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13253BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowUnable to shutdown ipod 4G Greyscale with long press of...2020-10-30Wouter2020-10-30iPod 4G Grayscale Task Description

Using Rockbox version 2d85c72151-201030
On an ipod 4th Generation (Greyscale)
Hardware revision 0×00050014 PP version: PP5020E

I’m unable to shutdown rockbox by long pressing the play button on the clickwheel as instructed in the manual.

13252BugsMusic playbackVery LowHolding Next/Prev to scroll (browser) while playing mus...2020-10-30iMpig22020-10-31xDuoo X3ii Task Description

Holding (as opposed to pressing it repeatedly) the “next” or “prev” button to scroll through a large list of files in the file browser or in the database while playing music, stops the music playback which then cannot be resumed until restart.

I’m testing this on xDuoo X3ii with the latest dev. build 7c498b9043.

* start playback (it seems the file format is not important)
* while music is playing go to the file browser or the database which has a few screens long list of entries
* start scrolling through the list by holding the “next” or “prev” button (don’t release)
* in a few seconds (while scrolling) the playback may start to skip and the scrolling starts to lag. In about 10 seconds the playback stops.
* release the button

Menus work, playback screen shows the current track (playback indicated with the play icon but no sound being played and progress bar not moving), you can switch to a new track and it will be shown as the current - but no actual playback. Play, pause is registered, but makes no difference.

Waiting for a minute not pressing anything doesn’t resolve the issue.

The only solution to the “lockup” I found is to restart the player.

- doing the same while NOT playing music causes menu lag, but playback is possible afterwards
- pressing “next”/”prev” button to scroll through the list doesn’t lockup the player

Thanks for your continued support!
Best, iMpig

13251BugsCodecsVery LowPlayback stutters when playing Apple .m4a files2020-10-25Owen Davies72020-10-301iPod 4G Grayscale Task Description

When a .m4a file is played, particularly one bought from the iTunes store, it seems to overwhelm the AAC codec in rockbox.

I think it may be something to do with the ‘anti-skip buffer’ but I cannot confirm this for sure, but it seems related, as in the stable release (3.15) playback works fine and the HDD Access indicator in the corner is only displayed briefly during the beginning of playback. In the latest development build (Rev. 3fbca49) and a few previous, however, the HDD access indicator stays on screen at all times during stuttery playback, the whole system becomes slow and almost impossible to use and sometimes locks up completely.

I have confirmed this on my iPod 4G color, it seems to be only on older iPods, as my 6th Gen classic plays them fine!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am using an iFlash solo + 128GB SD in the iPod. Haas surround 5ms is enabled along with +3db tone control on both bass and treble

13250BugsFM TunerVery LowFM radio recieving function not working as expected iPo...2020-10-23Owen Davies2020-10-23iPod 4G Grayscale Task Description

When Using FM Reciever within Apple Radio Remote with any of my iPods that support the function (in Rockbox), it either does not appear (Not detected at all in FM debug menu) in the latest stable version (3.15), or in the case of the latest daily builds, it appears to detect the FM hardware, and will attempt a search.

The ‘FM Radio’ menu in the debug menu of rockbox version 2cf75bf008-201023 states the following:

HW Detected: yes
PI:0000 PS:’ '
CT1970-01-01 00:00

An odd clicking sound may be heard, like interference from within the iPod.
The Radio remote works fine as it should in OF, indoors and outdoors

Rockbox functionality tested indoors and outdoors.

The remote control and audio functions work flawlessly (play/pause/volup/voldown/prev/next) when playing music from the iPods internal library.

Similar behavior seen between 1st gen nano, iPod 4G Colour and the 4G mono
with two different Radio Remotes.

13249BugsThemesVery LowSBS Info viewport not refreshing when used as a conditi...2020-10-20Ludovic Jacques12020-10-283All players Task Description


The SBS info viewport does not refresh automatically when used as a conditional and the value has changed.
One needs to enter any menu (Files, settings etc…) and get back to the home screen to force the viewport refresh.

Tested on Onda VX747 UI Sim for Windows (old 2018 build from rasher) and on target (YP-R1 fresh build edbdefa09a-201018)

Simple examples with playback mode (%mp) and repeat mode (%mm) conditionals:

Status: %?mp<Stop|Play|Pause|Ffwd|Rew|Rec|Rec pause|FM|FM pause>
Button: play/pause
Status: %?mm<Off|All|One|Shuffle|A-B>
Button: repeat mode
13244BugsUser InterfaceVery LowCUEsheet + File: "Currently (playing) of all" numbers a...2020-10-05iMpig2020-10-05xDuoo X3ii Task Description

When playing a single album file along with a .cue-sheet file (for track listing & metadata) the numbers reported on screen eg. “1 of 5” are wrong.

