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13360BugsPluginsVery LowPictureFlow: (WPS integration) Softlock cannot be disab...2022-08-13chris_s2022-08-14Fiio M3K Task Description

Applies to latest daily build, 20220813 (d4917888e3) on Fiio M3K

Steps to reproduce:
- Enable WPS integration in PictureFlow
- Start playback from PictureFlow
- Once the WPS is displayed and playback has started, lock the device using the soft lock button
- Wait for playback to finish
- Wait for Pictureflow to be launched

- The locked player can’t be unlocked from Pictureflow. You have to force a shutdown instead.

13359BugsUSB operationVery LowXduooX3 Caradapter mode 2022-08-09inu2022-08-09xDuoo X3 Task Description

xduoo X3
I am using Car adapter Mode.

No problem during battery charging.
However, once the battery is charged to 100% and the charge is complete, playback will stop

problem is repeatable

@Translated at DeepL

13358BugsRbutilVery Lowsansapatcher fails to build against musl libc due to mi...2022-07-08chewi2022-07-08All players Task Description

utils/sansapatcher/sansaio.h uses loff_t but doesn’t include the header for it, so it fails to build against the musl libc. I believe this header is <sys/types.h>. I’m not sure, but I think this header is also present on Windows, so including this may avoid the need for the existing messy loff_t logic.

See the original Gentoo Linux bug report.

13357BugsUtilsVery LowRockboxUtility-v1.5.1-src.tar.bz2 is missing directorie...2022-07-07chewi2022-07-07All players Task Description

The lib/skin_parser and utils/themeeditor directories are missing, causing the build to fail. The source tarball is therefore effectively useless.

13356PatchesLanguageVery LowUpdated Polish translation2022-06-22ARak2022-06-221All players Task Description

Updated Polish translation.

13355BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowDev build unbootable on iPod mini 2G2022-06-14arpeas22022-08-08iPod Mini Task Description

Revision 58bf7c7e6f.

The iPod freezes at the boot logo.

Additionally, I upgraded my iPod video to this same build, and it boots on the target.

13354BugsUser InterfaceVery LowWPS wrong formatting logic for strings with combination...2022-06-12bahus22022-06-144Sansa Clip Zip Task Description

Time Elapsed/Remaining is incorrectly displayed for long files (audiobooks):
1) Missing seconds part of remaining time and wrong centering:
Instead of “48:36 2/14 12:07:15” it shows “48:36 2/14 12:07” See attached MissingSecondsRemainingWrongCentering.bmp
2) Centered text is duplicated
See attached DuplicatedAndWrongRemaining.bmp
It should looks something like “11:38:29 2/14 1:12:10”

Seems text is properly displayed only when left and right part (Elapsed and Remaining time) need the same amount of space. So basically if both elapsed and remaining time can be expressed as h:mm:ss - everything is OK. See attached Ok.bmp. But if elapsed mm:ss and remaining h:mm:ss or vice versa - formatting is wrong.

I’m using a slightly modified standard Cabbie2 WPS (attached) and use the following format string for Time Elapsed/Remaining: %al%pc%ac%pp/%pe%ar%pr might be related

13353BugsLCDVery LowSetting "Backlight Fade In" to "No" makes scrolling slo...2022-05-30kaas2022-05-30Eros Q / K Task Description

Note: I have put the OS as “Eros Q / K” but actually I’m using a Surfans F20, which runs the same version of Rockbox however.
Build: 1d39261338-220528 (

To reproduce:
- Install Rockbox (the hosted port) on this player
- Observe that scrolling through a long list of files (whether by using the wheel or holding fast-forward) works smoothly
- Go to settings > General Settings > Display > LCD Settings > Backlight Fade In, and set it to “No” - Observe that scrolling now works sluggishly, and almost grinds to a halt after holding fast-forward for a few seconds

13352BugsApplicationsVery Lowtree.c crash after USB inserted2022-05-22amachronic2022-05-22All players Task Description

Bug report copied from demon_slayer’s post:,53858.msg250472.html#msg250472

TLB refill handler at 0x800272fc! [0x4]

My rockbox version is 2f71571c0a-220515. It doesn't happen all the time 
but seems to happen when I eject and remove the USB from the M3K. I am 
able to turn off the device then reboot back into Rockbox.

