FS#10241 - ovarlay loader for Lua is made while lua.ovl is not made.

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Opened by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Monday, 25 May 2009, 14:26 GMT
Last edited by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Saturday, 25 September 2010, 14:57 GMT
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Confirmed with r21075.
I build rockbox for myself and noticed that there is two "lua.rock"s.
One is "build-dir/apps/plugins/lua/lua.rock" and the other is "build-dir/apps/plugins/lua.rock".
The latter seems to be a loader of lua.ovl, but lua.ovl doesn't exist.
This task depends upon

Closed by  Teruaki Kawashima (teru)
Saturday, 25 September 2010, 14:57 GMT
Reason for closing:  Out of Date
Comment by Maurus Cuelenaere (mcuelenaere) - Tuesday, 16 February 2010, 21:31 GMT
This should be fixed in r24702, please confirm.
Comment by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Wednesday, 17 February 2010, 12:55 GMT
the change doesn't looks correct to me.
I think boomshine.lua needs to be surrounded by #if (PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE < 0x80000).
imho, it is better to comment out lua.c in SOURCES since currently lua doesn't comile for lowmem target.

btw, i'm bit confused by comment and conditions.
comment in SUBDIRS says that Lua needs at least 160 KB to work in.
but condition is (PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE >= 0x80000). 0x80000 is more than 3 times 160K.
and now lua.c is added inside #if (PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE < 0x10000). what about targets where 0x10000 <= PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE < 0x80000.
Comment by Maurus Cuelenaere (mcuelenaere) - Wednesday, 17 February 2010, 17:44 GMT
The comment saying Lua needs 160 kB to work in isn't mine (I think it's from safetydan), so I just left it in there.

The #if (PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE >= 0x80000) in SUBDIRS is wrong, that should be changed (if we can get the overlay to build, that is).

I don't think boomshine.lua needs to be in an #if (PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE < 0x80000), unless there are targets that have less than 0x80000 audio buffer space?

Also, I just looked at apps/plugins/overlay.c and that mentions that the plugin shouldn't use audio buffer, however Lua does (when it runs out of plugin buffer); so I'm not sure whether currently it'll work on overlay targets.

Basically it comes to this: someone with a target running overlay plugins needs to take a look at this :)
Comment by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Thursday, 18 February 2010, 09:40 GMT
sorry my mistake. as for boomshine.lua, i intended #if (PLUGIN_BUFFER_SIZE >= 0x80000).
my point was that including lua scripts while it isn't supported would confuse people.
Comment by Teruaki Kawashima (teru) - Thursday, 18 February 2010, 09:49 GMT
for overlay, pictureflow seems to use overlay and audio buffer same time, so if you are going to do something with overlay, maybe you can check it.