardware: Sandisk Clip Zip (new device)
Port: Sandisk Clip Zip port 3.15 (stable)
Samsung 512 EVO sd card with fresh fat32 filesystem, checked with chkdsk

Does Rockbox have a limit on the
number of songs that it supports? Could this be causing my Kernel panics?

13290Feature RequestsMusic playbackVery LowAdd ability to rewind across tracks2021-05-20bahus2021-05-20All players Task Description

Very useful feature for audiobooks.

Old forum discussion:,25702.0.html

13288BugsApplicationsVery LowDisplays loading with files in Subfolder on IPOD 4th ge...2021-05-12t83177312021-05-12iPod 4G Grayscale Task Description

IPOD 4th Gen
IFLASH A1A with SandisK Micro SD 128GB U1(also tried with Sandisk 64 C10 and 32 class 4)
Restored and flashed after first dicovered and on each card swap.
when Playing a file in a subfolder(Music-Hewy) player will show “loading” and then take just sit like that till time out. Time will not change during this time. only input it will take is menu+select but will register a touch of the touch wheel by turning on the backlight.

When the same folder (Hewy) is moved to the root, all files play just fine. Have tried this with multipe file types and bit rates and folder and subfolder combinations. same issue.

I have tried the same files with my sandisk clip with no issues.

13282BugsRemoteVery LowiPod Radio Remote functionality has regressed since 3.1...2021-04-05ThePhxRises152021-11-07iPod 5G Task Description

Radio Remote support is incredibly unstable on the newest daily builds (presumably since 77f8c9c).

While the stable build did not actually support the FM Radio functionality (and I haven’t gotten it to work on the newest dev builds either, despite the menu option now appearing), its remote functionality worked far better. On the current builds remote buttons only work one out of several attempts to connect the device. Getting it working requires a trial and error of several reboots and unplugging/plugging the remote in repeatedly. I have also seen the buttons on the remote cause rockbox to crash. None of this behavior exists in the 3.15 stable build.

Another thing is that the buttons on the remote seem to now control rockbox’s volume when they did not used to. They should not be doing so, since the radio remote uses the iPod’s line out signal and controls its own volume independently of the player. Not to mention that these controls currently bypass any maximum volume limits set in rockbox.

13276BugsUSB operationVery LowxDuoo X3ii: system crash after unplugging USB-C power s...2021-03-19murmel32021-04-07xDuoo X3ii Task Description

testing FW: 714f7a21da-2103*

after disconnecting a general purpose power supply (SONY 5V 1500mA) system crashes with:

mount: 0

a restart is immediately possible by pressing (NEXT) “lowest right button”

13268Feature RequestsApplicationsVery LowSupports png format for album artwork2021-02-25ltx216442021-02-25All players Task Description

Most of the Japanese music artwork I purchased on iTunes has png format files registered.
Currently only bmp and jpg files are supported.
Normally, it can be handled by converting the artwork of the music file, but continuing to support only the old age format means that the music library will be adapted to the old age accordingly.
I think that if you want to manage the data rationally, you should support the default of the music store.

13265BugsMusic playbackVery LowChannels reversed on ipod nano 2g2021-02-10jamestheboss0812021-03-12iPod Nano 2G Task Description

Left channel comes out of right ear and right channel comes out of left ear. When selecting mono left, it plays the left channel so that works fine. It also plays fine through my ipod when not on rockbox so Im pretty sure its just a software issue.

13257BugsUSB operationVery LowUSB Mode setting is ignored and always asks till WPS is...2020-11-16bahus52021-02-04AGPTek Rocker Task Description

I’ve set USB Mode to Charge Only but this setting is applied only after I open WPS screen. If after setting change I simply exit settings menu to main rockbox menu (no music is played) - it asks on USB insert.
The same behavior after reboot. So if I switch it on and it’s loaded to main menu and then I insert USB - it always asks. Setting is properly applied only after I open WPS screen.

13256BugsMusic playbackVery LowXduoo X3II : unable to play some flac and mp3 files pot...2020-11-14Zabizabo82020-12-041xDuoo X3ii Task Description

Hi there,

I’m using Rockbox on my Xduoo X3II with the build 4e54996 but the problem is the same since the build 0c99a3f. I never tried with builds previous to the 0c99a3f one.

Some Mp3 or Flac files can’t be read by Rockbox while there aren’t reading problems with the Xduoo firmware.

