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13404PatchesLanguageVery LowUpdated Polish translation 2024-02-18ARak2024-02-181All players Task Description

Updated Polish translation.

13403BugsUtilsVery Lowcompilation issue with scsitools2023-12-26LanMarc772023-12-26All players Task Description

When I tried to compile scsitools on an amd64 machine I get a multiple definition error of symbol table.
Removing table keyword from struct scsi_stmp_logical_table_entry_t definition in stmp_scsi.h seems to fix the issue.

13401BugsUSB operationVery LowData abort on USB disconnect2023-11-16rasferret32024-02-072Sansa Clip Zip Task Description

Sandisk Sansa Clip Zip 8Gb
Daily Build: bd93f9f96f1dc4f852644a3744fa09b913cd0a0a

When connecting the player sometimes freezes. With the build aforementioned it always shows the selected file in the file list or bookmark list as artefact in the USB screen when the file list or the bookmark list was the actual screen on connection. Then it crashes on disconnection of the cable with a data abort. Data operations seem to work flawlessly though.

13400BugsThemesVery LowUsing %VI with Skinned Lists causes crashes and errors2023-11-12dook2023-11-121iPod 5G Task Description

Using %VI alongside %Lb to display a skinned list causes “set_viewport out of bounds” errors, and also causes the simulator to crash when loading the theme.

Removing the %VI, and instead loading a main viewport with %Vi(-,..) is currently the only method of using skinned lists.

13399BugsApplicationsVery LowHow the heck do i make shortcuts?2023-11-08-_-2023-11-08All players Task Description

I wanna make a shortcut that shuts down my nano 1g so that its easier to load into OEM iPodOS or whatever its called.

13398BugsThemesVery LowText scrolling not working inside Skinned Lists if more...2023-11-04dook2023-11-12All players Task Description

Device: iPod 5th Gen Simulator
Version: 57713f6308-231008

Text displayed inside skinned list items will not scroll if the %Lb tag is linked to more than one viewport.

So this would work:


But this would prevent scrolling:

13394BugsPluginsVery LowLastfm scrobbler dropping scrobbles2023-07-20nichobi2023-07-20xDuoo X3 Task Description

Device: xDuoo X3
Version: 102dc49ed9-230703

Hi! I recently dug my xDuoo X3 out of storage and updated it to a new daily build, which has moved the scrobbler to a plugin. Since then, I’ve noticed it occasionally misses tracks.

Anecdotally, it seems the first track I listen to is often correctly scrobbled but subsequent tracks are lost. A wild guess is that the cache is not being written before the idle poweroff kicks in, losing any scrobbles in memory.

13391Feature RequestsLCDVery LowBacklight timer should start when key is released not p...2023-04-05impig2023-04-05All players Task Description

I’d like to suggest that the timer for when to turn off the LCD backlight should start when the last pressed button is released rather than the current behavior - when a button is pressed.

I have my backlight timer set to 10s because that is usually more than enough time and I want conserve the battery life.
However, when I’m scrolling through files/database/playlist in order to find a particular song, I PRESS and HOLD a (fwd / back) button. While I’m still holding the button (in order to scroll) the backlight times out. I think it would make more sense to start the backlight timer when all buttons are released.

What do you think?
Is there already a way around this that I missed?

Thank you,
best iMpig

Tested on: xDuoo X3ii, b6d04d1ac0-230310

13389BugsApplicationsMediumChanging playlist after power cycle can cause panic und...2023-01-29dconrad22023-02-141All players Task Description

This one happens every time for me under the following conditions:

  1. Start playing a track from Database (note, it must be from Database, same procedure with file browser works as expected)
  2. Shut off player
  3. Boot up player and resume playback
  4. Use back button to navigate to a different album and play a track (this loads a new playlist, I think is important?)
  5. Resulting panic message: “audio_reset_buffer(): OOM!”

This is present on the latest and greatest build 78718aa7eb-230129, and I’ll attach my config file in case it’s a weird settings combination.