This crash comes from

It happened again but with a slightly different message

TLB refill handler at 0x8007c970! [0x720065]

This is in lcd_alpha_bitmap_part_mix in lcd-16bit.c so it’s probably the same tree browser bug, or at least closely related.

Although reported on the M3K I suspect this will be reproducible on all players.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Enter the file browser
2. Plug in USB and then unplug it
3. Select something in the file browser

13351BugsRbutilVery LowIncorrect Native Name For The Slovak Language2022-05-16MinorKey12022-05-17All players Task Description

This is very very low priority, but I thought I’d let you know that in Rockbox Utility version 1.5.1 the native name for the Slovak language is incorrect. It should be ‘Slovenčina’, but the user interface displays ‘Slovakscina’ instead. I have noticed this little error in 2 places - in the combobox where you can select the voice file you want to download and install; and in the voice file creation dialog.

13350BugsPluginsVery LowPictureFlow: Too few albums displayed for first artist 2022-05-15chris_s2022-05-15All players Task Description

By getting rid of duplicate untagged entries, PF also over-eagerly eliminates
all but one album with a valid artist_idx of 0 when building its album index.

13349BugsPluginsVery LowPictureFlow: Displays only one of many identically name...2022-05-15chris_s2022-05-15All players Task Description

If you have more than one album with the same title but by different album artists,
only one of them is going to be displayed in PictureFlow

13348BugsApplicationsVery LowFile Name Voicing Does Not Honor File Extension Setting2022-05-15MinorKey2022-05-15All players Task Description

Regardless what setting is selected when it comes to displaying file extensions, file name voicing always spells out the full file name (including the extension as well). Visually it all behaves as it should, but it would be nice if file name voicing/spelling followed the user experience of sighted users as long as possible.
This is on an XDuoo X3II, but this does not feel like a player-specific issue to me.

13347BugsApplicationsVery LowProblem with Play Shuffled and Keep Current Track When ...2022-05-15MinorKey32022-05-16All players Task Description

I think I’ve discovered a bug.
If the option ‘Keep Current Track When Replacing Playlist’ is enabled, using the new ‘Play Shuffled’ function found in the ‘Current Playlist’ sub-menu can result in faulty behavior, in case there’s a track currently playing. Normally when you replace the playlist during playback, skipping to the next track will jump to the first track of that new ‘replaced’ playlist, but with this new ‘Play Shuffled’ function the focus/position can end up being on the very end of the playlist and thus skipping on to the next track does not do anything. It doesn’t happen every single time and to be honest I don’t really understand what’s going on here, but it happens more often than not. The playlist gets shuffled every single time though.

13342Feature RequestsUSB operationVery LowGo to normal operation mode on ejecting removable devic...2022-04-25GCRaistlin22022-04-26All players Task Description

Now Rockbox stays in USB Storage mode after iPod being ejected as removable device. Apple OS behaves better: ejecting iPod puts it into the normal mode (with its interface available). Please make Rockbox behave the similar way.

13339PatchesUser InterfaceVery LowSupport for android devices newer than KitKat (4.4) and...2022-03-14gama2022-03-21All players Task Description

Hello, I am uploading the following patches for revision and testing:

- Android support for devices newer than KitKat 4.4, based on the work of hp30 from

- Cabbie v2.0 support for 1080×1920 resolutions by me (@gama)

- Cabbie v2.0 support for 1280×800 resolutions.

Tested on: Sony Xperia F5121, Android 6.0.1 and Sony Xperia XZ2, Android 10.0. UPDATE: Lenovo Y3T-X50f tablet, Android 6.0.1.

