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Opened by alexwallis646 - 2009-06-12
Last edited by MikeS - 2013-05-16

FS#10321 - bugs with pitch screen

I have noticed two bugs with the pitch screen.
Firstly there is no speech within it, meaning that when you are changing modes to either adjust pitch, pitch and speed or just speed, you get no speech feedback to indicate what mode you have just enabled.

Secondly I have noticed that when altering pitch, if I am lowering it if I move the slider down past a certain point, the sound just completely cuts off til I move the joystick back to increase the pitch.
the sound just suddenly cuts off past a certain pitch.
I can’t tell you what pitch this is as obviously at the moment there is no speech feedback to indicate what speed or pitch I have set the player to.

The only target I have been able to experience the sound cutting off with is the h140 as I own no other targets.
I assume the lack of speech applies to all targets though.

Closed by  MikeS
2013-05-16 19:47
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Problems with not being able to use full timestretch range should be resolved. As far as lack of pitchscreen voicing goes, I suppose that's not a bug per se.

Hi Alex,

For the first bug, we could announce the new mode as Pitch / Semitone / Timestretch when the mode is changed, and maybe also the current piych and speed percentages (although I think this might get annoying).

Regarding your second bug, do you know if you’re using timestretch when this happens? If so, then CPU usage tends to get high as you lower the pitch (or increase the speed), possibly resulting in long gaps in playback (especially if you have dithering/EQ/crossfade enabled). In this state the audio should return if you wait 20 seconds or so. What format of audio file are you using?

Hi I like the idea of having the announcement for when you change the mode.
After thinking about it, would it be possible to have short beeps played at certain points if the pitch or speed hits a certain level? not sure what levels people would consider important for having such a beep, But I am thinking beeps might be a lot less intrusive than a hole load of speech for when you change the levels.
Regarding what file format I am using, I am using ogg format.
I have time stretch enabled from the sound settings menu, was that what you were talking about? as to what mode I am in though I don’t no.
I am not using any other settings such as the ones you outline above I don’t go in for what I think of as fancy settings.

with my second bug, the moment I return my joystick to the left, the audio resumes but to be fair I haven’t ever waited 20 seconds before doing this.

I think the second bug should be fixed now - please check with a new build.

I am afraid I don’t think the second bug is fixed I have worked out a way to reproduce it.
If you set your speed so that it is as slow as possible, then begin reducing pitch you will notice that the sound eventually just cuts off completely.
I no this might sound extreme, but if you then just move your players navigation control back one step at a time to start increasing pitch, the sound will then resume but it will sound extremely crackly and garbled.
the sound only begins playing again properly with out the crackly distortion if you increase the pitch by a large amount.
This crackly distortion is very noticeable and is not accounted for by extreme pitch or speed values, its as if you are listening to a badly tuned radio it doesn’t just sound like the ordinary file.
Also, if you leave the values set so that the sound is cut off, the sound does not resume playing again audibly til you move the pitch back. Even though it is not audible, the file is still obviously playing as when you return the slider up a bit you can find several minutes of the file has past or however long you leave the slider in the old position.

Also the problem with the sound cutting off does not happen if you have the pitch set as high as it will go, and then reduce the speed to as slow as possible so there is obviously a problem somewhere and its not just the player using a lot of processor power.
I can reproduce this reliably on an h140 using the latest build and no patches.


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