13388BugsApplicationsVery LowDaily build (20230128) is unstable and throws "Data abo...2023-01-28bahus2023-02-142Sansa Clip Zip Task Description

My Sansa Clip Zip with latest daily build 20230128 starts to throw exceptions on playback start from time to time.

Data abort at 30
FSR 0×8 (domain 0, fault address 0x55de00
pc: 3006b48c
sp: 300dec30
bt end

pc and sp can have different values

Then pressing power button leads to “Prefetch abort …” and blinking screen

I don’t find the way to reproduce it. It just one time works and another time might throw when you start playing files

Can’t say when this was introduced exactly but I’ve been using 20221120 build before update without any such issues.

13382BugsSettingsMediumCannot add "Haas Surround" to quickscreen2022-12-10dconrad32022-12-11All players Task Description

I know for sure this one’s a regression. I spoke way too soon! This appears to have been a preexisting bug uncovered for some reason by an unrelated patch.

I can no longer add “Haas Surround” to the quickscreen. Just now, I did get it to work, but then I tried it again and it crashed again, so I will try to make the reproduction procedure as foolproof as possible. It seems to depend on whether audio is playing when the setting is added?

Tested on version 7a00ad72. Bisecting to follow.

There’s two parts to this: I can add it and it shows up on the quickscreen, but if I try to change it I get a TLB refill crash. Alternatively, if I add it and shut down the player, the setting is no longer there when I boot it up again.

To reproduce:

  1. Start with no QS Bottom setting.
  2. Have Haas Surround set to Off
  3. Have music playing
  4. Go to the WPS
  5. Open Context menu, go into Sound Settings, add Haas Surround –> Haas Surround as QS Bottom
  6. Back out of context menu with back button
  7. Open QS, attempt to change Haas Surround setting
  8. TLB Refill crash

The setting being saved is similar:

  1. Start with no QS Bottom setting.
  2. Have Haas Surround set to Off
  3. Have music playing in the WPS
  4. Open Context menu, go into Sound Settings, add Haas Surround –> Haas Surround as QS Bottom
  5. Back out of context menu with back button
  6. Turn off player
  7. Turn off player, start playback, open QS. Setting isn’t there.
13377BugsPluginsVery LowIt is possible to launch a plugin while another plugin ...2022-11-23chris_s2022-11-23All players Task Description

There is at least one way of launching a plugin from an already running plugin,
e.g. by using the Shortcuts menu to navigate to a folder and then choosing
“Open With” in the context menu, which can crash the player.

13376BugsGamesMediumSDL games can't open overlay on 5G Video iPod with 32 M...2022-11-20dreamlayers12023-01-01iPod 5G Task Description

There are variants of the 5G Video iPod with 32 MB and 64 MB RAM. Rockbox makes one build, with memory size set to 64 MB. This is a problem for SDL game overlays, because their location in memory depends on memory size. They’re built for 64 MB memory, and Rockbox will refuse to load them into non-existent memory on an iPod with 32 MB memory. The workaround is to set the memory size to 32 MB and rebuild them. In the build directory, after a build is complete, you can do:

sed -i s/MEMORYSIZE=64/MEMORYSIZE=32/ Makefile
rm apps/plugins/

Verify the result via:
grep PLUGIN_RAM apps/plugins/sdl/*.refmap

You should see:
PLUGIN_RAM 0×0000000000000000 0x0000000001e80000
and not:
PLUGIN_RAM 0×0000000000000000 0x0000000003e80000

After this, Wolf3D, Duke3D and Quake all worked for me, though I had a data abort when exiting Quake.

This is on Rockbox 3.15. I’ve also downloaded and confirmed the problem exists there, but II don’t have the new toolchain, so I didn’t experiment with that build.

13375BugsMusic playbackMediumDistortion near peak level, specific to OGG, OPUS and A...2022-11-16mayreg2022-11-165Sansa Clip+ Task Description

I noticed that some tracks converted to Vorbis, OPUS and AAC will become distorted at higher volume levels, especially when used with compressor and makeup gain (default compressor settings with Threshold -24 dB).