Tested successfully as of commit: e8faf2f2

IMPORTANT: With commit: 6dcbf7ff77b0596c3317a76097e8b0c1c2f8158a, a floating point error occurs when changing volume!.

Setup Development environment:

I am using Windows 10 using WSL2, Debian distribution.
After installing wsl2 debian, I followed the rockbox development guide to install necessary packages.

Installed android ndk-r10e to /usr/lib/android-sdk/ndk/android-ndk-r10e using sdk-manager
Installed latest android sdk to /usr/lib/android-sdk

If you want to test on android, export enviroment variables before running configure:
export ANDROID_NDK_PATH=/usr/lib/android-sdk/ndk/android-ndk-r10e
export ANDROID_SDK_PATH=/usr/lib/android-sdk

General notes:

To test cabbie 1080×1920 theme, you can use sdl or android builds. If you want to test on android you need to apply the hp30 patch too.

I have added svg and xcf sources to the patch. I tried to reproduce the original cabbie v2 feel, but some gfx colors are not accurate. Feel free to modify them.

The hp30 patch contains mostly hp30’s work, used with his permission, so please give credits to him/her.
You can easily find the changes searching for ‘’ in the sources.

Known issues:

- The cabbie theme needs a proper wps_backdrop file with gradient like other targets have, but I could not create a 16 bit background that looked good on my phone. So I hope someone can do it.

- The android patch needs lots of testing and revision. I managed, with my current japanese level, to some extent, tanslate and follow hp30 blog. And I have successfully tested his changes on my phone. But there are still many “untested” features of rockbox that need to be checked.

- Plugins, specially, need to be tested one by one. For now I simply made small modifications to build them.
- On my phone I cannot see rockbox playback controls in the notification area widget.
- If you pause the music and return to home screen the app will be terminated.
- rockbox status bar shows very small icons and font text.
- A bigger resolution icon for the app is needed.
- I have not tested other android ndk or sdk versions.
- Volume is set to max at startup. I think it would be good to set it to 50 - 75%, but didn’t found where initial settings are defined.

[UPDATE 01] - Added link to 1280×800 cabbie theme. It was relatively easy to create it with attached xcf and svg files, so If you like, more theme resolutions can be created for other android devices. Please use v1.1 patch and apply after other two patches.

By Mauricio Garrido @gama

13336BugsPlaylistsVery Low'Clear list & play shuffled' Disappears When Something'...2022-02-19MinorKey62022-05-15All players Task Description

When I long-press on a directory if a track is currently playing or paused, there’s no ‘Clear list & play shhuffled entry in the ‘Current playlist’ submenu - only ‘Clear list & play next’. On the other hand, when playback is stopped, both entries appear in the ‘Current playlist’ submenu. Interestingly enough, these are the only 2 entries available there when the player’s in that state.
This is on an XDuoo X3II running build e8faf2f2ad-220212.
As I can’t tell whether this is an X3II only issue or not, I left the operation system combo box on ‘All players’. Hope that’s OK.

13332BugsUser InterfaceVery LowBlank white screen after installation on ipod 3g2021-12-21Coach_X12021-12-22iPod 3G Task Description

Dear developer,

Here I encountered a problem. After the installation of rockbox, I restart the ipod 3gen. What I get is after the apple logo, there is just a blank white screen with back light on, nothing can be seen. But I tried to restart again to apple system, it has no problem.

I put the same disk into another ipod 3gen, everything goes normal. And put the disk back to the first one, it went white screen.

Would you please help to give some advice? What I guess is might be the contrast issue, but I can see nothing on the white screen, so I can’t try to verify it.

13331PatchesLanguageVery LowTurkish Language2021-12-20selopod52022-02-223All players Task Description

simple fixes.