First, I was thinking it was relatd to the music files but I have looked precisely and I see they share a common problem : when the size of the cover art (named cover.jpg)in the folder album is bigger than 2.3 Mb, the covers can’t be shown on the screen player and the files can’t be played.

I have checked this problem on several album folders. Once I got a file working despite a cover art of 3,7 Mb.

Tell me how I can help you : providing files or cover art (or both), I will do.

My best and thanks

13253BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowUnable to shutdown ipod 4G Greyscale with long press of...2020-10-30Scampi74162021-11-26iPod 4G Grayscale Task Description

Using Rockbox version 2d85c72151-201030
On an ipod 4th Generation (Greyscale)
Hardware revision 0×00050014 PP version: PP5020E

I’m unable to shutdown rockbox by long pressing the play button on the clickwheel as instructed in the manual.

13252BugsMusic playbackVery LowHolding Next/Prev to scroll (browser) while playing mus...2020-10-30impig42021-04-20xDuoo X3ii
13251BugsCodecsVery LowPlayback stutters when playing Apple .m4a files2020-10-2520esproductions122020-12-062iPod 4G Grayscale
13250BugsFM TunerVery LowFM radio recieving function not working as expected iPo...2020-10-2320esproductions42021-03-21iPod 4G Grayscale
13249BugsThemesVery LowSBS Info viewport not refreshing when used as a conditi...2020-10-20lebellium12020-10-313All players
13244BugsUser InterfaceVery LowCUEsheet + File: "Currently (playing) of all" numbers a...2020-10-05impig2020-10-05xDuoo X3ii
13243BugsApplicationsMediumTree scrolling not showing end of text2020-10-04bahus32021-03-10All players
13242Feature RequestsCodecsVery LowSupport Super Audio CD formats (dsf, dff, dsd)2020-09-30bahus42020-09-30All players
13219BugsCodecsVery LowAPE 24/44.1 - harsh noise2020-07-25clasatas12020-09-101All players
13217BugsCodecsMediumStuttery playback when playing 320k Mp3s Synched via it...2020-07-15uservidpod2020-07-15iPod 5G
13201BugsSettingsVery LowTime resets after rebooting.2020-06-04Sophos2020-06-04iPod 1G/2G
13198BugsUtilsVery Lowipodpatcher and Rockbox Utility do not work in macOS Ca...2020-05-22tarasis12020-06-291All players
13196BugsUser InterfaceVery LowXduoo X3ii: album art doesn't show for some jpgs in con...2020-05-08johnbtracker32020-07-171Another
13193PatchesConfigurationVery LowAdd option to disable settings reset on startup2020-04-01cockroach12020-04-032All players
13188BugsConfigurationVery LowQuickscreen entries cannot be removed2020-02-03keks242020-02-03All players
13178BugsDatabaseVery Lowall titles in database 2x, even after several rebuilts2019-09-08shiftF1222019-09-112iPod Classic
13175BugsUtilsVery LowScreendump Causes PANIC (iPod Classic build 4ed5727654-...2019-05-02codyteam12019-05-19All players
13174BugsPluginsVery LowRockboy Volume issues (iPod Classic Build 4ed5727654-19...2019-05-02codyteam2019-05-02iPod Classic
13166BugsCodecsVery LowiRiver H300 ALAC codec crashing (CPU frequency switchin...2018-12-28RDP2018-12-28Iriver H300 series
13161BugsFM TunerVery LowiPod FM Remote not working2018-07-29the_unconventional2018-07-29iPod 4G Grayscale
13159BugsCodecsVery Lowrockbox hangs on certain m4a files2018-07-03speachy52020-06-25All players
13156BugsRbutilVery LowCreating of talk files fails ungracefuly when encountin...2018-05-04fennectech22021-02-28All players
13150BugsRemoteVery LowX5 remote doesn't respond to button presses2018-03-14cereal_killer2018-03-14iAudio X5
13142BugsDriversVery LowSD card not recognized2017-12-26floriansnow12020-07-24Sansa Clip Zip
13141BugsPluginsVery LowImageviewer cannot render JPEGs properly with a 1x2,1x2...2017-12-20lspangler2017-12-201All players
13132BugsRecordingVery LowIdle power-off in recorder causes loss of settings and ...2017-10-06TravisE2017-10-06Sansa Clip+
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