I was trying my best to make reproduction as easy as possible, so created some audio samples that are constantly problematic on my Sandisk Sansa Clip+ using Rockbox 3.15. The samples contain a 200 Hz sine wave every half a second and silence at every other half, each at -1 dB level. Listen to attached files starting with “200hz”.

  1. Copy all samples to the player
  2. Go to Sound Settings → Compressor → Threshold and set it to a very low value (-24 dB is perfect).
  3. Start playing back the samples.
  4. You’ll notice the distorton, the same kind at Vorbis and OPUS but a slightly different at AAC.

I also attached the output from my Sansa (playback.mp3) recorded from its headphone jack. I played the samples in the following order: m4a (!), ogg (!), opus (!), wav (ok)

Other formats (tested: WAV (pcm_s16le), FLAC, MP3, AC3, MP2) are OK and have no distortion at all with the same volume and compressor setting.

It seems something goes wrong (a bit overamplified?) between the decoder and the compressor (maybe a floating point precision issue with base output volume from the decoders?). Also, this isn’t necessarily specific to the compressor. I’ve also heard these distortions without the compressor during playback of various Vorbis tracks, however at those it’s harder to hear and distinguish the distortion.

13374BugsID3 / meta dataVery LowEmoji and other Unicode characters cause Rockbox to cra...2022-11-13MrRocket32022-11-16All players Task Description

Emoji and other Unicode characters cause Rockbox to crash or to fail to play the file.

This could also cause corruption of data in the worse case scenario.

To recreate this bug:

Add emoji or other non-standard Unicode to track: title, album or artist tagging.
Then attempt to play the file like normal.

This will cause Rockbox to fail to play the audio file or crash (had this happen ones)

13373Feature RequestsSettingsVery LowIPod3G Hardware clicker/piezo does not work.2022-11-11jasonwray2022-11-11iPod 3G Task Description

The ipod3g config file does not contain “HAVE_HARDWARE_CLICK”.

If it’s added, main.c and misc.c fail to compile.
Including piezo.c in main.c allows it to compile, and the option appears on the iPod, but the clicker does not work.

13371BugsCodecsVery LowFast-forwarding to end of file can crash player or may ...2022-11-09chris_s2023-10-031All players Task Description

On an M3k target (or simulator), holding down the fast-forward button to move to the very end of an ALAC file can cause a crash under certain conditions, especially if the sample rate of the following file differs from the playing one.

Codecs other than ALAC may behave differently. A similar FLAC file doesn’t seem to cause a crash, but instead reverts the playback position to where the Fast-Forward button was first pressed.

“Frequency” may have to be set to “Auto” in Playback Settings to (make it easier to) reproduce.

To reproduce:
- Clean install daily build 7616822fbb-231002
- Unzip attached mp4/ALAC files to new folder in root directory
- Select one of the files for playback (the playlist should now contain all 3 files)
- Fast-foward to very end of file

Expected result:
- Next file is played, or playlist finishes (in case of the last track)

Actual result:
TLB refill at 83d0123c [0×0]
00 pc:83d0123c sp:800d8930
01 pc:83d002c4 sp:800d89b8
02 pc:80047aa8 sp:800d8ab8
03 pc:80048194 sp:800d8ad8
04 pc:8008fcac sp:800d8b18

Simulator gdb output:

  Thread 1 "rockboxui" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
  alac_decode_frame (alac=alac@entry=0xaaaaaadc3c18 <codec_stack+31776>, 
  outputbuffer=outputbuffer@entry=0xfffff4b20024 <outputbuffer>, 
  yield=0xaaaaaab123ec <yield>)
  at /home/christian/Developer/rockbox/lib/rbcodec/codecs/libalac/alac.c:1120
  1120	    channels = readbits(alac, 3);
13370BugsMusic playbackVery LowNext/Prev Folder action (Next + FF / Prev + Rewind) lea...2022-11-09bahus2022-11-09All players Task Description

It should be prevented by `action_wait_for_release()` but this logic is broken.