13321BugsBootloaderVery LowBootloader on Sandisk Sansa e200v1 does not load origin...2021-12-09Pavello2021-12-092Sansa e200 Task Description

I have recently performed a clean install of Rockbox on my Sandisk Sansa e200v1 including the bootloader.
Now I have 2021-10-05 version of bootloader and switching to original firmware using the Left button displays only displays some info - see boot.JPG.
Then fades to white followed by black screen (see fade.JPG), and you either have to take out the battery or wait for it run dry.

Uninstalling Rockbox + bootloader restores the ability to boot original firmware; and installing Rockbox + bootloader again leads to same result - inability to boot original firmware.

13318BugsUSB operationVery LowNo USB Mode in Settings2021-11-11daveprince372021-11-11iPod Classic Task Description

New here.

Woke up this morning and tried to put some new music on ROCKBOX’d iPod Classic 6 V3.15

Unable to connect to Laptop - when I looked for USB mode nothing there in General Settings/System as per manual.

13317BugsUSB operationVery LowUSB Mode - Ask is buggy2021-11-10amachronic12022-06-21All players Task Description

The way that USB Mode - Ask is currently implemented is buggy and especially so on native ports.

There are three separate issues:

  • Doing the yes/no dialog from the USB thread makes button input misbehave because get_action() is not designed to be re-entrant and the main thread is very likely blocked in get_action() at the time of the call.
  • The yes/no is run as soon as a cable is inserted and blocks the USB thread - on native ports this prevents transfer completion events from being delivered which prevents USB from working at all.
  • Native ports will probably have to behave similar to Android and come up in a charging only mode by default. After getting user input, the player needs to soft disconnect from the host so it can change its USB descriptors; support for this will have to be added to each USB driver.

Designing around the 3rd case might be a good idea, eg. have USB come up in one mode by default and then have a usb_mode_switch() call which the UI thread can invoke to enable or disable different drivers. On hosted ports this would translate to setting a new USB gadget configuration via sysfs. On native ports it would trigger a reconnect to get the OS to re-read the descriptors.

13316BugsUSB operationVery LowCopying files is extremely slow2021-11-09GCRaistlin182021-11-175iPod 5G Task Description

Copying speed is less than 1 Mb/s in 2021-11-08 dev build. In 3.15, it was up to 5 Mb/s and higher.

13315BugsApplicationsVery LowUnrecognized USB device2021-11-08GCRaistlin152021-11-09iPod 5G Task Description

I have a modded iPod 5.5G: the HDD has been replaced with the combo: Micro SD card + Micro SD to SD converter + SD to CF converter + CF to 1.8 CE ZIF converter.
With the latest (20211108) dev build, most times I connect the iPod to the PC I get USB device not recognized error. In Far manager HotPlug devices list iPod is displayed as “Unknown USB Device (Configuration Descriptor Request Failed)”.
If Settings - General Settings - System - USB Mode is set to Ask it is almost guaranteed that I get this error on connection (in fact, I never get succeed with that option set at all). Sometimes I also get “*PANIC* null ctrl req DC:0007bf30 sp:000f34d0 A:00066e68 bt end” when I press Select to enter Mass Storage mode.
And even if the connection succeeds the behaviour is different from the normal one: first iPod is displayed as “Rockbox media player Eject Removable Disk (D:)” in Safety Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon list and only in a few secs it changes to “Rockbox media player Eject <ipodname> (D:)”.

The issue is surely bound with the mod as the same iPod with HDD has no such issue at all.

13313BugsFM TunerVery LowStrange bugs with iPod 5.5G and iPod Radio Remote Acces...2021-11-07JoMcMichael2021-11-07iPod 5G Task Description

First, thank you to all the developers for all their continued hardwork on the amazing Rockbox!!

I am having an issue with the FM Radio function on the iPod 5.5g. I installed the latest dev build (11/6/2021).

I have to pause/play a station for it to “reset” in order to actually hear any station. For example, I can be tuned to 102.7 FM (a real station), and it will just give static, unless I press pause and play again. It will then tune correctly and I can listen to the station. This seems to be a bug.

