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94% of 21 tasks completed. 2 open tasks:

FS#10278 - Update release building scripts to simplify releases Expand Collapse
The aim of this patch is to make releases as simple as possible... i.e the end goal would be to have someone run "$ ~/rockbox/tools/release/ 3.3" and that would do everything except feed the cat...

the first version just modifies to accept a version number which eventually gets passed to the Makefile and used in the source to set the version string in the source to "3.x-rBLAAA".

This also defines RBRELEASE which can be used in the source to do stuff, for example, remove the debug menu in releases (if we decide to do that...) (RELEASE is defined in speex so had to add the RB prefix...)

Also, this changes the way configure is run to use command line args instead of passing input to it which is Just Wrong (TM) :p
FS#10920 - Fractals: Add the ability to change color scheme Expand Collapse
This patch enables changing the fractal's colors.

Currently, not all targets have proper keymaps defined. This is a work in progress.

I would appreciate any comments.

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70% of 10 tasks completed. 3 open tasks:

FS#9252 - Common keyboard actions for Simulator Expand Collapse
Note: This is work in progress.
Status: Code implemented
Manual not updated
Wiki not updated (only after commit)

The idea of this patch is to have the same keyboard keys assign to the same actions in all platforms.

For example, have +/- keys (both on keyboard and on Numpad) are assigned to Volume Up and Volume Down keys of the original platform.
For platforms which do not have these keys, pressing the +/- keys in the simulator will do nothing.

This change will help developers to do manual regression testing on lots of platforms easily, as they do not have to memorize each platform's key assignment.

Future development: Display key assignment on screen, and/or on console
FS#10143 - License of firmware/export/usb_ch9.h is unclear Expand Collapse
firmware/export/usb_ch9.h comes from linux (include/linux/usb/ch9.h) with only trivial changes. The original doesn't mention a specific license, so it probably is GPLv2 only.
The file basically contains only structure declarations and defines for things straight from the USB specification though, so I'm not sure if there is a real problem.
FS#10850 - Manual: Code duplication Expand Collapse
Duplicate table and some text found in manual/main_menu/main.tex in section Recent Bookmarks, and in manual/configure_rockbox/bookbarking.tex in section Bookmarking.

These duplicate code sections should be joined, and the two files should share it.

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