Broken by the following code:

Removing whole block fixes it but seems somehow breaks yes_no screen. Broken logic was firstly introduced in

13369BugsApplicationsVery LowShortcuts Menu: Shuffle Setting won't shuffle or unshuf...2022-10-25chris_s2022-10-25All players Task Description

Changing the “Shuffle” setting from the Shortcuts menu won’t shuffle or unshuffle the playlist as would happen if you changed it from the Settings menu or QuickScreen.

13367Feature RequestsSettingsVery LowAllow disabling headphone remote button in settings2022-10-04salty-horse2022-10-04xDuoo X3ii Task Description

I’m using Rockbox (build from 2022-05-03) with xDuoo X3ii.

The device supports controlling playback with a button press on the headphones.

This is behavior currently enabled with a define (USE_REMOTE) during the build process, and for now, it’s only supported by the xDuoo target.

I would really prefer if this was a setting, as I find it sometimes doesn’t behave as expected, and if I wish to turn it off I have to rebuild rockbox.

Here are the issues I’m having, which may be related to faulty headphones, but might also be related to some error-correction that the native firmware does, and Rockbox doesn’t.

I found that these behaviors can cause Rockbox to think there was a remote button press:
1) Pulling the jack in and out of the player (the rockbox setting to pause/resume playback when the jack is removed/connected is DISABLED).
2) Sometimes moving the headphones wire triggers a button click.

13366Feature RequestsBootloaderVery LowBootloader should offer to autorestart when rockbox cou...2022-10-04salty-horse32022-10-11xDuoo X3ii Task Description

I’m using Rockbox (build from 2022-05-03) with xDuoo X3ii.

Sometimes the bootloader fails to load Rockbox with the error “Cannot boot Rockbox”. After a single restart of the device it loads fine.

The current bootloader makes this restart process very cumbersome:

1) When starting the device without user interference, the bootloader tries to load rockbox and gives the error
2) Then the bootloader is back in the main menu, and after several seconds of no user involvement, will attempt to load rockbox instead.

I haven’t tried, but I think this loop will continue indefinitely.

If I wish to restart the device, I need to follow these steps:

3) Choose the configuration option in the bootloader, and choose the restart action.
4) Wait for the device to restart. Then the bootloader will start with the “Settings” option selected by default (since it was the last selection).
Before it auto-selects it, I need to quickly switch back to the Rockbox menu option.

During this entire process, the device requires my full attention, which means I can’t just turn the device on in my pocket and wait for it to autoplay.

To ease this error-recovery, I suggest the following:

1) When Rockbox fails to load, a countdown timer will start, and when it’s over, the device will automatically restart. The user can interrupt this process with any button press.
2) When choosing the settings option in the bootloader, I don’t think the bootloader should remember it for later. It should only remember the Rockbox option, or the “native firmware” option.

13364Feature RequestsTranslation siteVery LowAdd Language > Serbo-Croatian2022-09-13bugmenot12022-09-21All players Task Description

Identifier | hbs
Language Name(s) | Serbo-Croatian
Status | Active
Code Sets | 639-3
Equivalent(s) | 639-1: sh (deprecated)
Scope | Macrolanguage (Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin)
Language Type | Living
Denotations | Ethnologue, Glottolog, Multitree, Wikipedia

Request to add this language in RockBox, and/or to fuse Serbian with it.
It’s pretty much 4 languages in one. No need for any additions.

13359BugsUSB operationVery LowXduooX3 Caradapter mode 2022-08-09inu2022-08-09xDuoo X3 Task Description

xduoo X3
I am using Car adapter Mode.

No problem during battery charging.
However, once the battery is charged to 100% and the charge is complete, playback will stop

problem is repeatable

@Translated at DeepL

13358BugsRbutilVery Lowsansapatcher fails to build against musl libc due to mi...2022-07-08chewi2022-07-08All players Task Description

utils/sansapatcher/sansaio.h uses loff_t but doesn’t include the header for it, so it fails to build against the musl libc. I believe this header is <sys/types.h>. I’m not sure, but I think this header is also present on Windows, so including this may avoid the need for the existing messy loff_t logic.

