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Opened by Jaykay - 2009-03-21
Last edited by fg - 2009-12-15

FS#10039 - fast changing time indicators when pausing with fading on

to reproduce:

1. set playback settings–>fade on stop/pause to on.
2. play some music.
3. press the pause button to stop the music, and again to restart it. repeat that a few times, because this bug does not always occur.

you will notice that both “time-displays” sometimes change very to the previous second and then back to the normal one, e.g 3:32, then very short 3:31, and back to 3:32. the progressbar sometimes get smaller for a fraction of a second, too.

maybe i’ll search for the revision which introduced this in the next few days

i tested it in some previous revisions and found out that the wps “froze” in old revisions (i think about r17000) the oldest build which didnt freeze had this bug already.

tested with e200 + r20511

this works also with fading disabled, e.g. if you turn the scrollwheel very fast. maybe due to high cpu load? should i do a test with some cpu-intensive music, e.g. ape?

In my tests with r20753 on my 5G 30GB iPod, there is no need to pause, enable crossfading or be near a track boundary to see this. Rapidly changing volume (using the wheel) is sufficient to make the time change back and forth by 1 second.

It’s harder to reproduce this in the 5G sim, but it can still be reproduced. There, it’s easy to see what’s going on. In codec_set_elapsed_callback() (in apps/playback.c), the “value” parameter is always increasing, but due to subtracting pcmbuf_get_latency(), thistrack_id3→elapsed goes backwards at regular intervals. Volume changes make the problem visible because they cause the WPS to update more often.

does this still happen?

yes. tested with an e200 and r24091

Still few times visible with r30210 on a 5.5G when fast changing the volume.


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