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Opened by mtarek16 - 2009-05-02
Last edited by saratoga - 2009-09-13

FS#10182 - Addition of librm to svn

Addition of rm files to rockbox. It only adds the target files to rb’s directory not to the actual build.
librm includes a makefile and a main.c for producing a test program that would convert an input rm file with cook codec to a wav file.
The code still needs a lot of cleaning.

   librm.patch (514.4 KiB)
The task blocks this from closing
ID Project Summary Priority Severity Assigned To Progress
6852 Rockbox  FS#6852 - Ability to play real player files  Very Low Low
Closed by  saratoga
2009-09-13 23:52
Reason for closing:  Accepted
Additional comments about closing:   Warning: Undefined array key "typography" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 371 Warning: Undefined array key "camelcase" in /home/rockbox/flyspray/plugins/dokuwiki/inc/parserutils.php on line 407

Accepted in r21695.

Sorry, forgot to remove the libavutil/trash directory before making the previous patch

Good work! Next step is to clean up all the dead code in there.

I only skimmed quickly, but some impressions:

cook_float should probably be removed since we’re not going to try and keep fp support.
The libavutil and ffmpeg_config.h defines you’re actually using can probably be combined into a cook.h file or similar.
dsputill.h can probably be combined too.
dsputil.c probably doesn’t have much in it beyond the windowing functions (ff_vector_fmul_add_add_c, etc), and these can be put into cook.c

Modified patch : Major code clean-up. I think it’s almost ready to be ported.

   librm.patch (233.2 KiB)

patch1 :
rm-wav converter using floating point cook decoder.

patch2 :
rm-wav converter using fixed point cook decoder.

patch3 :
clean code. (no ffmpeg-specific code)

-Removed main() from cook.c to a separate main.c.
-Created cook.h which defines COOKContext and the decoder’s functions protoypes.

I’ve committed the last libcook.patch2 as r20897 and r20898 - thanks.

Convert cook.c to use fixed-point arithmetic. Still didn’t drop almost any floating point code, although some functions maybe (#if 0)’ed for cook.c to compile.
@Dave : Thanks for the commit.

libcook.fixp_convert committed as r20901

Drop floating point code from cook.c/h.
Remove fft.c, mdct.c and dsputil.h.

Remove avcodec.h

Drop floating point code from cook.c/h.
>Remove fft.c, mdct.c and dsputil.h.

Committed in r20902.

libcook.del_avcodec committed as r20909

“Preliminary” patch for get_rm_metadata().
This patch enables Rockbox to recognize a rm/ra file and parse it to get the metadata for the WPS.
The only codec supported now is cook. However, cook codec in this patch is just a fake a codec (actually it’s just the one I wrote
for my qualification task ) The purpose of the codec is just to make the file run for its length just to be able to check if the parsing
was done correctly.

For read_uint32be to work properly (to eliminate warnings during compiling ) I had to #undef uint32_t, and then redefine it to unsigned
int, as it seems it was defined for “long unsigned int”. Not an elegant solution, but it’s not my focus currently either.

Also I had to define read_uint8() [just reads a byte] and read_uint16be() as I couldn’t find it in metadata_common.h. Should I add
a read_byte() and a read_uint16be() to metadata_common.h, or just define them whenever I need them ?

This is a quick-and-dirty patch for getting rm playback to work in the sim.
The patch isn’t intended for committing, it’s mainly for debugging purposes.

Sorry the patch is no good. I’m working on another one.

This one should work. I tried it on a clean source copy.

This patch is to add support for rm playback in rockbox. Still no seeking.

Fixed some issues from the previous patch (Pointed out by Dave Chapman on IRC) which are:
-TABs were mistakenly used as indentation in some files.
-svn:executable property was added for some files. (I really don’t know how it was added !)
-Some local functions weren’t declared static.
-No handling for big endian targets.

Note : I don’t have a big endian target, so I’d appreciate it if someone who has one could test this patch on it.

Still fixing for playback on big endian targets.

Playback works on big endian targets. I have duplicated wma’s bswap.h since it already optimized for rockbox.

Some simple modifications on rm metadata parser.

I’m wondering why your read_uint*() implementations require pointers instead of just returning the data?

For example real_read_audio_stream_info() & rm_parse_header() could benefit of this, because the numerous variables could then be registers/on stack instead of memory variables (or am I wrong here and are these already on stack?)

The above patch was committed as r21695 after some modifications for reducing bin size.


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