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Attached to Project: Rockbox
Opened by mikaelh - 2009-06-16

FS#10343 - Resume playback even if it reached the end and stopped

If playback finished with repeat off, let you resume the last playlist by pressing play or selecting the 'resume playlist' option in the main menu instead of showing the dreaded "nothing to resume" splash.
As a side effect it will also resume if you restart the player and have it set to resume which you would probably want to fix. I didn't update to the latest revision (i have 21295) that has jdgordon's namechange thing so it will probably show 'nothing to resume' if you apply it but still actually resume.

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fml2 commented on 2009-06-20 16:49

I'm very much in favor of this. I have not tried the patch but would welcome the described change in the behaviour.

I'm using the patch to great satisfaction.
I wish that the playback doesn't automatically restart if the play list reached the end before switch the DAP off, but only when press the play button, as if I pressed Long Play and then Play.
Unfortunately, I haven't the necessary knowledge about the software architecture.

Sync to 23221.

What about my previous request? ;-)

fg commented on 2010-03-29 21:37

So this would basically make the player ignore the repeat setting in some circumstances? I'm not sure if I like that idea

I understood the meaning of the patch as a way to avoid that a dynamic play list will be forgotten when finished.
My request is independent from any repeat setting.

fml2 commented on 2010-03-30 07:40

@Frank: Hrm… If it's really the case then I'll look more closely into this. What I want to have is that if the playback reaches the end and the playback stops (because there is no repeat) it should be possible to resume playback (restart the playlist) by pressing PLAY.

So if I press PLAY after playback has completed, it starts over again?

Hate the idea, and wouldn't want this implemented without something so I can turn it off. I generally press PLAY to resume when I turn my player on, often without remembering exactly what I was listening to when I switched it off. I don't want to waste time (and battery) resuming something that has already finished.

fml2 commented on 2010-03-30 19:15

On the mailing list it has two ways to resume a finished playlist have been advised: ,

If they work that would do what I need and i wouldn't need the feature implemented by this patch anymore.

I second the original request. There should be a simple way to inspect a finished playlist once again and play (parts of) it again if desired. It does not have to be automatic in any way, so it can stay out of the way of users who rely on previously listened tracks not being repeated automatically.

The forum postings linked to in the previous comment do not explain how this can be achieved today, so I gather that this feature indeed seems to be missing.

OK, I now have found Playlists → View Current Playlist, which allows inspecting a playlist after it has completed playback (as long as the player has not been rebooted –  FS#11644  would fix that). Not exactly easily discoverable, but it's there. :-)

Here's a proposal: Instead of the “Nothing to resume” message, how about a “Playlist completed” splash, followed by automatically firing up the playlist editor with the current playlist (if possible)? For bonus points, the screen heading would be “Completed playlist” instead of just “Playlist”.

This would allow users to restart playback immediately if that was their intention, and also would prevent automatically starting playback of old content when selecting Resume (or when Resume Playback has been selected as the start screen after boot).

Really +1 for me! :-D


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