Actually the second number reported is in reality for the number of cuesheets within the directory, which is not what the user expects.

What a user wants (I believe) is to show the numbers relevant within the current cuesheet (album) - number of the currently playing track out of all album tracks.

It’s interesting that the tracks are otherwise correctly marked on the progress bar and all playable (skipable to), it’s just the numbers that are wrongly reported.

I tested two “default” themes to make sure it’s not a theme problem.
Also “File view > Show files” (showing cuesheets or not) setting does not change this behavior.

Tested on xduoo x3ii, dev build ef34126913

13243BugsApplicationsMediumTree scrolling not showing end of text2020-10-04Roman Artiukhin12020-10-06All players Task Description

With default scrolling settings (in particular Settings → General Settings → Scrolling → Screen Scrolls Out of View set to No) on my Xduoo X3 I’m unable to see end of text using tree scrolling feature (Play + Next)
For instance with folder name:
2012 - Greatest Hits 1993 - 2010 [Malaysia Edition]
Scrolling with Play + Next scrolls only to “Edit” part and “ion]” is missing.

Also with Screen Scrolls Out of View Set set to Yes I think it’s better stop scrolling when end of text is reached (so basically ignore this setting when doing manual scrolling). Or at least stop right after text is hidden.

P.S. Thanks for implementing tree scrolling for Xduoo X3 so quickly (

13242Feature RequestsCodecsVery LowSupport Super Audio CD formats (dsf, dff, dsd)2020-09-30Roman Artiukhin42020-09-30All players Task Description

As there are multiple targets that support such formats in OF (all Xduoo players, Agptek Rocker…) would be cool to have it in rockbox too. Not sure if it’s really useful but there is open source library for decoding such formats written in C:

13238BugsCodecsLowHaas surround + timestretch causes crash2020-09-05Willliam W2020-09-05All players Task Description

Steps to reproduce

time stretch = false
Haas surround = disabled

Play Song

enable timestretch
enable Haas Surround

Tracked crash down to here:

static void dsp_surround_flush(void)

  memset(core_get_data(handle), 0, SURROUND_BUFSIZE);


removing the memset stops the crash at the expense of dirty data blasting in your ears

testing the handle doesn’t help the handle is valid as far as buflib is concerned

13219BugsCodecsVery LowAPE 24/44.1 - harsh noise2020-07-25Atas12020-09-101All players Task Description

Playing APE 24/44.1 with harsh noise in different parts of the track. If you decode APE file to WAV using the codec console, then there are no problems. So the matter is in the player’s APE decoder.

At 24/48 everything is fine.

13217BugsCodecsMediumStuttery playback when playing 320k Mp3s Synched via it...2020-07-15mikem2020-07-15iPod 5G Task Description

Playing 320K MP3s pauses often in Version 3.15 and daily build 7d00533 also UI becomes unresponsive
Version 3.14 or older does not reproduce the issue in either 44 or 48khz sampling rate and same sound options
Is not reproducible under OF or Version 3.15 running on IPOD 6G
seems to be a cpu usage issue as compiling a version of rockbox with much higher than stock CPU clocks seems to alleviate the issue to an extent but there is still occasional pauses that is not present after reverting to 3.14 and stock 80 mhz clock speed.

13201BugsSettingsVery LowTime resets after rebooting.2020-06-04Stefan Vincec2020-06-04iPod 1G/2G Task Description

Hello there,

When I reboot my Rockboxed iPod nano second generation, it changes the time +5 hours.

Does anyone know why this can be? Thanks

13198BugsUtilsVery Lowipodpatcher and Rockbox Utility do not work in macOS Ca...2020-05-22Robert McGovern12020-06-291All players Task Description

Neither of the tools, ipodpatcher or Rockbox Utility 1.4.0, work on macOS Catalina.

Catalina removed 32bit support.

Using ipodpatcher generates the following error:

bash-3.2$ ./ipodpatcher
bash: ./ipodpatcher: Bad CPU type in executable

And Rockbox Utility has a white circle with a line through it indicating that it does not work with this version of the OS.

