FS#10624 - Random freeze on Ipod video 5g - 30gb

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Opened by Kirollos (kirollos210993) - Tuesday, 29 September 2009, 09:03 GMT
Last edited by Dave Hooper (stripwax) - Sunday, 18 October 2009, 01:43 GMT
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I was listening to an mp3 file, when all of a sudden, the ipod video 5g shut down. then after restart i tried to play the file again, then a minute and 40 seconds into playback (while always tapping the wheel to keep backlight on), the ipod froze and would not respond no matter what. i then had to restart it again. also the backlight stayed on, it stayed in the state it was when froze. Then i rebooted again and tried playing a wma audio file, and again, at 1:54, into playing the wma file, it froze and stopped responding. it just stayed in that frozen state, until i rebooted.

after restart i started to read the known issues text file on the ipod, and then while reading for about a minute (not sure), the ipod again froze with no signs of lagging, just stopped responding, and the backlight stayed on the whole time, until i rebooted by pressing menu and centre.

i rebooted into the normal apple firmware that came with the ipod, and it stayed on, as normal, just confirming that it was nothing to do with my hardware.

Can someone please help. Thanks.
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Closed by  Dave Hooper (stripwax)
Sunday, 18 October 2009, 01:43 GMT
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Additional comments about closing:  Problem went away after a reinstall and reset of settings. Perhaps could reopen if problem settings can be identified later on
Comment by Kirollos (kirollos210993) - Tuesday, 29 September 2009, 09:19 GMT
oh, by the way, that access hdd sign, on the right of the clock, is always lit up, and i can always hear this noise in my ipod (guessing it is the hdd spinning), that in firmware 3.3, comes and then goes away for a while and then when i start playing something new, the sound comes again.
Comment by Kirollos (kirollos210993) - Tuesday, 29 September 2009, 09:44 GMT
and the hdd still stays spinning (I can hear it) even when the ipod has frozen.

sorry for sending the information at random times, it is just that i realise it afte
Comment by Christophe Gragnic (Grahack) - Tuesday, 29 September 2009, 13:53 GMT
I'm no expert but there is something about the iPod video and its RAM (32MB or 64MB). This could happen if you installed the 64MB version and your iPod is only 32MB.
Try to select your version by hand. Then it could be a problem with the installer not detecting your harware correctly but I doubt it.
Comment by Kirollos (kirollos210993) - Wednesday, 30 September 2009, 06:15 GMT
How can I choose the 32 or 64 mb version? And where do I download it from?
Comment by Christophe Gragnic (Grahack) - Wednesday, 30 September 2009, 06:32 GMT
Which 5.5 do you have (storage)?

Let's try by hand, and then retry with RB utility.

Latest stable release:

Last development versions:
Comment by Kirollos (kirollos210993) - Wednesday, 30 September 2009, 16:31 GMT
ok, i am doing it right now...

however, this didn't happen in version 3.3. there was no problem in version 3.3.
Comment by Kirollos (kirollos210993) - Wednesday, 30 September 2009, 16:38 GMT
I am not going to be here for the next 4-6 days, so i really apologise for not being able to reply. the way... just wondering.... how is installing rockbox manually differ from the RB utility?

Comment by Dave Hooper (stripwax) - Saturday, 03 October 2009, 17:56 GMT
Changing category to Codecs for now (this has nothing to do with the Build environment).

Kirollos - the rockbox installer lets you select "Ipod Video 5th Gen 30GB" or "Ipod Video 5th Gen 60/80GB". If you install the 60/80GB build on a 30GB Ipod Video you will experience crashes like these. If you can confirm you have installed the correct build, and it still occurs, then does it happen to all files or some of them only? Maybe, the files themselves are corrupted in some way that Rockbox is unable to handle correctly
Comment by Kirollos (kirollos210993) - Sunday, 04 October 2009, 13:53 GMT
I reinstalled RB and it worked, it was something to do with my settings, because when i reinstalled with my old settings, it didn't work, but with the default, IT WORKED!!

Thank you guys so much for your help, i appreciate it. : )
Comment by Dave Hooper (stripwax) - Sunday, 18 October 2009, 01:42 GMT
Ok. If you find a setting that causes this problem, please start a new bug report in the tracker, complete with details of which setting you changed to cause the freeze/issue. As RB now works for you I am closing this bug report.