Second, recording from FM radio doesn’t work correctly. As soon as I hit record… it records a second of FM and then goes to silence (I changed the source beforehand to FM) and this can be seen in the sound spectrum analyzer dropping as well. No idea why, which sucks as this was one of the main reasons why I bought the iPod FM dongle.

Is there any way to look into these bugs and perhaps fix them in a future build?

13312Feature RequestsBootloaderVery LowGraphical bootloader for dualboot capable (Rockbox/OF) ...2021-11-03unilock2021-11-03All players
13308BugsSettingsVery LowCannot select NO ("Any Other = No")2021-08-30buzkill12021-10-20iPod Classic
13307BugsDatabaseVery Low"Load to RAM" setting causes the HDD to continuously ...2021-08-30buzkill2021-08-30iPod Classic
13306BugsApplicationsMediumFLAC file crashes on hydrogenaudio test suite2021-08-28saratoga2021-08-281All players
13298PatchesDriversVery LowNWZ-A15 bluetooth2021-06-06caizhenbin12021-06-13All players
13296BugsApplicationsVery LowEntering a yes/no screen while locked cannot be escaped2021-06-05dconrad22021-06-05All players
13295BugsPlaylistsVery LowBookmark Resume Sometimes Fails2021-06-02outofthebox2021-06-02Sansa c200
13294BugsSettingsVery LowIdle Poweroff does not work2021-06-01Holden12021-06-13iBasso DX50
13293BugsUser InterfaceVery Low(exFAT) Directories ending with "." (dot) are invisible...2021-05-23impig132021-05-28All players
13292BugsApplicationsVery HighCan't play any tracks- *PANIC* due to running of of buf...2021-05-21ilo12021-07-29Sansa Clip Zip
13290Feature RequestsMusic playbackVery LowAdd ability to rewind across tracks2021-05-20bahus2021-05-20All players
13288BugsApplicationsVery LowDisplays loading with files in Subfolder on IPOD 4th ge...2021-05-12t83177312021-05-12iPod 4G Grayscale
13282BugsRemoteVery LowiPod Radio Remote functionality has regressed since 3.1...2021-04-05ThePhxRises152021-11-07iPod 5G
13276BugsUSB operationVery LowxDuoo X3ii: system crash after unplugging USB-C power s...2021-03-19murmel32021-04-07xDuoo X3ii
13268BugsApplicationsVery LowSupports png format for album artwork2021-02-25ltx216442022-02-21All players
13265BugsMusic playbackVery LowChannels reversed on ipod nano 2g2021-02-10jamestheboss0812021-03-12iPod Nano 2G
13257BugsUSB operationVery LowUSB Mode setting is ignored and always asks till WPS is...2020-11-16bahus52021-02-04AGPTek Rocker
13256BugsMusic playbackVery LowXduoo X3II : unable to play some flac and mp3 files pot...2020-11-14Zabizabo82020-12-041xDuoo X3ii
13253BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowUnable to shutdown ipod 4G Greyscale with long press of...2020-10-30Scampi74172021-12-30iPod 4G Grayscale
13252BugsMusic playbackVery LowHolding Next/Prev to scroll (browser) while playing mus...2020-10-30impig62022-05-30xDuoo X3ii
13251BugsCodecsVery LowPlayback stutters when playing Apple .m4a files2020-10-2520esproductions122020-12-062iPod 4G Grayscale
13250BugsFM TunerVery LowFM radio recieving function not working as expected iPo...2020-10-2320esproductions42021-03-21iPod 4G Grayscale
13249BugsThemesVery LowSBS Info viewport not refreshing when used as a conditi...2020-10-20lebellium12020-10-313All players
13244BugsUser InterfaceVery LowCUEsheet + File: "Currently (playing) of all" numbers a...2020-10-05impig2020-10-05xDuoo X3ii
13243BugsApplicationsMediumTree scrolling not showing end of text2020-10-04bahus32021-03-10All players
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