(see attached file)

13196BugsUser InterfaceVery LowXduoo X3ii: album art doesn't show for some jpgs in con...2020-05-08Johannes Rauh32020-07-171Another Task Description

I store the album art by putting a folder.jpg file in the album's directory.
Any WPS on other players shows the cover pictures properly if album art is enabled in the theme.

I am aware of caveats like progressive jpgs, that are not supported by RB.

In the attached zip file, there are four directories with a folder.jpg file and a free opus file for demonstration purposes.

All pictures show up fine on my Sansa E200 (v1) using CabbieV2 or lebellium_Samsung-like.
However, on my XduOO x3ii the pictures are not displayed for the examples 1 - 3, but show for example 4.

None of the jpgs are progressive and I cannot figure out a difference between 1-3 and 4.

I don't know how to debug this further myself, but would be happy doing any furter experiments.

This is true for the current dev builds, e.g. b450707955.

13193PatchesConfigurationVery LowAdd option to disable settings reset on startup2020-04-01Stefan Ott12020-04-032All players Task Description

I would like to run my iPod with its keypad locked all the time, thus I wrote a little patch to an option to disable the settings reset during startup regardless of the hold button's position.

You will find the patch attached to this message. I'm not entirely convinced by the name of the new option (or my wording in general) so if you have a better idea, feel free to rename things.

13188BugsConfigurationVery LowQuickscreen entries cannot be removed2020-02-03Ramon Fischer2020-02-03All players Task Description

Reported Version: 3.15 not 3.14


I am using a "SanDisk Sansa Clip+" and it seems that currently it is not possible to remove quickscreen entries when they are set, you can only overwrite them.

In the manual chapter "3.15 Quick Screen" has to be adapted, once this function has been implemented.

It would be very nice to have this possibility!


13178BugsDatabaseVery Lowall titles in database 2x, even after several rebuilts2019-09-08mike22019-09-112iPod Classic Task Description

Version 9e186e34ab-190820

i have an ipod 7th gen
rockbox installed
140.000 titles

database contains in unpredictable many cases of the folders 2 times the same title
not in all folders, but it happens very often that i open one and i see all titles 2x although they are only 1x on the sd card

the files exist only ONCE
but the database keeps listing them all 2 times

i rebuilt it several times, but the database keeps on doing that

any hint what i can do?

start as apple / itunes and delete rockbox folder / install new did not help

13175BugsUtilsVery LowScreendump Causes PANIC (iPod Classic build 4ed5727654-...2019-05-02Cody12019-05-19All players Task Description

Whenever screendump is enabled,It gets a panic error.
Error Message:
Stkov usb
pc:080739ac sp:080f5458

13174BugsPluginsVery LowRockboy Volume issues (iPod Classic Build 4ed5727654-19...2019-05-02Cody2019-05-02iPod Classic Task Description

The volume settings are bypassed and is at max volume when the plugin is started. Even when putting it at -60DB it still has sound. After exiting and relaunching the app,the volume is maxed again,regardless of volume settings.

13166BugsCodecsVery LowiRiver H300 ALAC codec crashing (CPU frequency switchin...2018-12-28Robert Palmer2018-12-28Iriver H300 series Task Description

Please refer to forum post for full exchange:,52518.0.html

In summary playing ALAC will crash the unit, other codecs not as much. My reasoning is (as contained in the forum post):

Converting some of my ALAC collection to FLAC to test has given excellent results = no crashes. I am suspicious of the ALAC decoder; watching the VIEW BUFFERING THREAD there seems to be consistency:

OGG/MP3/FLAC/WAV: CPU Frequency goes up to 124 until pcm: becomes full, then drops to 45mhz and pcm: hovers (it is always active) near the top of 100%. Upon track change the cycle starts again (124mhz until pcm: becomes full). I don't seem to get crashes.

ALAC: CPU Frequency goes up to 124 until pcm: becomes full, then drops to 45mhz and pcm: quickly goes down (takes about 2 seconds) to 75%, then cpu switches to 124mhz to get pcm: back up to 100%. This goes on constantly (cpu high - low cycle) while a single track/file is playing. I am now believing this cpu going up and down constantly gives me the crashes. Note on crashes: I don't know when they will happen, sometimes after a minute or two, sometime after 10 minutes , there is no pattern I can tell.

13161BugsFM TunerVery LowiPod FM Remote not working2018-07-29 Henk2018-07-29iPod 4G Grayscale Task Description

I have an iPod 4G Grayscale (model A1059) running Rockbox 3.14 with an Apple FM remote (model A1187). The remote part works ok (Play/Select and Fwd/Rev buttons work - volume control is separate due to it being connected to the line out, but works).