See the original Gentoo Linux bug report.

13357BugsUtilsVery LowRockboxUtility-v1.5.1-src.tar.bz2 is missing directorie...2022-07-07chewi2022-07-07All players Task Description

The lib/skin_parser and utils/themeeditor directories are missing, causing the build to fail. The source tarball is therefore effectively useless.

13355BugsOperating System/DriversVery LowDev build unbootable on iPod mini 2G2022-06-14arpeas22022-08-08iPod Mini
13353BugsLCDVery LowSetting "Backlight Fade In" to "No" makes scrolling slo...2022-05-30kaas2022-05-30Eros Q / K
13352BugsApplicationsVery Lowtree.c crash after USB inserted2022-05-22amachronic2022-05-22All players
13350BugsPluginsVery LowPictureFlow: Too few albums displayed for first artist 2022-05-15chris_s2022-05-15All players
13349BugsPluginsVery LowPictureFlow: Displays only one of many identically name...2022-05-15chris_s2022-05-15All players
13348BugsApplicationsVery LowFile Name Voicing Does Not Honor File Extension Setting2022-05-15MinorKey2022-05-15All players
13342Feature RequestsUSB operationVery LowGo to normal operation mode on ejecting removable devic...2022-04-25GCRaistlin22022-04-26All players
13339PatchesUser InterfaceVery LowSupport for android devices newer than KitKat (4.4) and...2022-03-14gama12023-10-02All players
13332BugsUser InterfaceVery LowBlank white screen after installation on ipod 3g2021-12-21Coach_X12021-12-22iPod 3G
13321BugsBootloaderVery LowBootloader on Sandisk Sansa e200v1 does not load origin...2021-12-09Pavello2021-12-092Sansa e200
13318BugsUSB operationVery LowNo USB Mode in Settings2021-11-11daveprince3722022-08-191iPod Classic
13317BugsUSB operationVery LowUSB Mode - Ask is buggy2021-11-10amachronic12022-06-21All players
13316BugsUSB operationVery LowCopying files is extremely slow2021-11-09GCRaistlin182021-11-175iPod 5G
13315BugsApplicationsVery LowUnrecognized USB device2021-11-08GCRaistlin152021-11-09iPod 5G
13313BugsFM TunerVery LowStrange bugs with iPod 5.5G and iPod Radio Remote Acces...2021-11-07JoMcMichael2021-11-07iPod 5G
13312Feature RequestsBootloaderVery LowGraphical bootloader for dualboot capable (Rockbox/OF) ...2021-11-03unilock2021-11-03All players
13307BugsDatabaseVery Low"Load to RAM" setting causes the HDD to continuously ...2021-08-30buzkill2021-08-30iPod Classic
13306BugsApplicationsMediumFLAC file crashes on hydrogenaudio test suite2021-08-28saratoga2021-08-281All players
13298PatchesDriversVery LowNWZ-A15 bluetooth2021-06-06caizhenbin12021-06-13All players
13296BugsApplicationsVery LowEntering a yes/no screen while locked cannot be escaped2021-06-05dconrad22021-06-05All players
13294BugsSettingsVery LowIdle Poweroff does not work2021-06-01Holden12021-06-13iBasso DX50
13292BugsApplicationsVery HighCan't play any tracks- *PANIC* due to running of of buf...2021-05-21ilo12021-07-29Sansa Clip Zip
13288BugsApplicationsVery LowDisplays loading with files in Subfolder on IPOD 4th ge...2021-05-12t83177312021-05-12iPod 4G Grayscale
13282BugsRemoteVery LowiPod Radio Remote functionality has regressed since 3.1...2021-04-05ThePhxRises152021-11-07iPod 5G
13276BugsUSB operationVery LowxDuoo X3ii: system crash after unplugging USB-C power s...2021-03-19murmel32021-04-07xDuoo X3ii
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