However, the radio menu does not show up in the main menu when connected. Not when I boot with the remote connected, not when I connect it after booting, and not if I go to a different menu and then back.

In the debugging menu, it simply says that the FM tuner hardware is not found.

I am sure that this used to work at some point. Are there known regressions?

13159BugsCodecsVery Lowrockbox hangs on certain m4a files2018-07-03Solomon Peachy52020-06-25All players Task Description

I primarily use my unit for audio books while driving, but the latest build (as I write this) won't play one of the files properly. It tries to start, stuck at 0:00. Trying to seek hangs the player altogether, requiring a hard restart.

I've recreated this problem on a flaky Clip+ and an AGPTek Rocker.

The 'file' tool identifies it as: ISO Media, MP4 v2 [ISO 14496-14]

Here's what mplayer has to say (while playing it back properly):

[lavf] stream 0: audio (aac), -aid 0, -alang eng

Opening audio decoder: [ffmpeg] FFmpeg/libavcodec audio decoders
libavcodec version 58.18.100 (external)
[aac @ 0x7f93de0eeb00]Multiple frames in a packet.
AUDIO: 22050 Hz, 1 ch, floatle, 64.0 kbit/9.07% (ratio: 7999→88200)
Selected audio codec: [ffaac] afm: ffmpeg (FFmpeg AAC (MPEG-2/MPEG-4 Audio))

AO: [pulse] 22050Hz 1ch floatle (4 bytes per sample)
Video: no video
Starting playback… [aac @ 0x7f93de0eeb00]channel element 2.0 is not allocated

(It's a large file (>400MB) that has proper chapter markers. I can provide it upon request. In the mean time I'm converting it to mp3..)

13158BugsMusic playbackVery LowUnable to play for ibasso dx 90 2018-05-23yong xu2018-05-23Another Task Description

Click on the music file and die

13156BugsRbutilVery LowCreating of talk files fails ungracefuly when encountin...2018-05-04fennec12018-05-04All players Task Description

Rockboxutility barfs while creating talk files if it encounters unpronouncable charicters (japanese kanji) and does not continue afterwords resulting in talk files not being copied to the player.

[talkgenerator.cpp:156 INFO] voicing: "シマシマ" to "/tmp/talkfiles/952b0e2854336082e41fb0ef8ef8dc97.wav"
[ttsfestival.cpp:188 INFO] Voicing "シマシマ" → "/tmp/talkfiles/952b0e2854336082e41fb0ef8ef8dc97.wav"
[rbsettings.cpp:162 INFO] GET U: "festival-client/path" "/usr/bin/festival_client"
[ttsfestival.cpp:194 INFO] Client cmd: "/usr/bin/festival_client –server localhost –otype riff –ttw –withlisp –output \"/tmp/talkfiles/952b0e2854336082e41fb0ef8ef8dc97.wav\" –prolog \"/tmp/RockboxUtility.zowYwG\" - "
[:0 WARNING] QProcess: Destroyed while process ("/usr/bin/festival_client") is still running.

The result of this is an invalid wav file wich the the encoder bails out on and the process aborts.

[talkgenerator.cpp:235 INFO] encoding "/tmp/talkfiles/952b0e2854336082e41fb0ef8ef8dc97.wav" to "/tmp/talkfiles/"
[encoderrbspeex.cpp:82 INFO] Encoding "/tmp/talkfiles/952b0e2854336082e41fb0ef8ef8dc97.wav" to "/tmp/talkfiles/"
[encoderrbspeex.cpp:103 ERROR] Error: invalid WAV file
[ttsfestival.cpp:29 INFO] Destroying instance

I suggest ignoring failed encoded files and continuing encoding and copying the files that suceeded.

13150BugsRemoteVery LowX5 remote doesn't respond to button presses2018-03-14Karl Huber2018-03-14iAudio X5 Task Description

Rockbox starts with remote, but doesn't respond to button presses except turning backlight on with build 6039eb05b-180313.
It works with deaeb73-161114 though.

13142BugsDriversVery LowSD card not recognized2017-12-26Florian Snow12020-07-24Sansa Clip Zip Task Description

I use a 64 GB MicroSD card in my Clip Zip and the stock firmware recognizes it. Rockbox recognizes it in the debug disk info screen and when connected to a computer via USB, I can read and write it through rockbox. However, when I try to access it or when I just check the regular rockbox info, rockbox does not show the SD card, nor can I play music from it.

The bug is also present in the current development version and is overall very similar to this one:

I tried reinstalling rockbox and reformatting the SD card, but nothing worked.

13141BugsPluginsVery LowImageviewer cannot render JPEGs properly with a 1x2,1x2...2017-12-20Luke Spangler2017-12-201All players Task Description

Bug exists in the DEV builds for, at least, Sansa Clip+, Sansa Fuze+, and iPod Video for at least a year, although I cannot confirm this as I've only just now tracked down the problem. The issue was discovered because imagemagick occasionally selects 1x2,1x2,1x2 as the chroma sampling factor when converting an image.

To recreate this bug, convert any image using imagemagick to a JPEG with that chroma sampling factor and attempt to view it in Rockbox. What you will see is a nonsensical image to the size of the original JPEG. Any desktop image viewer, like eyeofgnome, renders the picture correctly.

I've also included a sample Rockbox logo generated in the faulty fashion along with this bug. To create it, run this command in a Unix-like with imagemagick and curl installed: 'curl -J -L "" | convert - -sampling-factor 1x2,1x2,1x2 -quality 100 folder.jpg'

13136BugsPlaylistsVery LowPlaylist position not saved on shutdown when using rela...2017-11-13Dean Tersigni22018-08-051Sansa Clip Zip Task Description

Ordinarily, when Rockbox is shut off and turned back on, it will remember the position in the last-played song, and begin playing from where you left off. However, in the latest build, Rockbox doesn't remember the last track that was playing if the file used a relative path. This happens on every version of 3.14 including the current daily build (2017-11-13).

Here is how the error can be reproduced:

Have a folder with two songs. Then, in the parent folder, create two m3u playlists named "absolute.m3u" and "relative.m3u".

In the absolute.m3u playlist, add the following lines:

In the relative.m3u playlist, add the following lines:

To see expected behavior:

1.) Open the files list, and run absolute.m3u and song1.ogg begins playing.
2.) Push right to start song2.ogg. Let it play a few seconds in.
3.) Turn off your device by pressing power.
4.) Turn on your device with the power button.
5.) song2.ogg continues to play the same song at the same location as when it was shut off.

To reproduce the bug:

1.) Open the files list, and run relative.m3u and song 1 begins playing.
2.) Push right to start song2.ogg. Let it play a few seconds in.
3.) Turn off your device by pressing power.
4.) Turn on your device with the power button.
5.) song1.ogg plays from the very beginning.

The file format of the songs doesn't seem to matter (I've tested ogg and mp3).

13132BugsRecordingVery LowIdle power-off in recorder causes loss of settings and ...2017-10-06Travis Evans2017-10-06Sansa Clip+ Task Description

Daily build c6d5cd7-170907

An idle power off can occur in recording mode. When it does, data loss occurs. This has already bitten me a few times.

Steps to reproduce (on battery, not charging):
1. Execute Settings > Manage Settings > Reset Settings
2. Set Settings > General Settings > Startup/Shutdown > Idle Poweroff to 1 minute
3. Reboot
4. Go to Recording mode
5. Note current Volume and Gain settings and then change them to something else and note the new settings. Don't start a recording; just leave it in “stop” mode (*not* record or record-pause).
6. Wait for automatic power off
7. Power back on and check recorder settings

Expected: Settings are what they were after being changed.
Actual: Settings reverted to what they were on boot.

This can cause the loss of entire recordings, too:

8. Go back to Recording mode.
9. Wait until just before Rockbox would power off, then start a recording (if the display goes to sleep, it comes back on a bit before powering off; start the recording as soon as it comes back on).

Expected: Recording is done as usual
Actual: Rockbox powers off anyway, without warning, less than a minute into the recording. The recording is lost (or if the file is there, it's unplayable; maybe this depends on the recording format used).

13129BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowIbasso DX90 build rev c6d5cd7 freeze when playing music2017-09-15Lionel2017-09-15All players Task Description

Dear Rockbox, long story short after doing update to the latest daily build c6d5cd7(2017-09-11), after playing music for around 30-40 minutes the screen start to freeze cannot scroll or select anything on the screen even turn it off is not possible but after few seconds it turn off by itself and can be turn on normally after that.

13122BugsMusic playbackVery LowAnnoying beeps when playing ogg vorbis files2017-07-04Jérémy Caruso2017-07-04Sansa Clip Zip Task Description

After upgrading from 3.13 to 3.14, when playing most of the ogg vorbis files in my library, a "beeping" sound sporadically occurs.

The sound is random (2 consecutive playbacks of the same track will beep on the same time).

All the files played fine with 3.13.
MP3 files play just fine (I have not tested other formats yet).

Possibly interesting facts :
Vorbis files with a lower bitrate (<100kpbs) seem to be less subject to this beep.
It seems beep never occurs when screen is on.

13120BugsRecordingVery LowSansa e200v1: usb_storage_init_connection when recordni...2017-06-26Alexander Levin2017-06-26All players Task Description

Today I've experience something which IMO should not happen.

I recorded vian the built in micro on my Sansa e200 v1, paused the recording (not stopped!). In this state, I plugged USB cable. After that, there was the following text in the system font on the display, and the player did not respond to any keys. It had to be restarted via very long pressing at On/Off.

The text is:


(): 00M
pc:0006B878 sp:000D3538

  A: 00069978
  A: 00069F80
  A: 0005326C

bt end

I've reproduced this three time in a row.

I have the official version 3.14 installed.

13118BugsMusic playbackVery LowIncorrect playback position when seeking AAC files down...2017-05-31R O2017-05-31Sansa Clip+ Task Description

I downloaded this: using the youtube-dl python program. The file plays and seeks correctly in foobar2000 and MPC-HC. But, on my clip+, whether I seek 10 seconds or 10 minutes into the file, it ends up playing a position of the file previous to the one displayed. For example, if I seek 50 seconds forward from the beginning, it will play the file from the start, while the screen still displays as if it's playing from 50 seconds onwards. Seeking to the end of the file will have it play a section from about 2 minutes earlier than it should be, while the time display and music will continue until 1:14:20, with the file actually being 1:12:46.

I did not hear the files being played slower than they should be, so it seems it's only an issue when seeking.

I've confirmed this happens on every AAC file downloaded by youtube-dl, and that re-encoding the same file to AAC using NERO encoder makes the problem dissapear.

13108BugsMusic playbackVery LowRandom crashes when playing music2017-03-16somedude162017-12-16Sansa AMSv2 Task Description

For a couple of months my Sansa Fuze v2 has been crashing randomly when playing music. Most of the time I just get a white screen with an error message. The last message I got was :

'undefined instruction at 0006DC8C'

(I think that last number varies at each crash)

This didn't happen with v3.13, but it's been happening with every daily build I've tested IIRC.

It doesn't happen very often so it's hard to reproduce. I listen to music in public transports about twice a day and this happens not more than once a week. It seems to happen more often when the battery is low (less than 10%). It generally happens early in a playback session, when the first or second track is played.

Sometimes I don't get a white screen, but the program freezes and some parts of the interface are surrounded with white frames. I don't know if it's the same bug or if it's unrelated.

Note that I'm always listening to music on a microSD card, and I haven't tried on the main memory.

PS: I chose "Sansa Fuze+" in the OS list because I couldn't find Sansa Fuse v2.

13106BugsMusic playbackVery LowResume Playback broken on iPod Classic2017-02-17Tony Carter32019-10-24iPod Classic Task Description

After upgrading from "Version: 33856d9-161111" to "Version: 6436c6e-170211" Resume Playback from the main menu does not work. Here are the steps taken to verify the problem:

Running Version: 6436c6e-170211… Reset config
Using default settings, enabled Shuffle via Shortcuts
Started playlist; track identified as 1 of 5330
Skipped ahead to the 5th track
Paused @ 1:01
Forced shutdown
Enabled Hold switch
Waited ~1 min., then booted via disengaging Hold switch
Clicked Resume Playback… resumed on the same first track (1 of 5330)
This behavior occurred every time I attempted to Resume Playback.

Restored previous version (Version: 33856d9-161111)
Reset Settings
Using default settings, enabled Shuffle via Shortcuts
Started playlist; track identified as 1 of 5330
Skipped ahead to the 5th track
Paused @ 1:01
Forced shutdown
Enabled Hold switch
Waited ~1 min., then booted via disengaging Hold switch
Clicked Resume Playback… resumed on the fifth track @ 1:01

FWIW: No Bookmarking used (never have). Database not initialized (never use it).

13103BugsPlaylistsVery LowShuffle mode can fail to operate on Insert during play2017-01-31Chris Jordan2019-08-171Creative ZEN Task Description

Creative ZEN simulator build 9d0c0e3-170115
Creative ZEN device build 8fec364f6-170125


(Asing attached config.cfg)

1 Set Settings, Playback Settings > Shuffle to Yes
2 In Files, enter a folder of tracks and press Select to play
3 Go up to the folder itself, press long select > Current playlist > Insert Last
4 Press long select > Current playlist > Insert
5 Press long select > Current playlist > Insert
6 Go to Now Playing > Current playlist > View current playlist

Expected: Four copies of the list, all shuffled

Observed: One copy of the list, shuffled, followed by three not shuffled:

Video at

13102BugsPlaylistsVery LowDisengaging Shuffle mode can fail to unshuffle the list2017-01-31Chris Jordan2019-08-171Creative ZEN Task Description

Creative ZEN simulator build 9d0c0e3-170115
Creative ZEN device build 8fec364f6-170125


(Using attached config.cfg)

1 Ensure Settings > Playback Settings > Shuffle is No
2 In Files, move to a list of tracks and press Select
3 In Files, move to a different list of tracks and do long Select > Current playlist > Insert
4 View the playlist e.g. 5 Set Shuffle Yes and then Shuffle No
6 View the playlist

Expected e.g. ,
Playlist order restored.

Observed: Playlist changed, but not restored -

Video at

13101BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowRunning Time time is inaccuate by 2%2017-01-29Chris Jordan2017-01-29Creative ZEN Task Description

Creative ZEN device build 8fec364f6-170125


1 Clear Running Time
2 Shutdown, to ensure Running Time clear takes effect
3 Launch Rockbox
4 Record wall clock time
5 Leave running for a few hours
6 View Running Time and compare with elapsed time on wall clock

Expected: Running Time equal to elapsed time
Observed: Running Time less than elapsed time by 2%

Note: battery_bench.txt times accord with elapsed time.

13097BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowPANIC white screen when plugging a non supported SD car...2017-01-12Mario C.12020-07-072Creative ZEN Task Description

Creative ZEN
Daily build: rockbox-creativezen-20170112

Bug description:
When plugging any dummy plastic or a non supported SD card, the device freezes and displays a white screen with a “PANIC” error message.
Plugging a standard SD card works fine.
To restore the system, you have to use a paper clip to do a hardware reset and turn the device on again.

13094BugsMusic playbackVery LowPlaying a zero-duration WMA causes crash2016-12-20Chris Jordan12016-12-203Creative ZEN Task Description

Build 575bd89 2016-12-19

Playing the attached zero-duration WMA '_ length 0.0s WMA.wma' causes crash:

Divide by zero at 6008D274
pc:6008D2&4 sp:600CC7DC
bt end

This WMA file was created by Goldwave and plays without crash in Windows Media Player, GoldWave and MediaMonkey.

Zero-length WAV and MP3 files (examples attached) don't cause a crash.

On the latest development iPod Video and ZEN simulators, MP3 and WAV are reported 'failed' and WMA crashes

13092BugsBattery/ChargingVery LowPure i20 not charge the iPod classic/not play music2016-12-14marek medved12020-07-07iPod Classic Task Description

Pure i20 does not charge the iPod classic with OS rockbox.
I feel like Rockbox can not recognize interface pure i20 (drivers?)
Through Pure i20 will not play music even if it is in the installed Rockbox in the iPod.(only apple Flash = possible charging/playing via Pure i20)

I own Ipod classic 6G 160GB (flashed rockbox)

13090BugsLanguageVery LowVoice fails upon reboot if some fonts are being used.2016-11-17Jason Arthur Taylor2016-11-17Sansa Clip Zip Task Description

Voicing of menus will work fine on the default font. However, if 08-Namil is used, the voicing dies upon reboot.

See also,51408.0.html .

13088BugsMusic playbackVery LowIbasso DX90 Crackling last FW2016-11-01aditya2016-11-01All players Task Description

When playing music sometimes crackling sound exist but after 5-6 secs playing it dissappear
i tried to update until the last rockbox firmware (ver.b045e4d date 2016-11-01) the problem still there

but if i boot to mango (stock fw) no crackling sound remains

Device : Ibasso DX90

13086BugsRbutilVery Lowrbutil fails to build bootloader2016-10-14John Black22016-10-24All players Task Description

Affected versions:
RBUtil V1.4.0
git version 2a2800b528010320ca504a39106806ec21f0220 (2016-10-12)

rbutil fails to build bootloader. Tested for Iriver H1x0 and H3x0 platforms.

Progress window shows:

Adding bootloader firmware file
Error in patching: reading firmware failed

Terminal output shows:

[httpget.cpp:230 INFO] Get URI
[httpget.cpp:200 INFO] Request started
[httpget.cpp:148 INFO] Request finished, status code: 200
[httpget.cpp:151 INFO] Data from cache: true
[bootloaderinstallbase.cpp:71 INFO] Downloading bootloader finished, error: false
/tmp/qt_temp.U16458: Resource temporarily unavailable
[selectiveinstallwidget.cpp:195 INFO] continuing install with stage 1
[selectiveinstallwidget.cpp:197 ERROR] Last part returned error.
[selectiveinstallwidget.cpp:214 INFO] All install stages done.
[rockboxinfo.cpp:27 INFO] Getting version info from rockbox-info.txt

Fired up gdb and debugged the git 2a2800b5280103… build:

The failure is in function mkboot_iriver in mkboot.c line 98:
Line 98:

  i = fread(image+16, 1, len, f);

len is calculated as 2636272.
But file size of /tmp/qt_temp.U16458 is only 2621440, resulting in a short read of 2621424 bytes. So error condition “i < len” fires and function returns without building bootloader.

I tested this on two different gentoo systems. It worked on one, but failed on the other. Both are more or less up to date, but have one significant difference: 32bit vs 64bit system.

The system that did compile and run perfectly uses:
gcc i686-pc-linux-gnu-4.9.4 (len=2636272, file size=2637824)
The system that failed uses:
gcc x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-4.9.3 (len=2636272, file size=2621440)

So, the failing rbutil creates a temporary file that is too short. I didn’t debug deeper to find out why.


13083BugsMusic playbackVery LowIpod Classic playback jumping2016-09-16Emanuel82019-10-24iPod Classic Task Description

I've been using the development version of Rockbox in my ipod classic 6th generation for about two years I think, but from some time, like a month or two, I'm experiencing playback issues as the track I'm listening suddenly skip forward or backward, or even jump for a few seconds on another mp3 file inside the ipod I was just listening before. I don't think is a ipod issue because I can listen the file inside the ipod with my computer player without problems.

There some way I can check older development revisions for the classic? It appears that it doesn't show in the dev build link on the site because is not fully supported. Thanks

13080BugsOperating System/DriversVery Low6G Ipod Classic will not shutdown after connected to ca...2016-08-22A Man Eating Duck32016-08-31iPod Classic Task Description

I'm having a shutdown issue after using my 6G ipod Classic in the car. After I have turned off the car the ipod will automatically enter a paused state but when i either hold play to shutdown or wait for the idle shutdown it will hang showing the shutting down… text and never turn off. when I manually shutdown the ipod (hold play button) down after using the ipod in the car you can hear the HD spin up and after 4-5 second hear the HD park (click) but still feel the ipod vibrating like the HD is still spinning, the text shutting down… is shown and just stays there and drains the battery. the only way to shut it down it hold menu and select.

In car is a Dension gateway G300 (ipod is connected and controlled with a dock cable, can use car controls to change tracks on ipod apple firmware and rockbox)
I'm currently using using build adaba2b-160820
Installed and tested with both the beta and stable installers from

13077BugsUser InterfaceVery LowVoiced menus doesn't work in FM mode2016-07-31Nicolás2016-07-31Sansa Clip+ Task Description

Rockbox doesn't speak in the FM mode with voice configured. I tried it in my local language (spanish) and in english with same results. Apparently it is not a problem of the translation, because sometimes (only 2 or 3 times in at about one year that I'm using the player) the player speak some words. This works correctly in release version.
My actual version is 0f89b04, but it happend in all dev versions.

13076BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowiPod Classic (160GB Thick) - PANIC - usb_storage_init_c...2016-07-13A Man Eating Duck12016-07-132iPod Classic Task Description


I have installed Rockbox build 0F89B04-160628 using this ( method.

I have created a dynamic playlist (Database > long select artist > current playlist > Queue Shuffled). Play and then pause the music and then hold the play button down to shutdown rockbox. Plug in USB cable from your computer (Win10) in to the iPod and the iPod should start powering on and then a white *panic* screen should appear.

Workaround is to have Rockbox already fully booted before plugging in a USB cable from the computer.

13074BugsUser InterfaceVery Lowfiles dont list or play alphabetically regardless of se...2016-05-19mike kruger162016-06-023iPod Mini Task Description

build 00a3658. files dont list or play alphabetically regardless of setting in file view menu.

13067BugsOperating System/DriversVery Lowibasso dx90 Left button does not work2016-02-06yong xu2016-02-06Another Task Description

Previous song and Fast Backward are unable to work

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